University Library Advisory Council (ULAC)


To ensure open communication between the campus and library. Members of ULAC have three primary roles: Advisor, Ambassador and Advocate.

As Advisors, Council Members:

  • Develop an individual and collective awareness of various trends impacting higher education and consider the implications of these trends for McMaster University Library.
  • Bring views and perceptions of the Library from their organizations and, as possible, from the campus at large, to the Council and the University Librarian.
  • Based on these considerations, critique the Library’s current and proposed programs, and prompt the Library to examine program revisions in response to changes in higher education or at McMaster.

As Ambassadors, Council Members:

  • Serve as an initial point of contact (within their organizations or the campus at large) for concerns related to the strategic direction and/or programs of University Library, and bring these to the University Librarian
  • Actively seek relevant input for the University Library within their respective organizations and convey this to the Council and Library
  • Purposefully communicate Library developments to their respective organizations
  • Actively participate in Library events both to be aware of the Library’s developments and to hear people’s reactions to the event

As Advocates, Council Members work to ensure that the campus community is aware of the Library’s continued contributions to the University’s success.


Nicholas Kevlahan

  • Faculty  (2 faculty members from each faculty)
  • Business:  
    • Dr. Carolyn Capretta (Human Resources and Management)
    • Dr. Rita Cossa (Strategic Management)
  • Humanities:
    • Dr. Claude Eilers (Classics)
    • Dr. Eugenia Zuroski (English)
  • Science:
    • Dr. Sarah Symons (iSci)
    • Dr. Nicholas Kevlahan (Mathematics)
  • Social Sciences:
    • Dr. Tina Fetner (Sociology)
    • Dr. James Ingram (Political Science)
  • Engineering:
    • Dr. Wolfram Kahl (Computing & Software)
    • Dr. Andre Phillion (Material Science)
  • Students
    • Ryan Deshpande, MSU VP (Ed)
  • Library
    • Wade Wyckoff, Collections Rep
    • Ines Perkovic, Staff (Librarian)
    • Tim Wray, Staff (UNIFOR)
    • Chris McAllister Staff (TMG)
    • Vivian Lewis, University Librarian
  • Other 
    • Jennifer McKinnell, Director, Health Sciences Library
    • Sherisse Webb, Research Administration
Minutes and Agendas: