Guidelines: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Guidelines: A Few Things to Keep in Mind logo
Guidelines: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind as you design or look for a good object to print. Not all designs that you find on websites will work or are made for the Ultimaker printer. A 3D printer lays down filament from the bottom and works its way up, layer by layer.  Look at the object you are wishing to print and look for the following:

  • is the base large enough to support the object?
    • the object needs a large enough support so it does not fall over part way through
  • are there any overhangs/pieces that stick out?
    • things like arms that stick out and hang from the main area may not print. Make sure that is a support for this section. The printer can't print something in mid air
  • is the design intricate or too complex?
    • some designs may have too much detail for the printer to print well
  • is the design solid enough?
    • if the design is too stringy or thin, it will not print correctly
  • is PLA the right material?
    • our printer uses PLA only. Some designs are made for other materials
  • how long will it take to print?
    • there is a maximum print time on this service (max 7 hours for general ; 9-10 hours for course); why not download Cura (it's free!) and load your file in it to see how long the print job will take?
    • the printers cannot run outside of the business hours of the Centre. Please check our hours to see when we are open
  • is there a limit on how many objects I can print? (new)
    • we will print up to 5 object requests from one person at a time; if we receive more than this, we will hold onto the subsequent requests until the first 5 are printed and picked up, and so on
    • exception: course-related print jobs are not limited in this manner

Keep in mind that the material is not a food grade plastic and although the surface may look smooth, is porous. Anything that is to be used for food or drink can be printed for a prototype, but should never be used for consumption.

We will print most things for you but there are a few things that will will not print, as this is an academic space.

  • We will not print anything that is or looks like a weapon or parts of a weapon.
  • We will not print anything related to a sex toy. We aren't prudes, but just think what this material is made from.  It is a porous material.
  • This service is for printing objects for academic or personal use.
  • Lyons New Media Centre is not a production line or manufacturing company. Requests for the same item in larger quantities will be questioned and/or denied.
  • Be aware that some 3D models available for download online are subject to copyright and/or creative commons licensing. 

All print jobs will be viewed by Lyons staff and as such, staff reserve the right to question and/or decline any print request.