Video Wall Policies & Procedures

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Video Wall Policies & Procedures

Video Wall

The video wall usually plays a rotation of information images, video, animations and other media projects during the hours Lyons is open. Sometimes, the sound it turned on, primarily for events or closing videos.

Update (July 4/17): Our 9-TV video wall has been removed and upgraded with a state-of-the-art short-throw laser projector and custom-built screen! You should see it in action!

How to Get YOUR Work on the Video Wall

Do you have media work that you have created that you would like to have showcased on the video wall? Great! We love showcasing student and staff art and photography.

Please be sure that what you are submitting is not an advertisement/commercial, however.

The focus of our showcasing is on art and course projects. Photography, videos, music videos, scanned artwork, etc. are all welcome!

  • You can submit files to via email or Dropbox (or other file sharing service). Other methods of submission must be discussed with Kelly Penfold, Library Media Specialist (she can be reached through the same email address).

    • You will first need to fill in the Video Wall Submissions form. Every batch of files needs a submission form filled out.

    • Once your submission has been received, please share your files via the methods mentioned above.

  • With your images/videos, please also include a Word (.doc or .docx) or text (.txt) file (or include in the body of the email) including the following information:

    • titles for each file

    • a brief description of what the viewer sees / hears, depending on the format; the description is an absolute must for accessibility reasons. This can be as simple as "A weeping willow tree against a sunset sky." These descriptions are required by law for accessibility purposes.

  • Please note that some photos may be displayed on some of our social media sites once they are added to the video wall rotation. 

  • Any submissions for the video wall for an event must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to said event. You must fill in the questions about events at the bottom of the form.

Resolution, File Types & Notes

  • Files are generally added to the video wall within a week of receiving them, depending on existing workload and/or availability. An email is usually sent to the contributor once the files have been added.

  • The video wall displays at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

    • We usually "frame" images with a border that fits this resolution, adding the student's name and the title/description of the image. All images will be resized to fit within this frame.

  • Preferred image types are: . PNG or .JPG/.JPEG only

  • Preferred video type: .mov (h.264); YouTube links accepted if open captioning is burned onto the video.

  • Note #1: Captioning is required by law for any videos. We require open captioning.

    • There is software available in Lyons which will allow you to create open captioning. It is called Camtasia and it is available in both of our Edit Studios.
      • Open captioning is always on, unlike closed captioning that can be turned on and off.
    • Don't have time? There are online services that we can recommend for reasonable prices, such as (We have no affiliation with this company but have used it for our McMaster 24 Hour Film Festival in the past.)
  • Note #2: When providing your files, please be sure that any media you use that you do not create is usable via a Creative Commons license / is royalty free / that you have permission to use it. If media is found to use copyright protected content without permission, it will not be displayed on the video wall.

Sometimes the wall is used for presetations for classes as well as conferences and other events. To book the video wall for this purpose, please fill out the Lyons New Media Centre Event Proposal form.