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(Nov 27/08) I have recently been studying at the libraries more often this year and have noticed the lack of recycling bins. Mills Library is very large and I found it difficult to find locations of the recycling bins on certain floors. I found myself going all the way to the first floor and looking for one there. At Innis Library, there seems to be only one VERY small recyling bin that is barely noticeable (which always has trash in it) and trash bins EVERYWHERE! Is it possible to put up signs of where recycling bins are or introduce new ones or even put up signs above the little bin that tells people no garbage? Thanks for your time.

Library response:

Thanks very much for your feedback.  Your suggestion is a very good one and I am forwarding this message to our Associate University Librarian in charge of facilities as well as our marketing and communications librarian.

UPDATE from AUL: Thanks for your message. We will look into adding more recycling bins to Innis and are looking at how garbage and recycling bins are distributed throughout Mills.



(Nov 28/08)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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