Media Creation Policies

Media Creation Policies

Maximum Capacities

  • Audio Recording Booth: 2-3 people
  • Presentation Practice Space L418: 6 people
  • Edit Studio L415: 4 people
  • Edit Studio L416: 4 people
  • Green Screen Room/Classroom: 13-16 people


  • The Edit Studios & Presentation Practice Space may only be booked for 2 hours per day per group.
  • These rooms need keys, which can be checked out at the time of the booking at the Lyons Help Desk (in the middle of the Centre).
  • Any additional equipment borrowed must be returned to the Help Desk promptly along with keys, at the end of the booking.

Late Fees

  • There will be replacement fees for lost/damaged keys and/or equipment.
  • There are also fines for returning keys & equipment late.
  • Rooms may only be used for the booked time, so be sure to lock up and check back with the desk staff promptly at the end of the booking.


  • All the computers in Lyons are for media creation, editing and media related learning. We are a media lab.
    • ​Consider that for a campus of over 35,000+ people, we have 14 computers with this highly specialized software. 
    • Email, social media, web browsing, research and essay writing (for example) can be done on the computers on the second floor of Mills Library.
    • Need to plug in a laptop? Please don't try to unplug our computers. We have provided a laptop bar by the windows in Lyons for you!
    • Users are expected to bring their own external media (USB drive, portable external drive, etc.) to save and back up their files to. The Lyons New Media Centre & the Library are not responsible for loss or damage to users' files left on our computers. Remember that our computers are public stations -- anything can happen.
  • Equipment housed in these rooms may not be removed from them.
  • Microphones, headphones, dongles, etc. which can be signed out at the Help Desk must remain in Lyons at all times.
  • Damage of equipment/keys should be reported to the staff immediately.
  • Do not unplug any Library equipment. Much of the AV equipment has been set up a certain way to work. Unplugging certain devices may damage them.
  • The monitor in the Presentation Practice Space is there for your use. Plug your laptop into it to make use of it. DO NOT unplug the cabinet in that room. Having trouble getting it to work? Check out our notes about this monitor!

Food & Drink

  • Food & drink is permitted in the Presentation Practice Space and Green Screen Room, providing garbage is not left behind in the room after a booking. 
    • There is a garbage and recycling bin by the offices just outside of the Presentation Practice Space.
  • Food & drink should be consumed before entering the Edit Studios or Audio Recording Booth. Due to the equipment, we ask that food/beverages be kept out of these rooms.

Purpose of the Rooms

  • Due to the highly specialized software and equipment in these rooms, the Audio Recording Booth, Presentation Practice Space, Edit Studios & Green Screen Room should be kept available for patrons needing to make use of these resources at all times.
  • If you are in need of a study room, please use the Library room booking system to book a study room, as the Lyons rooms are not study rooms.
  • Bookings found to be for the purpose of study will be canceled by staff and violators will be asked to leave the room.

Video Wall

Interested in showing your artwork or photography on the Lyons New Media Centre video wall? Head over to our Video Wall Policies & Procedures page as well as the "Share your art!" page to submit your artwork.