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Lyons Green Screen Room L413

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Our media classroom (L413) is a dual-purpose room. It is usually set up in a classroom setting for use with courses and workshops booked throughout the year. However, it also serves as a green screen room, and can be booked for this purpose by students, staff and faculty for this purpose.

Equipment & Furniture Use

While using the room for filming/photography/green screen use, you will have access to:

  • the green screen (a painted walls & green fabric for the floor)
  • studio lights
  • video camera, SLR camera, tripod, camera mic (include these in your booking request)
    • sign these out at the Help Desk in Lyons when you arrive for your booking
  • Green screen users do not have access to the computer, laptops, SMARTboard, speakers, etc. (these are for instructor-use)

Some Things to Remember

  • Please do not use or move other equipment in the room (such as the SMARTboard, speakers/sound system or Instructor's workstation in the corner of the room) without permission from the ManagerDo not unplug the white, locked cabinet; it needs to be plugged in and on at all times.
  • If you move the furniture from a classroom setup, please be sure to put it back where you found it, as there may be a class scheduled after your booking. Remember that this is a dual-purpose room.

For your editing needs, please use the computers in the main room or book an Edit Studio after your green screen booking.

Green Screen Booking: Filming Only!

  • Your booking should only be used for filming.
    • There is no editing computer in the classroom. The computer in the room is the Instructor's station and you will not have access to it.
    • You may do your editing on our computers in the main room or in one of the edit studios (that you can book online) once you are finished filming in the classroom.
    • Planning for your scenes/shots should be done prior to your green screen booking, not during your green screen booking. The only thing you should be doing during such a booking is shooting video/photos.

The demand for this room grows each term, so help us keep the schedule moving and use your booking time wisely.

In-House Camera Equipment for Green Screen Room

Item Image Qty Description Loan Period

Canon Vixia HF R700
(Read the manual)
(No image currently)

A black camcorder and its carry case. The label says Canon.


HD video camera. Takes video as well as photos. Check the online manual for details / specs.

Included in carrying case:

  • 8 GB SD card & battery (both in camera)
  • charging cable
For the duration of your green screen booking only.

Nikon D60 SLR
(Read the manual)


A Nikon D60 SLR camera with its carry case. 1

Single-lense reflex digital camera. 10.2 million effective pixels. See manual for details / specs. 

NOTE: Camera cannot be plugged in while in use, so charging unit is not available for patron usage. Staff charge the battery each night.

NOTE 2: This camera only takes photos. No video capability.

Included in carrying case:

  • 16 GB SD card & battery (both in camera)
For the duration of your green screen booking only.

Manfrotto 785B tripod

Manfrotto Tripod 1

A Manfrotto brand camera tripod. 1

Manfrotto camera tripod.

Includes (no carrying case): 

  • tripod
  • camera mount/foot
For the duration of your green screen booking only.

RØDE VideoMic

Camera Mic 1

An attachable camera microphone. 1

Condenser Mic with non-detachable mini jack output for use with Canon Vixia HF R200.

Box includes:

  • microphone (includes windshield foam piece)
  • 9V battery (separate)
  • cold shoe mount (blue)missing
For the duration of your green screen booking only.