How do I configure EndNote desktop to find full-text?

I'd like to connect to McMaster's full-text e-resources from the references in my EndNote Library (desktop version). How do I do this?

To set up the Find Full Text feature in EndNote desktop: 

  • Open EndNote desktop
  • Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences 
  • Click Find Full Tex
  • Tick all options at the top of the EndNote Preferences menu (i.e., Web of Science, DOI, PubMed and OpenURL) 
  • In the OpenURL Path: box, enter:
  • In the Authenticate with URL: box, enter:
  • Click OK

To search for the full text of a reference in your library: 

  • Select (highlight) the references for which you want to find full-text
  • Go to the References menu (or right click the highlighted references) and select Find Full Text > Find Full Text ...
  • Log in with your MAC ID username and password when prompted.
  • If a full-text file (e.g., PDF) is available for your selected reference(s), it will be added to the reference as an attachment (look for the paperclip icon)

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