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Collective Agreements...

  • are legal contracts between a union and an employer
  • typically set out the rates of pay, hours of work, vacations, benefits, grievance procedures, and other conditions of employment
  • have a set expiry date (typically one to three years)

Collective Agreement Sources


  • Best Bet!open accessNegotech - Employment and Social Development Canada
    • Contains full-text copies of current and historical collective agreements across Canada.
    • Search by company, union, date, sector, industry and other criteria.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
    • Contains current and archived collective agreements of groups in the federal public service in Canada.
    • Search for agreements by code, group, group abbreviation or union.


  • open accessCollective Bargaining Agreements - Alberta Labour
    • Contains selected collective agreements for organizations operating within Alberta, Canada.
    • Includes the current and most recent expired agreements filed electronically with the Government of Alberta.
    • Search for agreements by employer, union, city/region, local # and date.

British Columbia

  • open accessBC Bargaining Database - Business Council of British Columbia
    • Contains current and expired collective agreements throughout British Columbia, Canada.
    • Search by company, sector, industry, uinion, date and keyword(s).
  • open accessCollective Agreements - Labour Relations Board British Columbia
    • Contains current and historical collective agreements filed in British Columbia, Canada.
    • Browse agreements by employer.


  • open accessBargaining - Manitoba School Boards Association
    • Contains current collective agreements for teaching and non-teaching staff in Manitoba,Canada. 
    • Browse agreements by Division.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - MNU (Manitoba Nurses Union)
    • Includes current collective agreements for various regional health authorities and health facilities in Manitoba, Canada. 
    • Browse agreements by category.

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • open accessCollective Agreement Database - Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Contains current collective agreements filed with the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
    • Search by keyword(s), NAICS code, union, employer and date.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - NAPE (Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees)
    • Contains current collective agreements negotiated by NAPE on behalf of its members in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 
    • Search by keyword(s). 

Northwest Territories

  • open accessTerms of Employment - Human Resources, Northwest Terrorities
    • Contains current collective agreements between the NWTTA (Northwest Territories Teachers' Association), the UNW (Union of Northern Workers) and the Government of the Northwest Terrorities in Canada.

Nova Scotia

  • open accessAgreements  - NSCLRA (Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association)
    • Contains current collective agreements for trades affiliated with the Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association in Canada.
    • Browse collective agreements from mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island.


  • open accessCollective Agreements - NEU (Nunavut Employees Union) 
    • Contains collective agreeements for bargaining units associated with the Nunavut Employees Union in Canada.
    • Browse collective agreements by title.


  • open accessCollective Agreements e-Library Portal - Ontario Ministry of Labour
    • Contains current and expired public and private sector collective agreements in Ontario, Canada.
    • Search by keyword(s), employer,  union, sector and industry.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - OHA (Ontario Hospital Association)
    • Contains current central and local collective agreements for hospitals in Ontario, Canada.
    • Browse for agreements by union name.
  • open accessCollective Agreements & Union Relations - McMaster University- Working at McMaster - Employee & Labour Relations
    • Contains current and historical collective agreements for various employee groups at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Prince Edward Island

  • open accessCollective Agreements - Department of Justice and Public Safety, Prince Edward Island
    • A listing of active collective agreements on file with the Industrial Relations Division in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    • Browse agreements by employer/company name.




  • open accessCollective Agreements - Public Service Commission, Yukon Government
    • Current and historical collective agreements with the YTA (Yukon Teachers Association), the PSAC/YEU (Public Service Alliance of Canada/Yukon Employees' Union) and the Government of Yukon in Canada.

United States

  • open accessCollective Bargaining Agreements File: Online Listings of Private and Public Sector Agreements - OLMS (Office of Labor-Management Standards), Department of Labor, United States
    • Contains current and historical public and private sector collective agreements in the United States.
    • Browse agreements alphabetically by employer name. 
  • Best Bet!open accessLabor Contracts Database - IRLE (Institute for Research on Labor and Employment) Library, University of California, Berkeley
    • "A one-stop public on-line clearinghouse for cataloged and digitized complete union contract text."
    • Search U.S. labour contracts by state, union name or occupation.

When the agreement is not available ...

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