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Vickers, Frederick William

Fredrick William Vickers fonds. – 1942-[2011]. – 27 cm of textual records and cartographic material. – 87 photographs; 4 compact discs.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1942-1949. – 13 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

The correspondence is arranged by correspondent and chronologically. The majority of the letters are those to Margaret Sargent and to his parents, William and Jane Vickers, written during his service. The letters to his parents are also usually addressed to his cousin, Annie Eatwell, who lived with the Vickers’ in St. Catharines. Post-war there are letters from the Hosang family, with whom he stayed while serving in Europe. Due to constant moves and the need to travel light, Fred was unable to keep the daily letters from Margaret or those from his parents. Along with regular letters, Margaret also sent care packages of cookies and baking, which she made through the support of friends and coworkers who pooled flour and eggs from their rations.

Box 1
To Margaret C. Sargent
Newmarket, Ontario. August 1942-January 1943.
F.1       August 1942.
F.2       September 1942.
F.3       October 1942.
F.4       November 1942.
F.5       December 1942.
F.6       January 1943.

Gordon Head, British Columbia. January-April 1943.
F.7       February 1943.
F.8       March 1943.
F.9       April 1943.

Camp Shilo, Manitoba. April-August 1943.
F.10     May 1943.
F.11     June 1943.
F.12     July 1943.
F.13     August 1943.

England. September 1943-July 1944.
F.14     September 1943.
F.15     October 1943.
F.16     November 1943.
F.17     December 1943.
F.18     January 1944.
F.19     February 1944.
F.20     March 1944.
F.21     April 1944.
F.22     May 1944.
F.23     June 1944.
F.24     July 1944.

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. July 1944-December 1945.
F.25     August 1944.
F.26     September 1944.
F.27     October 1944.
F.28     November 1944.
F.29     December 1944.
F.30     January 1945.
F.31     February 1945.
F.32     March 1945.
F.33     April 1945.
F.34     May 1945.
F.35     June 1945.
F.36     July 1945.
F.37     August 1945.
F.38     September 1945.
F.39     October 1945.
F.40     November 1945.
F.41     December 1945.

F.42     “Impressions of Holland.” [Excerpts taken from Fred Vickers’ letters to Margaret Sargent]. [n.d.].

To Jane and William Vickers.
Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario. July 1942-January 1943
F.43     July 1942.
F.44     August 1942.
F.45     October 1942.
F.46     November and December 1942.

Gordon Head, British Columbia. January-April 1943.
F.47     January 1943.
F.48     February 1943.
F.49     March 1943. [Includes a letter from Margaret Sargent.]
F.50     April 1943.

Camp Shilo, Manitoba. May-August 1943.
F.51     May 1943.
F.52     June 1943.
F.53     July 1943.
F.54     August 1943.

England. August 1943-July 1944.
F.55     September 1943.
F.56     October 1943.
F.57     November 1943.
F.58     December 1943.
F.59     January 1944.
F.60     February 1944.
F.61     March 1944.
F.62     April 1944.
F.63     May 1944.
F.64     June 1944.
F.65     July 1944.

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. July 1944-December 1945.
F.66     August 1944.
F.67     September 1944.
F.68     October 1944.
F.69     November 1944.
F.70     December 1944.
F.71     January 1945.
F.72     February 1945.
F.73     March 1945.
F.74     April 1945.
F.75     May 1945.
F.76     June 1945.
F.77     July 1945
F.78     August 1945.
F.79     September 1945.
F.80     October 1945.
F.81     November 1945.
F.82     December 1945.

Box 2
F.1       Cards to Margaret Sargent and Mr. and Mrs. Vickers. [1943-45].
F.2       Letters from the Hosang Family, Netherlands. 1946-1949. (Partial translations included).

Series 2
Photographs. – 1942-1945. – 87 photographs. – Title based on content of series.
The photographs include Fred Vickers in his various units, on training courses, in Europe, and others of his friends, family, and fellow soldiers during his time with the Army.

Box 2
F.3       Photographs from St. Catharines, Newmarket, and Toronto, Ontario. 1942.
F.4       Photographs from Gordon Head, British Columbia, Shilo, Manitoba, and Ontario. 1943.
F.5       Photographs from England, the Netherlands, France. 1943-44.
F.6       Photographs from Europe. [May-Dec. 1945].
F.25     Scans of photographs and letters. 4 Compact Discs. 2011.

Series 3

Military Service and Miscellaneous. – 1943-[2011]. – 9 cm textual records. – Title based on content of series.
The documents here are mostly related to Frederick Vickers’ time during his service, including his training notes and exercises, official documents, souvenirs, and mementos. There are also a few additional items and contextual material.

Box 2
F.7       Official documents relating to military service. 1943-1949.
F.8       Artillery Training Notes from Gordon Head and Shilo. 22 March – 31 May 1943.
F.9       Two training exercise drawings, both assumed to be from Gordon Head. 1943.
F.10     Officers of the 15th Canadian Field Regiment. [1945?]
F.11     List of Places Stationed. 1944-1945.
F.12     Souvenirs – forms and receipts. 1945.
F.13     Souvenirs – guides and maps. 1945.
F.14     Souvenirs – programmes. 1945.
F.15     Souvenirs – postcards. 1945.
F.16     Souvenir photo album of Paris. [1945?].
F.17     Maple Leaf Newsletter. 1944-1945.
F.18     Maple Leaf Scrap Book. 1945.
F.19     Welland Avenue Newsletters. 1944-1945.
F.20     “Britain against Germany, 1939-1945. A Record in Pictures”. 1945.
F.21     Clipping. St. Catharines Standard. 29 October 1954.
F.22     Speech on secondary education in Denmark. [ca. 1945].
F.23     Biographical information on Fred Vickers by John Vickers. [2011].
F.24     Reference material from regimental history, includes maps.

Series 4
Maps. – 1943-1945. – 5 cm of cartographic materials. – Title based on content of series.

Box 3
24 maps from military service and training
            1 of Victoria, British Columbia
            3 of parts of England
            6 of France
            6 of North West Europe
            2 of Holland
            6 of Germany

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