How can I tell if the design is good or not?

The 3D printer prints objects from the bottom up, layer by layer.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at an object:

  • Does the object has a flat solid base?
    • a good design will have a flat base to build up from. The base has to be wide enough to balance the rest of the object
  • Are there overhanging sections?
    • Objects such as arms that stick out from the model cannot be printed in mid air. There has to be some type of support built up from it in order to print.  Look for these overhangs and add supports if necessary
  • Does the object have a top/lid?
    • The printer cannot print in mid air and therefore printing a lid for a box or other type of object will not work too well. The filament will fall down into the object as there is nothing to support it underneath.  If you are printing a box type object, think about separating out the two pieces to print separately