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(Jun 18/08) Hi, Mills has started renting out calculators, which is great. However, they are in-library-use only. It would be great, if they could go out of the library, in case students forgot to bring their own and needed it for exam purposes. It would really be helpful. Thankyou for your time.

Library response:

At this time, Mills Library has only 3 calculators that are available for 2 hour loans.  As most exams are over 2 hours in length, the loan would accrue a $2/hour fine.  However, the calculators can be removed from the building as long as they are returned with the 2 hour time frame.  We are removing the stickers that restrict access to the library for your convenience.

 Hope this helps.

(Jun 19/08)
Answered by: Donna Millard (Director, Library Services, Social Sciences and Humanities)

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