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(May 29/08) Hello: With the new school year approaching, it would be quite helpful if there was a Health Sciences Library sign by the main entrance to the library, and a clock near the Circulation Desk. The renovated library was completed by the end of February 2007, so have these items been forgotten? Thank-you.

Library response:

Oh no, these haven't been forgotten, just delayed.  You may have noticed that the front entrance has recently been re-renovated, with more glass and a railing to stop people from walking into the glass.  We wanted to wait until this work was complete before the "Health Sciences Library" sign was added. We have chosen a design for the sign, and this should be added this summer.  The idea for a clock by the Circulation Desk is being considered although it's tricky to find a location.  There is a clock over the print stations on the upper level which is large and pretty visible.

UPDATE: A sign saying "Health Sciences Library" has just been added above the entrance door to the library.  (Posted by Liz Bayley (Director), August 29, 2008)

(Jun 6/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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