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(Nov 21/08) E-books ... so many drawbacks: 1)hard on the eyes 2)only access 1 week 3) only access one monitor, cant read at home ... weekends etc. 4)not user friendly E-books are hard on older persons eyes (after 40) and are not user friendly. Id like to access the hard cover via ILL. [Two separate written suggestions dropped in the Suggestion Box, undated]

Library response: I agree that reading complete books on a computer screen is hard on anybody's eyes.  The reason we have moved to e-books is that so many of our users are no longer located on campus, and this allows them to be accessed from anywhere at any time.  However, there is definitely a need for printed books so we will investigate the possibility of still acquiring hardcopy of titles which we have electronically. (Nov 23/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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