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(Oct 29/08) To me the responses to peoples concerns over noise in study areas is the number one concern that keeps recurring. This concern appears to continually get appeased when presented here. The only way I propose that increased noise levels can be combatted at this heavily populated university is for library staff to periodically police the study areas. They seem to do this already, but only for people eating. As a related concern, laptops are noisy and offensive to the student looking for quiet study space. There should be signs strictly prohibiting there use... Such a rule should also be enforced.

Library response:

Thanks for your message. The only area where laptops are prohibited is in the Silent Study room on the 3rd floor of Mills. We plan on making the signage for this room stronger and will do our best to respond to complaints about noise in this room. 

We have also created several laptop friendly areas - the large area on the main floor across from the Service Desk, on the 2nd floor in the Research Help area and a separate room on the 3rd floor - where there are lots of outlets and tabales or counter spaces perfect for using laptops!

(Nov 11/08)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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