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(Jul 16/08) The Biology and Pharmacology program is a joint program with both the Faculty of Health Science as well as the Faculty of Science. So would the biopharmers be allowed to pre-book a room in the health sci library?

Library response:

You are correct that this is a joint program.  What triggers the ability to pre-book is a sticker on the student card indicating that you are in the Faculty of Health Sciences.  We are investigating this with the registrar's office, and I will update this response when we get further information. If you are presently in the BioPharm program, you can check yourself to see if you have a sticker on your card and post a comment to let us know!  Thanks.


The library has been in contact with the Registrar’s office and that this year the Biopharm students will not be receiving Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) stickers for their student cards. This does not mean that you will be prevented from pre-booking our study rooms. All FHS students are entitled to pre-book study rooms. Our study room booking policy is available at:


If you decide you want to book a study room you simply need to identify yourself as a student enrolled in the Biology and Pharmacology program at out circulation desk. We are working with your program to get a list of student names that we can keep on file. We are also working with the Registrar’s office to try and ensure that in the future, Biopharm students will receive FHS stickers for their student cards. [Posted by Jennifer McKinnell, Acting Head of Public Services]


(Jul 16/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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