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Geospatial Data:

Most Geospatial datasets available from McMaster University Library can now be accessed and downloaded directly by researchers themselves using the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) Scholars GeoPortal.
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The Portal is an hardware and software infrastructure that provides access to large geospatial datasets, as well as sophisticated search, discovery and analysis tools to make the data readily available to Ontario researchers. The Portal has been created for the academic community for teaching and research purposes (non-commercial use only) and is available to educators, researchers, students, faculty and staff.
Who Can Use the Portal?
Anyone who is affiliated with an Ontario University who is interested in using geospatial data for mapping or GIS analysis.
Need Help Using the Portal?
See the online GeoPortal User Guide for help using the portal. The guide also includes information about citing geospatial data, understanding map projections and coordinates as well as providing a glossary of GIS terminology.
Can't Find What You're Looking For in the Portal?

Some datasets are free and available online from federal, provincial and municipal government websites like the Natural Resources Canada GeoGratis site or the City of Hamilton Open Data site. Some datasets are restricted to McMaster University affiliates only. For these datasets, try searching the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection internal geospatial database.

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GIS Services:

GIS workstations
There are several public-use PC workstations loaded with GIS and numeric data software like ArcGIS, SPSS and SAS located within the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection. Another 4 workstations located just outside our doors in the public area of Mills Library are accessible on evenings and weekends when the Map Collection is closed.
GIS Software
Temporary, educational copies of ArcGIS software can be purchased by students who own PCs and would prefer to work at home (the software is not compatible with MACs). Contact the Systems Administrator of the Campus GIS Lab, Burke Science Building rooms 331 & 332.
GIS Independent Instruction
Free, online courses are available to McMaster students and researchers who would like to learn GIS independently.
View the list of ESRI Virtual Campus Courses.
Learn more about signing up for a course.
GIS Class Instruction
Class instruction sessions regarding GIS tools, resources, geospatial data and availability can be requested by contacting Jason Brodeur, Manager Maps/Data/GIS,
GIS Individual or Group Consultations

Individual and group assistance with selecting and/or obtaining geospatial data can be arranged by contacting Jason Brodeur, Manager Maps/Data/GIS,

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