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(Oct 3/08) I just visited Thode Library to find a general book on a topic I need to learn about for my comprehensive exam. To my dismay I found that it was in the stacks in the basement. These stacks are very close together and the subject I needed to look at was at the floor level. I had to manoever myself to sit on the floor to look at the books as I could not bend over to reach them because of the confined space between the stacks. I am a healthy, fit, average sized student. If I were less flexible, larger or mobility impared it would be impossible for me to browse through the collections in these stacks. I suggest the stacks be spaced further apart. As well, the tables in the basement are arranged in such a way that accessing the stacks is a challenge.

Library response: Thank you for making us aware of your concerns about the book stacks in Thode.  In order to renovate part of the first floor of the library it was necessary to relocate about half of the book collection to the lower level.  Although this arrangement is temporary, I cannot say definitively when the books will be moved to their final location,  elsewhere on the lower level, since further renovations are dependent on funding.  It is not practicable to respace the shelving but we can certainly look at rearranging the study tables so that access to the stacks is improved.  And if you require assistance retrieving something from the stacks please do not hesitate to ask at the Circulation Desk. (Oct 3/08)
Answered by: Kathy Ball (Library Director, Science & Engineering, University Library)

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