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How to switch between MAC OS X (Leopard) & Windows XP on the dual boot computers?

Dual Boot Computers

Upon startup/restart, a menu will appear which will allow you to select an operating system. You have 20 seconds to select an operating system, otherwise the default will load. Use the arrow & enter keys to select an operating system.
Note:  iMacs are no longer dual boot except for the Wong classroom computers which are slated for replacement by windows only machines.  iMacs run OSX only.

How do I burn/copy files and folders to CD on the Public Stations?

  1. Insert a blank, writable CD (CD-/+RW recommended) into the CD recorder.
  2. Open My Computer.
  3. Click the files or folders you want to copy to the CD. To select more than one file, hold down the CTRL key while you click the files you want. Then, under File and Folder Tasks, click Copy this file, Copy this folder, or Copy the selected items.
    If the files are located in My Pictures, under Picture Tasks, click Copy to CD or Copy all items to CD, and then skip to step 5.
  4. In the Copy Items dialog box, click the CD recording drive, and then click Copy.
  5. In My Computer, double-click the CD recording drive. Windows displays a temporary area where the files are held before they are copied to the CD. Verify that the files and folders that you intend to copy to the CD appear under Files Ready to be Written to the CD.
  6. Under CD Writing Tasks, click Write these files to CD. Windows displays the CD Writing Wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

How do I open a file from a floppy disc, CD, or keychain drive on a PC in the Library?

Users can open pdf or html files from a floppy disc or keychain drive by using the My Computer icon in the Programs menu of public stations. To open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on library computers, see this FAQ.

Browsers: opening from the File menu of the web browser on public PCs was disallowed due to a bug. Instead, public users can open documents by clicking Start button, Programs, My Computer, selecting the drive and filename.

Windows XP with Service Pack 2 & Internet Explorer has been set to block pop-ups; however, some sites do not function properly.

You can configure the Pop-up Blocker so that pop-ups are allowed for this site by following these steps:

  • go into the Tools menu -- Pop-up Blocker -- Pop-up Blocker Settings.
  • in the "Address of Web site to allow" section, enter the address for the site that is not functioning properly and click the Add button.
  • if you want to re-enable pop-ups for all sites, go into the Tools menu -- Pop-up Blocker -- Turn-off Pop-up Blocker.
  • alternatively, you can go into the Tools menu -- Internet Options -- Privacy tab -- disable Pop-up Blocker.
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