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Trotter family
Trotter family fonds. – 1874-1988. – 2.10 m of textual records. First Accrual

Series 1
Correspondence and documents. – 1874-1980. – 1.35 m of textual records. – Title based on the content of the series. – This series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Trotter family members largely to each other and to close acquaintances. As much as possible, a chronological order has been maintained in listing various materials. Reginald Trotter’s correspondence and personal material can also be found in a separate series due to its larger volume and longer period of documentation.

Box 1
F.1 Correspondence and documents of Thomas Trotter and Rev. D. Freeman, 1874-1912.
(Includes correspondence while Trotter was President of Acadia)
F.2 Documents re: family, earlier generations. 4 items, 1900-1927.
F.3 Thomas Trotter letters to his family, 17 items, 1884-1912.
F.4 Correspondence between Ellen Maud Freeman (who later married Thomas Trotter) and her friend, Ellen Rand re: courtship and marriage, 26 items 1886-1912.
F.5 Ellen Maud Freeman correspondence and documents, 85 items, 1876-1942.
F.6 Marjorie Trotter correspondence, 7 items, 1906-1912.
F.7 Frances Trotter correspondence, 15 items, 1905-1911.
F.8 Family correspondence, 123 items, 1906- 1908.
F.9 Family correspondence, 75 items, 1908-1912.

Box 2
F.1 Incomplete correspondence and miscellaneous, 1907-1913.
F.2 News clippings, postcards, 1908-1929.
F.3-4 Family correspondence, 1909.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1910.
F.6 Family correspondence, 1911.
F.7-8 Family correspondence, 1912.

Box 3
F.1 Correspondence to Ellen Maud Trotter, 1906-1932.
F.2 Family correspondence, 1913.
F.3 Frances Trotter documents re schooling: public school report cards, Moulton College, McMaster University, 1912-1944.
F.4 Marjorie Trotter documents re Moulton College: graduation, yearbooks, news clippings, 1913-1940.
F.5 Correspondence from J.D. Freeman from Leicester, 1916-1918.
F.6 Clipping of Thomas Trotter’s obituary in The Canadian Baptist, July 4, 1918.
F.7 Family correspondence and keepsakes predominantly Ventura and Leicester, 1904-1954 (predominantly 1920s).
F.8 Letters from Frances Trotter to her family from the summer of 1920. She and friend Mabel Pugh (Taylor) spent the summer selling books near Leamington, Ontario.
F.9 Family correspondence, 1922-24.

Box 4
F.1 Family correspondence, 1923.
F.2 Family correspondence, 1924.
F.3 Family correspondence, 1925.
F.4 Letters from Marjorie Trotter (Truro, N.S.), 1925.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1926.
F.6 Clippings and typescript of history Ellen Maud Trotter’s family 1917-938.

Box 5
F.1 Frances Trotter’s “diary” of trip to Florida, Feb.- May 1927.
F.2-3 Family correspondence, 1927.
F.4 Family correspondence (including Fisher motor trip), Jan. 1928-July 1929.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1930.

Box 6
F.1 Family correspondence, July 1931-1932.
F.2 Family correspondence, 1934.
F.3 Frances Trotter correspondence, “diary” and clippings of European trip, 1934-1935.
F.4 Family correspondence, 1935.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1936.
F.6 Family correspondence, 1937.

Box 7
F.1 Family correspondence, 1938.
F.2 Family correspondence, 1939.
F.3 Family correspondence, 1940.
F.4 Family correspondence, 1941.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1942.

Box 8
F.1 Family correspondence, 1943.
F.2 Family correspondence, 1944.
F.3 Family correspondence, 1945.
F.4 Family correspondence, 1946.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1947.
F.6 Family correspondence, 1948.
F.7 Family correspondence, 1949.

Box 9
F.1 Marjorie Trotter correspondence and memorabilia from Union Theological Seminary and Moulton College, including bulletins from Moulton College, 1944-1980.
F.2 Essays (carbon typescripts) by Marjorie Trotter written for her Master’s degree at Union Theological Seminary, New York. [1944].
F.3 Marjorie Trotter in Greece: correspondence 1954-1956.
F.4 Obituaries and letters of condolence to Prudence Trotter after the death of Reginald Trotter,1951.

Series 2
Reginald Trotter. – 1854-1988. -- 75 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 10
F.1 Tally book (for California expenses). 1908-1909.
F.2 Timetable of “Senior Leaving Examinations.” July 1907.
F.3 Scrapbook, 1905-1932.
F.4 Small notebook containing entries of orders and deliveries, Wolfville, N.S. [c1905].
F.5 “Dairy. Book One”. June 18, 1900- July 25, 1905.
F.6 “Diary. Book Two”. July 26,1905-March 9,1908. (Attached is cash book for 1905).
F.7 Small scribbler. Wolfville, N.S. [c1905].
F.8 Small diary containing entries for Palo Alto, California, 1922,

Box 11
F.1 Letter from Ellen Maud Trotter (mother), Jan 13, 1930 with accompanying letters relating to Mount Holyoke Seminary in South Hadley, MA where Ann Eliza Parker (RGT’s grandmother) was one of the first Canadian women to attend this institution after it opened in 1834. Enclosed are letters from her dating from 1854-1857.. There are also transcripts of these letters which were in Ellen Maude Freeman’s possession.
F.2 Correspondence with Thomas Trotter and documents: Wolfville Common School, Acadia University, Thacher School, Yale University, 1903-1912.
F.3 Non-family correspondence to RFT in California, 1907-1909.
F.4 Diary and partial account of 10 day riding trip from Thacher to Santa Barbara, California, Christmas, 1912.
F.5 Correspondence and documents re Harvard Regiment, 1915-1916.
F.6 Correspondence and documents re joining of military service, 1915-1919.
F. 7 Correspondence, 1913-1917.
F.8 Family correspondence 1917-1918.
F.9 Correspondence, 1917-1918.

Box 12
F.1 Family correspondence, 1918.
F.2 Family correspondence at Harvard, 1919.
F.3 RGT letters to his mother, 1919.
F.4 Family correspondence, 1920.
F.5 Family correspondence, 1921.
F.6 Family correspondence, 1922-1924.
F.7 Family correspondence, 1924 (RGT’s move to Queen’s University and birth of Bernard II on April 25, 1924).
F.8 Correspondence from Lillian M. Birt (Liverpool), 1946-1950.

Box 13
F.1 Employment related affidavits, documents and correspondence from Teacher School, McMaster University, Yale and Harvard, 1909-1918.
F.2 Documents re Phi Beta Kappa, Harvard University, 1913-1924.
F.3 Paolo Alto Baptist Church and YMCA correspondence and documents, 1919-1924.
F.4 News clippings from Daily Paolo Alto. 1921.
F.5 Documents and correspondence re: Stanford Library, 1919-1923.
F.6 Correspondence with Quincy Wright, Stanford University, 1920-1924.
F.7 Documents and correspondence re: Dramatic Council Workshop, 1921-1924.
F.8 Correspondence with Stanford History Department, 1919-1926.
F.9 Stanford History Dept. M.A. requirements, 1922.
F.10 Stanford History Dept. Ph.D. requirements, 1922-1923.
F.11 Correspondence with Stanford Committee on Public Health, 1921-1922.
F.12 Correspondence with Stanford Bookstore, 1920-1925.
F.13 Correspondence with Stanford president, R.L Wilbur and other administrative correspondence, 1919-1927.
F.14 Correspondence with Paolo Alto Art Club, 1922-1924.
F.15 "Africa Jungle Book" by Bernard Fisher Trotter, n.d. [This is a loose leaf half-size notebook which is "typewritten" and has illustrations in pencil. It was probably done when Bernard was very young. This file also contains a transcription of the notebook by RGT].
F.16 Camp Kagawong Health Examination card, n.d. [Belongs to Bernard Fisher Trotter when he was 13.]

Box 14
F.1 California map, 1903.
F.2 Documents and printed material from Acadia University, Yale and clippings, 1911-1988.
F.3 Inventory of R.G. Trotter papers at Queen’s University archives. 1988.

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