Build “toys-with-a-purpose” at Thode Makerspace workshops

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Join visiting artist Maria Michails on October 19th and 20th in the new Thode Makerspace for two workshops aimed at introducing participants to the basics of electronics and while demonstrating how these devices can help broaden public awareness and engagement with environmental justice issues.

Part I – Workshop: Build an Air Quality Monitoring Rover
Thursday October 19 / 9:00-1:00 / Registration
Location: Thode Makerspace

This hands-on workshop introduces participants to low-cost air quality monitoring and data mapping. As low-cost hardware becomes readily available and continues to improve, these devices have the potential for broadened awareness and engagement, particularly for activists seeking to empower environmental justice communities. We will build an air quality monitoring rover using an Arduino, particulate (dust) sensor, a temperature and humidity sensors and an LCD display. Participants will learn the basics about Arduino, assembling code, powering the mobile device and all of its components, and mounting the hardware on a creatively re-purposed remote controlled toy truck. Instructor: Maria Michails

Part II – Citizen Science Air Quality Sensing Rover Walk & Data Mapping 
Friday October 20 / 1:30-3:00 
Location: Meet at the Sherman Centre at 1:00

After we complete the rovers we will take them for a ‘walk’ to collect data at predetermined locations. We will record our observations and then map the data for comparison readings depending on the location. These ‘augmented toys-with-a-purpose’ tend to attract attention on the street, therefore, the opportunity for public dialogue and engagement becomes a likely and welcomed occurrence. Lead: Maria Michails

The workshops are hosted by McMaster University Library's Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship.