iClicker "Student Response System"

iClicker Base Units have been installed in some classrooms on campus.

For more information contact Otto Geiss at extension 26967 or email: geisso@mcmaster.ca

Below are some resources that may be helpful:


.  Training webinars are found here:  http://iclicker.webex.com.  I would attend Higher Education Training or i>clicker demo.

 There is also a quick start guide in the i>clicker software

.  You can contact Otto Geiss geisso@mcmaster.ca for a training session - he covers the more technical side of things

.  You can reach out to Jon Kruithof  kruithj@mcmaster.ca and/or Daryl Hartz  hartzde@mcmaster.ca from MIIETL. They can provide more pedagogical information on using i>clicker.

.  A call can be set up as well with iClicker


Pedagogical Resources:

.  Upcoming webinars can be found here: http://www1.iclicker.com/pedagogy-webinars

.  All of iClicker case studies are found here:  http://www.iclicker.com/community/casestudies/.  These are very helpful to read through and see how others have integrated i>clicker into their courses.

.  You may also want to look at iClicker tips and best practices found here: http://www.iclicker.com/community/bestpractices/

.  CU Bolder has some great resources for using i>clicker:  http://iclicker.illinois.edu/ClickerVideos.aspx - there are various videos depending on what you are interested in learning more about

.  The Carl Weiman Group at UBC has done a lot of research on using clickers which can be found here: http://www.cwsei.ubc.ca/resources/clickers.htm


Integration with Desire2Learn:

There are two tutorials on uploading and downloading data from Desire2Learn and i>clicker. You can find them here:  http://support.iclicker.com/entries/23865118-Manual-Integration-Desire2Learn-


Other Resources:

iClicker Website - http://www1.iclicker.com/

iClicker Downloads - http://www1.iclicker.com/audience-response-system-downloads

iClicker Support Portal - http://support.iclicker.com/home

Documentation and Tutorials - http://support.iclicker.com/forums



CAVS updates: