Frequently Asked Questions - PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Here are 3 possible fixes:

1. If you are using Adobe Reader as your PDF reader, this may be due to a feature in Adobe called "allow fast web view". If so, you may get an error such as "insufficient data for an image". Try the following fix:

  • open the Adobe Reader application
  • Control-K, or go to Edit > Preferences
  • on the left, click 'Internet' and then uncheck 'Allow fast web view'

2. Before opening the PDF, right-click the PDF link and choose "save target as", “save link as” or “download linked file as” (depending on your browser). This will force the PDF to save before opening. Then open the PDF from the saved location. This bypasses the browser and the browser’s PDF plug-in, and avoids problems associated with plug-ins.

3. If neither of the above solutions works, try using a different PDF reader, e.g.

  • Windows: Foxit Reader
  • Mac OS: Preview (go to Finder > Applications >

If none of these solutions work, please report the problem to us, and we will work with you to fix it.


Why are my images printing as black boxes from Acrobat 7 Professional?

This is a known problem when the "Print colour as black" option is selected.

Update: try downloading a more current Acrobat reader. This problem appears
to be have been resolved with recent updates.

My Acrobat .pdf file will not print - why?

Security settings in the document may not allow printing. In Acrobat, select File/Document Properties, and select the Security tab. This will display a list of the security settings for the document including whether printing is allowed.

How do I print Acrobat .pdf files? Some PDF files result in blank pages being printed.

Be sure to use the print button in the Acrobat Reader toolbar, not the File..Print command otherwise a blank page could print.

Untick "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size" radio button.

Another reason for the printout being blank may be that, occasionally, a document is scanned and made into a .pdf file as a graphic, even though it appears as text. To print this sort of document, you should click the "Advanced" button on the print dialogue box then choose "Print as Image".

Why can't I copy from a file opened in Acrobat Reader?

The document creator may have set the security to disable this function. To check, open the file in Acrobat, select File/Document Properties and select the Security tab. Look to see whether Content Copying or Extraction is set to Allowed.

How do I open a PDF file that will not load?

Try the following:

  • open Adobe Acrobat Reader by using the Start button then clicking on Programs
  • once the reader is open, go to Edit menu, Preferences
  • click Options from the left pane
  • Under the Web Browser Options from the right pane, disable Allow Fast Web View
  • click the OK button
  • close the Reader and try opening the PDF file again.