Close Captioning

Captioning translates the audio part of a video into captions which appear at the bottom of the screen. The ‘closed’ part means that the text is hidden until it is selected.
AODA Requirement:
  • Any video added to a McMaster website AFTER 2014, or being used in a class, presentation, public talk, or online course MUST be properly closed captioned - either as part of the production process, or retroactively

Video Tutorials related to Close Captioning:

McMaster Captioning Standard:
  • In progress
  • Where possible, please caption, as indicated below:

Length of Video

Captioning Solution

3-5 minutes YouTube auto-generated captions, with manual clean-up
5-60+ minutes

Upload to - if less than 60 minutes,returned within 24 hours - $1/minute

Build into the cost of producing all new videos and have captioned at point of creation.

Commercial videos Need to get permission to caption, then provide digital copy to, as above
Lecture Captures No viable solution yet - average 3 hours long - only used for one term - very costly

Tips for creating accessible social media 

NEW - McMaster captioning request tool for all captioning requests -  

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