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(Nov 28/08) I heard some people talking this morning about Redesigning thode basement to be what i understood to be a lounge or something. Much like the health science library is currently with all the chairs. Im not sure if thats exactly right. My comment would be that the current reason for the basement of thode being so popular is that you can go there, sit at a table with friends and work on an assignment, and all around are other people all working on the same assignment, in the same room. This makes it much easier to confer with all the people in your program about the task at hand. I think that seminar rooms wouldnt be as effective because then it wouldnt be as easy to confer with everyone. In essence i think the current layout is very good, although I would agree that the furniture might need to be updated.

Library response:

Currently it is planned that the lower level of Thode Library would house the entire book collection and provide space for the new iSci program, an innovative honours Science program that will start up in September 2009.  The first floor ofThode would be the 'collaborative study area' providing a similar environment to what is now available on the lower level, but with nicer furniture!  You and your friends would be able to work in your groups, have access to computers and printers and photocopiers and assistance from staff.  There would be some enclosed group study rooms but lots of open space as well.  I hope that this response helps to allay some of your concerns.  Thanks for taking the time to share them.

(Dec 1/08)
Answered by: Kathy Ball (Library Director, Science & Engineering, University Library)

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