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(Dec 1/08) Dear Thode, The new look is great, but it comes at a cost: 1) The circulation desk is to serve patrons, so it should be atleast facing the seating area, not the cafeteria!! Also, it should be closer to the library entrance. 2) This is a library, not a construction site where I keep hearing drilling noises everyday, something which I presume can be done outside of librarys regular working hours. 3) The Mac computers sure look fancy, but do we really need them? I wonder how much each system costs, because we could have done equally well with regular PCs having really good system configurations and still cheaper than these new Macs. 4) It has been more than 3 months since the new systems have been in place, and yet the printer doesnt print documents if it either sent from Win XP OS or Open Office on OSX.

Library response:

We are glad that you like our new look.

1) The current circulation desk is temporary.  We are currently working on plans for a new service area that will be located at the entrance to the library.

2) I apologize for the construction noise that has continued long into the term, well past what we anticipated.  All major renovation work has now been completed. 

3) The Mac computers will allow us to offer some new services: grid computing and multimedia software.  We are currently in the process of developing these services so stay tuned.

4)  Our technical staff report that the printing problems have been resolved so please try again.  And if you continue to experience problems please let us know.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.  We appreciate the input. 


(Dec 2/08)
Answered by: Kathy Ball (Library Director, Science & Engineering, University Library)

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