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Thomson, Murray

Murray Thomson fonds. 1941-2011; predominant 1970-1990. – 3.2 m of textual records, graphic material, sound recordings and moving images. – Title based on the contents of the fonds.

Series 1
University days and R.C.A.F – 1941-1953. – 16 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 1
F.1 Selected Course notes: Hart, Clarke, Lipsett, Innis, 1942-1947.
F.2 Victoria College Union and student politics, 1946-1947.
F.3 Varsity tennis, football, basketball and Bob Committee, 1942.
F.4 Letter from Northrop Frye, July 4, 1949.
F.5 The Humanist Club outline of talk, [1942-1943]
F.6 B.A. Thesis: Voting patterns in St. David’s Riding, [1947]
F.7 Clippings from The Varsity and Campus, 1941-1947.
F.8 Victoria College insignia – 3 crests
F.9 R.C.A.F. maps, insignia (4 pieces), graduation, correspondence, drills. 1943-1944.
F.10 University of Wisconsin Course notes: Sewell, Brown, Landis, Dawson, Kolb, 1947.
F.11 University of Michigan – letter of admission for PhD, June 11, 1953.
F.12 University of Michigan course Notes, 1952-1953
F.13 University of Michigan. The Detroit Area Study: A Critique 1953-1955.
F.14 University of Michigan. A Study of (Peace) Research Priorities, by Barth, Hefner & Thomson. Outline and interview, [1952-1953].
F.15 University of Michigan. Journalism essay: World community: pre-fab model and group development. [1952-1953].
F.16 University of Michigan. Research on Group Development –survey and correspondence, 1950.
F.17 University of Michigan. Interview on adult education: Pre-test 1 [1950].
F.18 University of Michigan.  Notes on Kurt Lewin and  the theory of group dynamics in notebook. [1950].
F.19 The Morning Ampersand.  Mimeographed newsletter summarizing findings from Detroit Area Study. 1953

Series 2
Adult Education in Saskatchewan. – 1947-1955. – 16 cm of textual material and graphic records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 2
F.1 Regional Coordinating Committee Meets in Southeast Sask., 1948-50
F.2 “The Coordinator” Newsletter Dec 1948-June 1950
F.3 “Consensus”: Newsletter of the Sask. Committee on Group Development, 1950-55
F.4 Consensus Newsletter: A World Community: What can we do?, March 1951
F.5 Evaluation of Group Development, January 1951
F.6 United Church of Canada, Group development materials, tests, surveys and evaluation forms, 1947-1955
F.7 “Saskatchewan Community”: Sask. Committee on Group Development Chart of events, 1952
F.8 Adult Education Division Annual Report 1953-54
F.9 Chart of Objectives, [1950s].
F.10 Report of Activities in Southeast Saskatchewan 1948
F.11 Clippings re Community activities: Kindersley, Moose Jaw, 1951
F.12Correspondence: Regional Health Centre, Weyburn, SK, 1943-1950
F.13 Correspondence: Government of Saskatchewan, Department of Education, 1948 (David Smith).
F.14 Correspondence: Canadian Association for Adult Education, September 1949
F.15 Correspondence: T.C. Douglas, Premier, February12, 1951. Includes clipping from Regina Leader Post [1950s].
F.16 Correspondence: [Richard?], Melfort, SK, March 5, 1952
F.17 Correspondence: Leo Molinaro, May 1952
F.18 Correspondence: University of Toronto, Department of Psychology, April –May 1955
F.19 Correspondence: W.S. Lloyd, Minister of Education, August 1955
F.20 General correspondence, 1951-1955.
F.21 Correspondence: Farewell letters July-October 1955
F.22 Correspondence from Edie [      ].  Includes poems undated
F.23 Correspondence from Edie [      ]. Addressed to Murray Thomson in Regina, Saskatechewan. Includes poems and 1 photograph (b&w), 1951-1955.

Series 3
UNESCO International Institute for Child Study. – 1955-1982. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 3
F.1 UNESCO grant award letter, November 9, 1955.
F.2 Report on Research Fellowship in Thailand 1956-58
F.3 Parent Pre-Test: A summary of responses 1956-1957
F.4 Study of Values in Child Development
F.5 Infant Security Scale
F.6 Interviews with social scientists: Phillips, Stepan, self interview 1956
F.7 The International Institute of Child Study (Bankok) training programme
F.8 “The distribution of power and authority in Thailand”
F.9 Final Examination of Nurses: Community & Social Problems, Dec. 1956
F.10 Community & Social Problems: 8 Lectures to Nurses, 1956
F.11 Correspondence: January 1956-June 1957
F.12 Correspondence, undated
F.13 Correspondence re seminars in 1981 and 1982.
F.14 UNESCO Proposals on the Biological Aspects of Race, Aug. 1964

Series 4
Quaker Conferences in Southern Asia. – 1957-1962. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 4
F.1 Seminars in India: Allahabad, India, 1957-1958
F.2 Seminar in Darjeeling, India, May and June 1959
F.3 Seminar in Dharmsala, 1961. Visits with the Dalai Lama (Dharamsala) notebook
F.4 Seminar in Dharmsala, May and June 1961, brochure.
F.5 Seminar work-camp, SCI Delhi, India March 1961
F.6 Thai newspaper coverage: “Westerners plan to interfere with Thai election”, Bankok, Thailand, March 1958
F.7 Seminar in Port Dickson, Malaysia, 1961
F.8 Seminar in Singapore, 1962
F.9 The Seminar Grapevine 1959-1962, Newsletter of the Quaker Southern Asia Program
F.10 A Manual of Recipes, Games and Songs for Quaker Seminars in Southern Asia, October and December 1958
F.11 Summary of major problems of 12 Asian countries & possible AFSC Responses, n.d.

Series 5

Peace Education and the CFSC in Canada. – 1963-2011. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 5
F.1 Canadian & Universities Campaigns for Nuclear Disarmament, 1981-1986
F.2 Globe & Mail, Aug 7/64: “CCND Urges Canada to Press for Negotiation”, 1964
F.3 Refuse the Cruise & The Freeze – posters, newspapers, flyers [1980s]
F.4 The Peace House papers – typed excerpts from Letters Home by Kathy Clarke [McLay] about her involvement with Peace House 1963-1964. With letter sent August 6, 2010
F.5 Voice of Women (Ann Gertler), etc, 1976-1994
F.6 NAC, Can. Federation of Univ Women, 1982-1990
F.7 Nuclear Waste (Betsy Carr) correspondence etc 1982-1994
F.8 Correspondence to Government of Canada re nuclear disarmament, 1985-1990
F.9 Resolutions & information on nuclear disarmament. 1985-1994
F.10 CFSC in the Sixties: A Memoir, by Murray Thomson, May 2011
F.11 Unfinished Business: The Legacy & Challenge of Grindstone Island, 1998
F.12 CFSC report of Second Annual Training Institute in non-violence, August 1964
F.13 Grindstone Island: UNESCO International Seminars 1963-69
F.14 Grindstone Island: 1967: a mostly poetry Report to Friends
F.15 Grindstone Island: French-English Dialogues, 1969
F.16 Grindstone Island: Conferences for Journalists 1968-60
F.17 Grindstone Island: Seminars on Poverty and world resources, etc., 1969
F.18 End of an Era? Ottawa Citizen article, July 4 ’91
F.19 Reviews of Grindstone, 1960s-1970s
F.20 Summary minutes of Grindstone Board of Directors decisions, 1980.
F.21 Grindstone Island: correspondence with Larry Gordon and members of Co-op, 1980-1982.
F.22 News clippings re Peace, 1982-1995

Series 6
International Development: CUSO, Thailand and Canada. – 1970-1983. – 16 cm of textual recordsl. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 6
F.1 Development in Thailand: A CUSO Staff Report, June 1970
F.2 Training for Youth Leadership in the 70s: UN
F.3 “Asia Exchange” – various newsletters and clippings about CUSO, Thailand, 1969-1974
F.4 CUSO Thailand and overseas correspondence 1973-1980
F.5 Visit to South Vietnam, 6-15 May 1973: MT & Michael Call. 68 pp
F.6 Hiroshima/Nagasaki Relived, 1983
F.7 “How to get Involved in Canada” for CUSO Returning Volunteers [1970s]
F.8 Executive Secretary’s Reports to the Board, CUSO Cttee, ARM & IRMs, 1974-1976
F.9“Towards the 80s: Implications for CUSO Programming”, 1976
F.10 CUSO-SUCO Collaboration, with Yvan Labelle, 1974
F.11 Visit to the Caribbean: 1976 Report
F.12 The CUSO Development Charter, [1970s]
F.13 Brief to the House Standing Committee on External Affairs, 1975
F.14 CUSO Ottawa.  Executive correspondence 1974-1976
F.15 CUSO Major Projects Summaries, March 1975
F.16 CUSO Food Brief report, 1976
F.17 CUSO-Inter Pares Brief on Immigration Policy, June 1975
F.18 “Towards a CUSO Policy & Program on Population Growth”, August 16, 1974
F.19 CUSO-SUCO as a Global Project: Discussion Paper, 1976
F.20 Talk with Church Leaders on CUSO-Church Relations, 1975
F.21 Weekend Seminar with 10 University Presidents, 1975
F.22 CUSO Long Range Planning
F.23 Vienna Talk: New roles and challenges for development services, 1976
F.24 CUSO in the Seventies: An Approach to its Management & Direction, 1973
F.25 CUSO Field Staff test, 1976
F.26 “CUSO Luminaries: Consider the Future of CUSO”, 1976
F.27 “Towards the 80s: Implications for CUSO programming”, 1976
F.28 CUSO/SUCO meeting minutes, 1976
F.29 CUSO work plan, 1976-1977
F.30 CUSO Forum 1974-1976
F.31 CUSO/SUCO correspondence 1977-1982
F.32 CUSO/SUCO correspondence and reports, 1978-1982
F.33 CUSO/SUCO crisis with CIDA, March 1979

Series 7
Canadian Council for International Cooperation. – 1973-1998. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.
Box 7
F.1Annual Report, Board of Directors, 1975-76
F.2 CCIC Newsletter, May 1978
F.3 Minutes of Board Meeting 1978
F.4 Program Committee Report 1977-78
F.5 Task Force on CCIC’s third Phase, 1979
F.6 Election Priorities Kit: Making Global Survival a Priority in Federal Election [1983]
F.7 Election Priorities Organizing Manual [1983]
F.8 Pre-Test Survey of Canadian NGOs 1977
F.9 CCIC Project: Strengthening the NGO Community 1977
F.10 Can NGOs in International Dev’t: Current Trends 1977
F.11 Six initiatives for strengthening Canadian NGO efforts 1977
F.12 Towards Peace & Security in Asia: for the CCIC’s Asia Pacific Working Group, 1998
F.13 CCIC on Disarmament and Development- general 1982-1988
F.14 “Food and the Transnationals” by David Robertson, 1977
F.15 Issue Twenty-Four : “Note with Our Lives You Don’t”, December 1980
F.16 Romeo Maione and CCIC, 1977
F.17 CCIC correspondence, 1977-1979
F.18 Committee of Correspondence, Jan-Feb 1977
F.19 International Conference on Volunteer Service, Vienna, July 2, 1976
F.20 “A Citizen’s History of War” [1970s]
F.21 International Institute for Peace Research 1973
F.22 World Federation of United Nations Associations 1975-1977
F.23 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 1977
F.24 Pugwash conference, Munich 24-29 August 1977
F.25 Pugwash conference, Mexico City 18-23 July 1979
F.26 “The Pugwash Movement at Twenty-One”.  Issued by Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, 1978
F.27 “Swords into Ploughshares” conference, 1977-1978

Series 8
The Group of 78. – 1980-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 8
F.1 Initial statement on Can Foreign Policy, 1981-1984
F.2 Canadian Conference on Nuclear Weapons and the Law: Report [1981]
F.3 Group of 78, 25th Anniversary Gala Spring Dinner Honouring 45 Founders, 2006
F.4 Clippings, printed images, Articles on the 45 deceased founding members. 1997-2006
F.5 Group of 78 correspondence 1985-2006
F.6 International correspondence 1979-1980
F.7 Group of 78 Agendas, minutes, conference schedule, 1991-2006
F.8 “A briefing paper on the strategic defence initiative” prepared by members and staff of Group of 78, 1985
F.9 Foreign policy review paper “Star Wars” by Marion Dewar [1987]
F.10 The Group of 78 Newslink 1985-1988

Series 9
Project Ploughshares. – 1970-2007. – 96 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.
Box 9
F.1 Vietnam and China 1979-1982
F.2 Reports to the Board, 1977-84
F.3 Ploughshares Monitor 1977-1984
F.4 Meeting minutes 1976-1983
F.5 Correspondence with Govt, 1977-82
F.6 Canadian Council of Churches 1978-1980
F.7 Churchpersons’ Seminar 1979
F.8 Summer workshops 1976-1978
F.9 Summer workshop at Grindstone “Towards an Alternative Defence Policy for Canada” 1979
F.10 Summer workshop at Grindstone “Arms vs. Development” 1980
F.11 Summer workshop at Grindstone “Canada as a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone”, 1981
F.12 Summer workshop at Grindstone “UN’s Special Session on Disarmament: What Next”, 1982
F.13 Fund-raising Meetings 1981-1984
F.14 News clippings, press releases 1977-1984
F.15Ploughshares Reminiscences: Looking back over 20 years, Oct. 1996
F.16 United Church of Canada 1977-1983
F.17 Correspondence with Montreal PP. 1978-80
F.18 Inter-Pares correspondence 1981-1983
F.19 Operation Dismantle 1980-1982
F.20 Correspondence with Media 1978-1979
F.21 Maclean’s “Podium”: “Issue is Annihilation” – clip of article by Thomson, March 10, 1980.

Box 10
F.1 Project Ploughshares – various reports and minutes 1979-1984
F.2 Articles about Project Ploughshares 1981-1982
F.3 Press releases 1979-1983
F.4 Letters to the Editor 1979-1980
F.5 Project Ploughshares fundraising 1979-1984
F.6 Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy 1977-1982
F.7 Federal election 1979
F.8 Center for Defence Information 1978-1982
F.9 Project Ploughshares International Committee in Ottawa, 1983-1984
F.10 International Study Days 1977
F.11 Institute for Research and Public Policy 1982
F.12 Project Ploughshares – general correspondence 1977-1985
F.13 International correspondence - Asia 1979-1983
F.14 Australia, 1981-1984
F.15 Central America and Caribbean 1979-1984
F.16 Eastern Europe 1981-1983
F.17 India 1979-1983
F.18 Japan 1983
F.19 Latin America, 1981-1984
F.20 Oceania 1981-1983
F.21 New Zealand 1980-1983
F.22 U.S.S.R. 1981
F.23 Western Europe 1978-1982

Box 11
F.1 Project Ploughshares – correspondence with Michael Cooke 1982-1984
F.2 Study of Ploughshares advertisements 1982
F.3 York University seminar, Feb 1982
F.4 Disarmament Week 1979 – Plans and objectives
F.5 Disarmament Week 1980 – correspondence
F.6 Disarmament Week 1981 – plans
F.7 Disarmament Week 1981 – events
F.8 Disarmament Week 1983 – events
F.9 Disarmament Week 1984 – plans
F.10 Disarmament Week 1980-1981 – flyers
F.11 Lawyers for Disarmament 1980 – correspondence
F.12 Medicals for Disarmament – correspondence 1979-1980
F.13 Disarmament Times – correspondence 1979-1981
F.14 NGO Committee on Disarmament (UN) 1978-1982
F.15 Dept of Public Information for NGO (UN) 1980-1981
F.16 Physicians for Social Responsibility 1981
F.17 Diplomats Luncheon, Oct. 24, 1981
F.18 Conference of European Churches - consultant for Spain, 1980
F.19 Riverside Church, 1980-1981
F.20 Foundation Reshaping the International Order March 1980
F.21 Symposium on Peace and Understanding, Sept 1981
F.22 International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (Canada), 1981
F.23 Mouvement Option Paix proposals 1984
F.24 Popular Summit, Ottawa, July 1981
F.25 International Doukhobor Intergroup Symposium, 1982
F.26 Seven Cities project 1979
F.27 Workshops for journalists 1980
F.28 United Nations Association of Canada conference and workshops May 1982
F.29American organizations – miscellaneous groups 1980-1982
F.30 Pugwash Conference – Breukelen, Netherlands 1980
F.31 Pugwash Conference – Banff, Alberta, Canada 1981
F.32 Pugwash Conference – Warsaw, Poland 1982
F.33 War without Winners project, 1981.
F.34 Advertisements re new fighter aircraft and newsclipping from Ottawa Citizen 1978

Box 12
F.1 Coalition for World Disarmament, 1981
F.2 Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo, 1976-1982
F.3 Cruise Missile Conversion Project, 1982
F.4 Disarmament Week planning 1981-1984
F.5 International Doukhobor Intergroup Symposium, 1982
F.6 Educators for Nuclear Disarmament, 1982
F.7Jeunesse Canada Monde / Canada World Youth, 1978-1979
F.8 Disarmament dialogue – plans and results 1977-1978
F.9 Mennonite Central Committee, 1978-1980
F.10 Mundialization or Twinning, 1984
F.11 North-South Institute, 1977-1978
F.12 Educating for Peace, 1983
F.13 Frontiers Foundation, 1980-1983
F.14 Friends of the Earth, [1970]
F.15 Futures Secretariat 1981
F.16 Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, 1980-1982
F.17 Baptist Church, 1981-1982
F.18 Popular Education for Peace, 1982-1983
F.19 Arts for Peace, [1982]
F.20 Academics for Nuclear Disarmament, 1981
F.21 Association Québécoise des Organismes de Coopération Internationale, 1983
F.22 Anglican Church, 1979-1982
F.23 Canadian NGOs - general correspondence, miscellaneous groups, 1978-1983
F.24 Canadian Labour Congress, 1978-1983
F.25 Canadian Jewish Congress, 1982
F.26 Canadian Friends’ Service Committee, 1978-1984
F.27 Canadian Council for International Cooperation, 1979-1983
F.28 Canadian Peace Research Institute, 1979-1981
F.29 Canadian Student Pugwash, 1980.
F.30 Cardinal Léger et ses Oeuvres, 1981
F.31 Children for Peace, 1982
F.32 Christian Movement for Peace, 1979-1981
F.33 Canadian Council for Churches, 1982-1983
F.34 Strategic Planning – Project Ploughshares, 1979-1981
F.35 International Committee of  Project Ploughshares, 1983-1984
F.36 Staff correspondence, 1977
F.37 Quakers in U.K., 1980-1982
F.38 Peace Tax Fund, 1981-1983
F.39 Seminar with Carleton University Journalism School 27 Oct 1983
F.40 Open Letter, Feb 1983 Advertisement
F.41 Church Heads to Ottawa, Nov. 1982
F.42 Presbyterian weekend, April 1983
F.43 General guides to the disarmament race, 1977-1981

Box 13
F.1 Disarmament workshops -Kingston/Belleville, Ont. 1982
F.2 Carleton University School of International Affairs symposium 29 November 1977
F.3 Kingston, Ont. Peace Studies group November 1977
F.4 Queen’s University International Student Centre, Feb ‘79
F.5 Trent University – OPIRG – March ‘79
F.6 Guild Inn PC conference, 1978-1979. (Joe Clark letter)
F.7 Canadian Assembly on Disarmament, April 1978
F.8 Fred Carpenter Fund, 1978
F.9 Centre for Christian Studies, Toronto 1977-1979
F.10 CFSC Committee on Ploughshares, 1999-2000
F.11 Nuclear Freeze – copies of letters to PM Trudeau, 1983
F.12 Litton Canada and cruise –correspondence, activities, statements, 1979
F.13 Canadian Seniors for Social Responsibility, 1987-1992
F.14 Environment- Earth Day, April 22, 1991
F.15 Environment Committee, 1991-1992
F.16 City of Ottawa grant submissions, 1990
F.17 Intergenerational Seminar, 1992
F.18 Coalition of Quebec Seniors, 1991
F.19 Canadian Seniors for Social Responsibility – correspondence Manitoba 1991
F.20 Social Justice Committee, 1991-1992
F.21 U.S.A. – general correspondence 1977-1980
F.22 U.S.A. – general correspondence 1980-1983
F.23 United Nations Disarmament fact sheets 1979
F.24 Fellowship of Reconciliation 1982-1983
F.25 Educators for Social Responsibility, 1983
F.26 American Friends Service Committee – Quaker work in the United States 1981-1983
F.27 Press coverage re Peace, 1976-1982
F.28 Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone – correspondence to cities May 1983
F.29 United Nations Preparatory Committee for the Second Special Session on Disarmament, 1982
F.30 Letters to M.P.s Rodger Talbot and Senator Richard Stanbury re “Sponsoring an Ad”, 1979
F.31 All People’s Church, Welland, Ont., Feb. ‘79
F.32 Campaign against purchase of fighter aircraft, 1978

Box 14
F.1 Project Ploughshares, various documents, 1976-1982
F.2 Project Ploughshares Advisory Panel, 1977-1982
F.3 Project Ploughshares Working Papers, November 2004
F.4 Project Ploughshares education programmes, 1977
F.5 Project Ploughshares – reports, talks, initiatives, meetings, 2002-2007
F.6 Institute for World Order, 1980-1981
F.7 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 1977-1982
F.8 Consortium on Peace Research and Development (COPRD), 1977-1981
F.9 Pax Christi International, 1977-1978
F.10 International Confederation for Development and Peace 1981
F.11 Project 4000, 1981
F.12 Clergy and Laity Concerned, 1977-1978
F.13 Coalition for October 30th, 1982
F.14 Mobilization for Survival, 1981
F.15 Murray Thomson on The Great Debate with Pierre Berton, January 1983
F.16 World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (Betty Reardon), 1981
F.17 Friends General Conference at Hamilton Ontario, July 1, 1996
F.18 General correspondence (includes Canadian Seniors for Social Responsibility) 1987-1991
F.19 General correspondence – European and world organizations and miscellaneous groups, 1975-1984
F.20 German Democratic Republic Peace Council 1977-1979
F.21Other European organizations 1971-1981
F.22United Nations – general 1976-1993
F.23 Nuclear – Anti-nuke energy 1998
F.24 Nukes – anti-nuclear articles 1978-2007

Series 10
The UNSSODS I-II and World Disarmament Campaign. – 1978-1983. – 4 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 15
F.1 UNSSOD I reports 1978
F.2 UNSSOD II 1982
F.3 Canadian NGO Involvement in UNSSOD II
F.4 Adviser’s Report to Can. Delegation to UN, 1979
F.5 Reports on UNSSOD I & II, 1978-1980
F.6 Nuclear Free America Newsletter, 1982
F.7 Campaign Against the Arms Trade, 1977-1980
F.8 Newspaper Articles re: Disarmament
F.9 World Disarmament Campaign 1980-1983
F.10 William Epstein on Disarmament and Correspondence with MMT, 1977-1979

Series 11
Peace Brigades International.1981-2011. – 4 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.11 Peace Brigades International Minutes of Founding Meeting and Meeting Reports
F.12 PBI Correspondence, 1981-1983
F.13 PBI Program in Guatemala
F.14 PBI Newsletters, 1981-2011
F.15 PBI Revised Structure, 2003
F.16 Report of Gene Sharp’s Progress on nonviolence, 1982-1983
F.17 PBI Indonesia and East Timor Project, Feb-March 2001
F.18 PBI Mexico Project, April 2001

Series 12
Canadian Seniors for Social Responsibility. – 1986-1993. 8 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.19 CSSR First meeting at George Ignatieff’s, May 13, 1986
F.20 “Sensitive seniors struggle for peace, justice”. Ottawa Citizen, July 20/87
F.21 CSSR Brochure
F.22 “Peace on Earth: Canadian Seniors Strive for Social Responsibility”. Meridian, Dec/87
F.23 “Seniors as Social Activists” Toronto Star, April/96
F.24 CSSR 1989 Constitution
F.25 CSSR First, Second and Third Annual Meetings, 1989-91
F.26 Report of the Chairperson for the Period 1987-1989. Hinda King
F.27 CSSR Environment Committees, 1990-1992
F.28 CSSR Committee on Peace and Security, 1990-1992
F.29 Intergenerational Conference, 1991-1992
F.30 CSSR General Meetings 1986-1993
F.31 CSSR Correspondence 1990-1993
F.32 CSSR Newsletters, 1991-1992
F.33 Articles regarding CSSR

Series 13
Religions for Peace (WCRP). – 1977-1983. – 5 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.
Box 16
F.1 WCRP Flyers and Pamphlets
F.2 WCRP Reports, 1979-1983
F.3 World Council of Churches
F.4 WCRP Correspondence, October 1978 – November 1981
F.5 Homer Jack’s Reports and Articles 1977-1982
F.6 National Council of Churches in USA, 1979-1982

Series 14
International Council for Adult Education. – 1976-2002. – 11 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.
F.7 ICAE Reports 1976-1977
F.8 ICAE Reports 1999-2002
F.9 Program to Strengthen ICAE and UN Campaign
F.10 Meetings in Finland 1981-1983
F.11 Peace and Education from Swedish Point of View, 1982
F.12 ICAE Newsletter
F.13 Adult Education, International Understanding and Peace for the 2000’s
F.14 ICAE Correspondence 1977-1983
F.15 ICAE World Assembly: Workshop on Adult Education and the Resolution of Armed Conflict, Aug. 2001.

Series 15
Peacefund Canada. -- 1986- 2003. – 5 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 17
F.1 PFC Mission Statement and Proposals
F.2 PFC Reports by MMT 1988-1989
F.3 PFC Newsletters including Annual Reports, 1988-2003
F.4 Submission to Nanoose Bay Expropriation Hearings, Aug/99
F.5 PFC Correspondence, 1986-2004
F.6 Accidental Nuclear War – a Post-Cold War Assessment, April 1998
F.7 PFC Applications to receive Funding
F.8 News Articles of Interest to PFC
F.9 Canada and the Modernization of Asia: A Pilot Study, 1998
F.10 A Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, 1999
F.11 Smithers, BC Project, 1986-1995
F.12 Pearson Medal Evening, 1990
F.13 Canada to Support Peace building Efforts in South Asia, July 1998

Series 16
Canadian Friends of Burma. – 1991-2007. – 11 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.14 CFOB Mission Statement
F.15 Seminar on Burma Report, 28 Feb - 1 March 1991
F.16 CFOB Recommendations to Government of Canada, 18 May, 2005
F.17 CFOB Draft Constitution, Nov 29, 1991
F.18 Summary of Activities by CFOB Members in 1991-1992
F.19 “Looted Land, Proud People”: A Report by CFOB
F.20 Protest Launches Boycott of Petro-Canada. April 22, 1992
F.21 Campaign to Free Aung San Suu Kyi, 22 Nov/91
F.22 Visit to Canada of Peace Delegation of Democratic Alliance of Burma, November 1990
F.23 A Letter from Burma by Kevin Heppner, 23 April/92
F.24 Burma’s Future and Canada: Minutes of Meeting of CFOB and CCIC 1990-2005
F.25 Canadian Policy Paper on Burma, May 1999
F.26 Ten Initiatives for Democracy in Burma, 7 November 1991
F.27 Burma Links: CFOB’s Information pamphlet for Burma Day, Oct 24/05
F.28 Report of Consultation on Burma, Chiang Mai, 31 May-2 June/91
F.29 Burma Policy Consultation: China’s Role, Aug, 2007
F.30 Burma Forum Canada, 2004
F.31 SWAN: Shan Women’s Action Network Newsletter, Sept/05
F.32 Libertas: Rights & Democracy’s Newsletter, Vol. 16, No. 2
F.33 CPP Investment in Burma October 24, 2005
F.34 CFOB Proposals, 1991 – 2007
F.35 “Burma is Burning” by MMT, July 1998
F.36 Correspondence, April – December 1992

Series 17
Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee. – 1992-2005. – 3 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 18
F.1 Two photographs (col.), the first showing group of people at a meeting and the second showing a group of people eating on a bamboo floor.  Both are unidentified and undated, but the accompanying bumper sticker identifies the occasion as National Immunization Day in the Philippines. [1993]
F.2 Conference with Ed Garcia in Ottawa, April 10, 1993
F.3 Address to the CPCC Annual Consultation, February 2000
F.4 CPCC Current and Potential Projects, [2005]
F.5 Possible Research Areas, 2002-2004
F.6 Charter of the CPCC & working Terms of Reference [2002]
F.7 Centre for Days of Peace Minutes and Schedule, April 1993
F.8 Questionnaire regarding Ceasefires
F.9 “Peace Zones: Making Space for People’s Empowerment and Development” by Teresita Deles
F.10 “Liberia: Measurement and Peace” by Neil Anderson, 1992
F.11 Briefing Paper: People Initiated Peace Zones, date?

Series 18
Nonviolent Peace Force (Canada). – 1992-2006. – 4 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.12 Letter to President Clinton, December 25, 1999
F.13 Creating a Nonviolent Peace Force, Organizing Meeting, May 2000
F.14 Draft Proposal & Endorsers for a Global Nonviolent Peace Force, May 2000
F.15 Organizing meeting in NYC at Quaker House, 24th May 2000
F.16 Letter from Maria Minna, Minister for International Cooperation, November 1999
F.17 Canada’s Military Spending 1992-2006
F.18 List of International Development/Peacebuilding NGOs in provinces other than ON & QC
F.19 Correspondence with Janet Durno and list of NGOs, June 8, 2000
F.20 Global Nonviolent Peace Force Endorsers, May 2000
F.21 Nonviolent Peace Force Annual Report, 2005
F.22 Nonviolent Peace Force Israel/Palestine Conflict 1990-2004

Series 19
Nuclear Disarmament and a Culture of Peace. – 1997-2010. – 5 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.23 Towards Human Security & Culture of Peace - Lecture in Japan, May/01
F.24 Toward a Culture of Peace: Can we afford to pay the price?” CYM, Aug ’06
F.25 Six Priorities towards a Culture of Peace, for the P&SC Committee, 5 Sept ’06
F.26 Display Panels: Canadian Network to abolish Nuclear Weapons
F.27 Physicians for Global Survival June 2003
F.28 Toward a Culture of Peace and Religious Society of Friends, August 2006
F.29 Summary of Talks at the FWCC Gathering, September 2008
F.30 “Eight Ways Militarism is growing in Canada”. Embassy June 25/08
F.31 What is Militarism? Fifteen Definitions
F.32 “Weapons are largest threat to peace & security today” by MMT, April 14, 1999
F.33 “Is Authoritarianism dominant in Asia today?” MMT, April 17, 1997
F.34 Thirteen Steps from NPT 2000 Review
F.35 Nuclear Proliferation: The World’s Nuclear Arsenals, July 2004
F.36 Nuclear Proliferation: The Wrong Deterrence, September 2004
F.37 US Nuclear Threats: Then and Now, November 2006
F.38 Canadians linked to maintenance & use of Nukes through NATO
F.39 CPG Statement on NATO’s nuclear weapon policies
F.40 Militarized Commerce Working Group Petition: CFSC (QPASC)
F.41 Canada’s Military Spending, 2007-2008 Rideau Institute
F.42 International Law on Nukes, 1999
F.43 Iraq Correspondence and Articles regarding Opposition to War, 2003
F.44 Letter to Prime Minister Harper re: Canadian Support for Nuclear Disarmament, 2009
F.45 Time to end Nuclear Tyranny: 60 years of Canadian efforts to ban nukes: Video Script #1
F.46 Evaluation Sheet on “Time to End Nuclear Tyranny”
F.47 Windmills or Warheads: towards nuke disarmament in a sustainable world: Video Script #2
F.48 Report of showings of W/W in Toronto, Killaloe and Pembroke, ON, January, 2008
F.49 Slide of Marshall Islands
F.50 Correspondence regarding Windmills or Warheads, 2007-2008
F.51 Nuclear Disarmament Articles, 2007
F.52 Accomplishments Towards Disarmament 2009-2010

Series 20
Make Room For Peace (In The War Museum). – 1990-[2010]. – 3.5 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.53 Make Room for Peace: Committee to expand War Museum’s Mandate
F.54 “Some missing parts at the War Museum, The Walrus, Feb 2006
F.55 Towards an Expanded Mandate for CWM: Summary of progress: 20 July/04
F.56 “War! What’s it to good for? Museums, for starters” Vancouver Sun, July 2, 2005
F.57 MR4P Meeting with some CIDA staffers, Sept/05
F.58 Thoughts on what MR4P might do in 2006
F.59 Minutes of MR4P Committee meetings 2004-2006
F.60 Correspondence with Ursula Franklin: Forty Peace events in Canada for the War Museum, April 2007
F.61 Peace Museums and related internet sites around the world
F.62 Correspondence with Canadian Pugwash members, 2005
F.63 Up to 1,000 Canadians endorse an Expanded Mandate for the War Museum
F.64 Canadian Struggles to Eliminate Nukes 1945-2005: Outline for a CWM Exhibit
F.65 A Place for Peace in the new Canadian War Museum [2005]
F.66 “Creating a Culture of Peace at a Peace Museum”, Kazuo Yamane, Kochi U, Japan [2002]
F.67 Groundswell: Women Building a Culture of Peace Exhibition Proposal [2010]
F.68 Public Meeting June 7/05: Panel, Exhibits, Discussion
F.69 Proposals, correspondence for engaging with CWM Official: Guerts, Oliver, etc. 2002-2008
F.70 Articles regarding Museums and Peace, [1990]-2005

Series 21
Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention. – 2009 – .5 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
F.71 Recipients of the Order of Canada call for Nuclear Weapons Convention, September 2009

Series 22
Correspondence with David Smith. – 16 cm of textual records. – 1956-1992. –Title based on contents of series.
Note: This series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence.
Box 19
F.1 1951-1955
F.2 1956-1957
F.3 1958-1962
F.4 1967-1969
F.5 1970-1979
F.6 1984-1985 re Group of ‘78
F.7 1986-1992
F.8 Correspondence and some incomplete letters, undated.
F.9 1982-1984, correspondence re “ Preventing Nuclear War” an audio tape project for Ploughshares.
F.10 Report to Project Ploughshares on the audio cassette tape project by David Smith [1994].

Series 23
Audio-visual materials. – 1980-2002. – 16 cm of sound recordings and moving images. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 19
1audio cassette-tape “M. Gandhi” cleaned from original Dec. 8/93
1audio cassette- tape “Project Ploughshares – Radio Noon 27-6-80”. Interviewer Murray Thomson
1 video cassette, VHS format, of Murray Thomson receiving Order of Canada, October 17, 2001.
1 DVD entitled Ceasefire, produced by Council for Adult Education and United Nations World Disarmament Campaign. 2002.

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