St. Paul's Anglican Church

Norval, Ont.
Full Location: 

St. Paul's
Winston Churchill just south of Hwy 7
Norval, Ontario L0P 1K0

St. Paul's
P.O. Box 309
Norval, Ontario L0P 1K0
Phone: 905.877.3404

Archives Predating 1869: 
Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, 1852
Fonds - Brief Description: 

St. Paul's Anglican Church (Norval, Ont.) fonds. -- 1846-1965. -- 13 cm of textual records.

It is believed that services may have been held by travelling missionaries in the Norval area as early as 1830. At a Vestry meeting in 1845 it was decided that a church should be built. The meeting was held in the school-house, but the following year the meeting took place in the church, so construction must have taken place during 1845-1846. St. Paul's has been associated with several other churches in the area over the years. Its latest association was with St. Alban's (Glen Williams, Ont.)

Fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, services, Vestry, Women's and Girls' Auxiliary minutes. The fonds has been microfilmed on 4 reels, numbered 123, 131-133.

Title based on content of fonds.
Fonds on deposit. Ownership of the fonds resides with St. Paul's Church.
Finding aid available in hard copy and electronically.
Researchers are requested to use the microfilms. They must also sign an agreement of use form.
Further accruals are expected.

Finding Aid: 

Note: For material relating to the geographical area served by St. Paul's, Norval, the researcher is referred to the records of St. John's Church, Stewarttown and St. Stephen's, Hornby. All three parishes were united in 1903. Since the 1960s St. Paul's has been administered as a point of St. Alban's, Glen Williams, Ont. also.


Historical Notes

It is believed that services may have been held by travelling missionaries in the Norval area as early as 1830. At a Vestry meeting in the schoolhouse in 1845 it was decided that a church should be built. St. Paul's was completed about the middle of 1846. Norval was served by the same Rector as Hornby, Stewarttown and Georgetown during the 1850s, but Hornby was subsequently transferred to Milton, where it remained until 1896 and Georgetown became a separate parish in 1867. Hornby and Stewarttown were reunited as one charge in 1896 and Norval was again added in 1902, after some years with its own resident minister and a period when it was served by students from Toronto. In 1922 the rectory at Stewarttown was sold and one purchased at Norval. Norval is now a point of St. Alban's Church, Glen Williams.

For more details on the history of St. Paul's, see the Anglican Church Histories.



I - List of Parish Registers

Parish Register A Marriages Nov. 1852-Mar. 1928
Baptisms Aug. 1852-Apr. 1965
Confirmations June 1855-June 1963
Burials Sept. 1852-Feb. 1965
Parish Register B Marriages Aug. 1929-Dec. 1963 132
Parish Register C Service Register
Apr. 1890-Dec. 1938
Communicants' Roll Apr. 1890-1920
Parish Register D Vestry Book Feb. 1939-June 1959 131
Parish Register E Minutes of the Meetings of the
Women's Auxiliary 1921-1937
Parish Register F Minutes of the Meetings of the
Girls' Auxiliary 1931-1935
Parish Register G Vestry Meeting Minutes,
Collections, Disbursements, Pew Rentals
1846-1914, 1975

II - Index of Statistical Records

a) Baptisms

Aug. 1852-Apr. 1965 Parish Register A 133

b) Confirmations

June 1855-June 1963 Parish Register A 133

c) Marriages

Nov. 1852-Mar. 1928 Parish Register A 133
Aug. 1929-Dec. 1963 Parish Register B 132

d) Burials

Sept. 1852-Feb. 1965 Parish Register A 133

III - Other Records

a) Service Registers

Apr. 1890-Dec. 1938 Parish Register C 133

b) Communicants' Roll

Apr. 1890-Lent 1920 Parish Register C 133

c) Vestry Book

Feb. 1939-June 1959 Parish Register D 131

d) Minute Books

1.Women's Auxiliary    
2. Girls' Auxiliary
Parish Register E 131
1931-1935 Parish Register F 132

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