Off-campus Access

Farewell LibAccess, Hello Off-campus Access

Same access to licensed online content. Now with just-in-time authentication


No need to log in pre-emptively any longer.

Search and find licensed online content right now and you will be prompted to enter your MAC ID credentials at the point-of-use.

What is changing?
To improve and accelerate access to information, the University Library is introducing changes to the way our users access licensed online content remotely.

Besides a cosmetic name change—Off-campus Access replaces LibAccess—the University Library, like many other academic libraries, is phasing out its pre-emptive authentication process, whereby off-campus users log in and then search the Library’s resources. Instead, the University Library and Health Sciences Library will have a just-in-time point-of-use authentication process. Off-campus users will be prompted to enter their MAC ID credentials at the moment they click a link for any licensed resource.

These changes have already started and will take full effect in early November 2015.

With advances being made with such tools as EZproxy and the increase in popularity of tabbed web browsing (15 open tabs, anyone?), the shift away from pre-emptive to just-in-time authentication keeps us aligned with technology and user behaviour as well as fulfills our contractual obligations with our licensed online content providers.

Background Details
From Library News, May 15, 2014 – Changes to LibAccess
From Library News, January 9, 2015 – Changes to LibAccess – Offsite access

Please address any questions or concerns to:

University Library: Lynne Serviss

Health Sciences Library:, 905-525-9140 ext. 22327