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(Nov 26/08) Professors often assign the same few essay topics to everyone in the class which often leads to one student signing out many of the books on this topic. Not all professors put the books on reserve. Would it be possible to limit the amount of books a student is allowed to sign out?

Library response: There is currently no limit to the amount of books which can be checked out by a single borrower.  However, you can recall books that are signed out to other borrowers by clicking on the "Check Availability" link, then the "Checked Out" link in the catalogue and you will be notified when the book is ready for you to pick up.  In addition, you may also want to search for journal articles on your topic as they are often a good source for essay topics.  Many articles are available electronically.  Drop by the Research Help desk and the staff will be happy to help you find suitable articles and other materials on your topic.  I hope this helps. (Nov 27/08)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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