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United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. Local 504/550 (Hamilton, Ont.) fonds. Second accrual. – 1952-1975; predominant 1973-1975. – 1.6 m of textual records.

Series 1:

Correspondence. – 1973-1975. – 1.1 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Additional correspondence is located in Box 298.

Box 293

F.1      Appointment of Stewards
F.2      Arbitration
F.3      Benefits
F.4      Clearwater Lake Lodge
F.5      Company officials, i.e. Westinghouse
F.6      Credit Union
F.7      Donations
F.8      Donations and Petitions
F.9      Elections–executive and stewards
F.10-1 Government–federal and provincial
F.12    Government–federal, Dept. of Labour
F.13    Government–local
F.14    Grievances–company
F.15    Grievances–union
F.16-7 Hamilton and District Labour Council, Ontario Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress
F.18-9 Leaves of Absence
F.20    Lost Time Paid by Union
F.21    Members
F.22    Miscellaneous

Box 294
F.1-2   Notices and bulletins (company)
F.3      Other unions
F.4      Unemployment Insurance
F.5      Arbitration
F.6      Arbitration (UE)
F.7      Benefits and Welfare
F.8      Clearwater Lake Lodge
F.9      Company officials
F.10    Company picnic
F.11    Credit Union
F.12    Tom Davidson, UE National Co-ordinator
F.13    Donations
F.14    Energy
F.15    Government–federal and provincial
F.16    Government–local
F.17-18 Grievances
F.19-20 Hamilton and District Labour Council, Ontario Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress
F.21-3 Leaves of Absence
F.24    Locals (UE)
F.25    Lost Time Paid

Box 295
F.1      Members from the company
F.2      Members from the union
F.3      Miscellaneous
F.4-5   Notices and Bulletins (company)
F.6      Other unions
F.7      Retirees
F.8      Socials
F.9      Sports
F.10    Stewards, appointment of
F.11    Telegrams
F.12    Unemployment Insurance
F.13    Arbitration
F.14    Benefits
F.15    Canadian Labour Congress
F.16    Clearwater Lake Lodge
F.17    Company shareholders
F.18    Credit Union
F.19    Donations and Petitions
F.20    Elections
F.21    Government–federal and provincial; also Spain, Chile
F.22    Government–local
F.23-4 Grievances
F.25    Hamilton and District Labour Council
F.26-8 George Harris, Secretary-Treasurer (UE)
F.29    Lost Time Paid
F.30-1 Leaves of Absence

Box 296
F.1-2   Members from company
F.3      Members
F.4      Miscellaneous
F.5-6   Notices and bulletins
F.7-8   Negotiations
F.9      Other unions
F.10    Ontario Federation of Labour
F.11    Publications–UE news and guide
F.12    Retirees
F.13    Stewards, appointment of
F.14    Telegrams
F.15    Unemployment Insurance
F.16    Weekend School

Series 2:

Executive Board and committees. – 1973-1975. – 13 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Files contain correspondence, minutes, notices.
F.17    Educational committee, 1973-1975
F.18-21 Executive Board and Stewards Council, 1973-1975
F.22-4 Legislative and Political Action committee, 1973-1975
F.25    Stewards Council, 1973-1974
F.26    Stewards election committee, 1975
F.27    UE, Hamilton, organizing committee, 1974

Series 3:

Grievances. – 1952-1975; predominant 1973-1975. – 23 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Grievance cases are usually numbered.

Box 297
F.a       No. 7; 1952
F.1      No. 10,810; 1961
F.2      No. 20,312; 1963
F.3      Nos. 21,710 and 20,825; 1964-1965
F.4      No. 21,106; 1965
F.5      No. 21,407; 1967
F.6      No. 21,492; 1966
F.7      Nos. 21,598-99; 1966
F.8      No. 21,852; 1967
F.9      No. 23,542; 1970
F.10    No. 24,089; 1970
F.11    No. 24,116; 1973
F.12    25,005-29
F.13    25,030-49
F.14    25,050-69
F.15    25,070-99
F.16    25,100-22
F.17    25,123-49
F.18    26,000-22
F.19    26,023-49
F.20    26,050-79
F.21    26,080-99
F.22    26,103-22
F.23    Not numbered, various dates, 1952-1976

Box 298
F.1      Correspondence of F.E. Krouse, Business Agent, L.504 re job classifications related to grievances, 1963-1972
F.2      Correspondence of F.E. Krouse re transformers, 1968

Series 4:

Printed materials. – 1969-1975; predominant 1973-1975. – 14 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.
F.3      Press releases, 1973-1975
F.4      Ladies Auxiliary newsletters, 1973-1975
F.5      UE Research Bulletin, 1973-1975
F.6-7   Westinghouse News, 1974-1975
F.8      Annual reports, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973
F.9      Notices to shareholders, 1970-1973

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