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(Nov 11/08) Why do you not subscribe to the following journal? There are many faculty, students and researchers at McMaster who would benefit from this journal: Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine

Library response:

Thank you for bringing this title to our attention.  Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine has not been recommended for purchase in the past and we appreciate you taking the time to submit a request.  When considering a subscription for purchase we look at a number of aspects, including our budget, how many times the title has been request through Interlibrary Loan, and how often it is selected to view full text in our databases. At this time we have significant budget restraints.  Additionally, this title has not been requested often through Interlibrary Loan or through the Get It links in Embase. That being said, Respiratory Medicine is a strong area of interest at McMaster, and I have added the title to our recommendation list.  The recommendation file is reviewed periodically when budget conditions are favorable. Thanks once again for your recommendation.  If you wish to contact me via email, I can be reached at - Andrea McLellan  (Acting Head of Collections and Technical Services).

(Nov 24/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library),Andrea McLellan (Head of Collections and Technical Services, School of Medicine Liaison),Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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