Gaming Policies

Gaming Policies

Purpose & Priority

As strange as it may sound, the Gaming Areas are not group study nor hang-out spaces. These are academic spaces supporting courses and research about gaming and virtual environments/reality.

  • ONLY Lyons-owned equipment (including controllers) and games are to be used in this room because of its academic purpose. (Professors may speak with the manager about purchasing games specific for their courses.)
    • The only exception: headphones / earbuds.
    • This academic room's priority is research in gaming & virtual environments. Gamers are limited to the collection and equipment Lyons owns as a result.
  • Priority usage is given to students needing the resources for gaming-related course work.
  • These spaces must be booked prior to the gaming session via the booking system.

General Policies

  • Remember what you named your booking, as we will ask for this when you come to the Help Desk.
    • Keep the booking name "clean". Inappropriately named bookings will be cancelled without notification.
  • All players must have a valid McMaster ID card to play. 
    • The gaming room may not be used by non-McMaster people.
  • Limit the noise level.
    • The room is not sound proof.
    • Keep game volumes low, consider turning on captions/subtitling in the games that offer it, and consider the use of headphones/earbuds (your own) when possible.
  • No spectators. 
    • The gaming areas are relatively small. We need to keep them as un-congested as possible due to fire-safety concerns.
    • Maximum gamer limits apply to gamers only, not spectators. (e.g. You can't have three spectators in the AV & Console Gaming Room (L418) because one person is playing and the maximum player allowance is four persons. No spectator permitted at the gaming stations.)
  • No food/drink permitted in the rooms.
  • Always logoff of PCs or turn off consoles/tvs when you are finished.


  • Bookings are a maximum of 2 hours per day per GROUP.
  • 15 minutes late = you will lose your game booking
  • Be prompt in leaving when your booking ends. You are not entitled to additional time to your booking.
  • You have the station or PC only during the time you have it booked. If you show up 15 minutes early, you cannot start 15 minutes early. 
  • Book only one station or PC at a time. Booking more than one station/PC monopolizes on the service and your second booking will be denied. 
  • Staff cannot book the station/PCs for you. Bookings are done with your MacID and password.

Equipment & Games

  • Each player must sign out his/her own game controller. You may not sign out a controller on your card for someone else.
    • Related to that, do not "trade" controllers or take turns. Groups found to be doing this will be asked to vacate the gaming room.
  • Controllers and games must stay within Lyons. We do not "sign them out" to take home.
  • Games & controllers used in the Lyons gaming room must be owned by Lyons. Please leave your personally-owned equipment and games at home.
    • It is an academic space, so you must use the collection we own.
  • Do not use your own Steam account. We have accounts set up on each gaming PC. If it's asking for a password, as the Help Desk staff to login for you.
    • If we don't have your favourite game, drop us an email at with your suggestion and we'll consider adding it to the collection.
  • Do not change Steam credentials (such as the name of the account). Players found doing this may lose gaming privileges.
  • Remember to return all games, controllers, PC gaming cards and keys at the end of your booking to avoid fines.


  • Violations may be held against the entire gaming group, not just the individual gamer.
  • We record all infractions/violations which occur in the gaming room. Staff may request to see McMaster ID cards when a violation occurs, as per Library policy. 
  • Repeat offenders may find privileges revoked.

Staff would prefer that everyone has fun while in the gaming room.
Please be sure to familiarzie yourself with the policies and rules.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Please remember that this is an academic space, not an arcade or private living room.
It is a privilege to play here, so please play nicely and share with others.
Gamers found in violation of Lyons, Library and/or University policies will be asked
to leave & sanctions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.