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(Oct 24/08) Talking in stairwell at cellphone talk level. Third floor is usually nice and quiet. Mostly because we respect the rule of no talking; or at most whisper but dont carry on a full conversation. Im assuming the rule of no cellphone calls in all of Thode applies, other than in the Cell Zone. Heres the situation; when answering a call we rush out of the study area whispering to the caller just to make it to the stairwell and assume its fine to talk loud. This happened three times in about fifteen minutes. I reminded the first person about how far they could be heard, but I didnt feel like getting up over the next couple times it happened. It takes a while for me to concentrate again. Some random suggestions; close the stairwell doors; acoustic treatment in the stairwell; enforce no cellphone use; remind callers in the stairwell they can still be heard in the study area (poster?); invent a cellphone that people can whisper into; a closed room on each of the library levels; on our own part - dont make or take the call.

Library response: You have made some good suggestions.  We will see what we can do for our part i.e. closing the stairwell doors, signage and enforcement.  Thanks for taking the time to comment. (Oct 28/08)
Answered by: Kathy Ball (Library Director, Science & Engineering, University Library)

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