Learning Support

Academic skills support is available in the Mills Learning Commons, Room L213/E to help you with your learning and writing skills.

We offer:

Academic Skills Assistance: One-on-one appointments with trained, upper-year Academic Skills Assistants are available to help you with such skills as note-taking, time management, and effective reading strategies, as well as research and exam preparation. For more information on Academic Skills Assistance or to book an appointment, please click here.

Writing Support Services: Several writing support services are available to help students with academic writing concerns. A trained, upper-year Writing Assistant will help you learn more about how to formulate a thesis statement, refine your academic writing style, provide resources and tips and help you gain a better understanding of a professor's expectations related to academic writing.  You can also receive assistance with learning reference systems, such as APA and MLA. Please visit the Student Success Centre website for more information.

ESL Support: The SpeakEasy and Conversation Circle programs provide assistance for ESL students who would like extra help with spoken English. You can work one-on-one with a volunteer student in the SpeakEasy program, or participate in the Conversation Circle  for group-based communication support. For more information on these programs or to contact a program coordinator, please visit the ESL support tab on the Student Success Centre website.

Note-taking Support: Note-taking support is available for students with disabilities as some students may need assistance with access to lecture materials. The need for assistance with note-taking is assessed in consultation with Program Coordinators at the beginning of each academic year or term. For more information regarding the Note-taking Program, please visit the Student Accessibility Services website.