Excel Menu Guide

Excel Menu



Under this tab you can perform the following function:

Save: saves your current progress onto an existing file (or creates a new save file if one does not exist)

Save as: saves your current progress onto a new file (location of your choosing)

Open: open a saved file

Recent: lists all recently opened or worked on files

New: generates a new spreadsheet

Print: allows you to print your spreadsheet (be careful of formatting)

Save and Send: allows you to save the file online, directly attach to an email, or export as a PDF




Under the home tab you have a lot of options to change the characteristics of the text or cells you are working with. Here are some of the important aspects you can change:

Font style

Font size

Font colour

Font characteristics (bold, italics, underline)

Text highlight

Text alignment

Cell format (text, numbers, currency etc.)

Cell colour

Cell conditional formatting




Under the insert tab you can add in many things including objects and graphs. Some important functions include inserting:










Page layout

Under the page layout tab you can alter and adjust many aspects of your spreadsheet. Important aspects you can change include:



Landscape/portrait orientation

Setting print area

Setting background

Moving objects forward or behind




Under the formulas tab you can access many different excel functions that can be used to manipulate data. Although you can use this way to find your formulas, you can also just type them out in the cell.




Under the data tab you can manipulate your data or tables in many different ways. Some important manipulations include:

Importing data

Sorting data (e.g. alphabetically)

Setting filters on your data

Remove duplicates

Remove unwanted data (specified by user)

Group data




Under the review tab you can access spell check, dictionary, thesaurus, and comment or editing mode




Under the view tab you can change how your spreadsheet looks to enhance your experience. Important changes include:

View print preview

(On/Off) gridlines, formula bar, headings

Change zoom

Split view (to view multiple areas of the spreadsheet)

Freeze cells (e.g. freeze top row or first column while scrolling)



Quick Access Toolbar

If you wanted to have quicker access to any functions you can add them to the quick access toolbar. To do this follow these instructions:

Go to the top and click the quick access drop-down button. You can add any of the features listed onto your toolbar.

If you would like to add a feature that is not listed, click “show more commands”. Here you can add or remove as many of the commands you would like to.