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Fraser Sutherland fonds. 3rd Accrual. – 1966-2017. – 2.77 m of textual records.

Series 1
Personal Correspondence. – 1966-2017. – 1.20 m of textual records.
The series consists of Sutherland’s correspondence with family, friends, and contemporaries. In addition to letters, photocopies of letters, and email printouts, the series contains newspaper clippings of obituaries and reviews, programmes, flyers, invitations, greeting cards, postcards, photographs, and poetry and short story drafts and copies.

Note: Series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The name indicated for the correspondent is taken from Sutherland’s files. Additional information has been added by the archivist in square brackets.

Box 51
F.1          Aide, Bill [William]. 2008-2015, predominant 2008.
F.2          Arabian, Berge. 2001.
F.3          Archibald, Lettie. 1991.
F.4          Armour, M [Madeleine?]. [n.d.]-1989.
F.5          Asuncion, Marie. 2008.

F.6          Bains, [Re?]. 1986-2008, predominant 2008.
F.7          Bakich, Olga. 2005.
F.8          Bartlett, Bruce. [n.d.]
F.9          Beaubrun, Christopher and Karen. [n.d.]
F.10        Berndt, Angelica. 2005-2008.
F.11        Beissel, Ruth and Henry (Family). 1974-2007.
F.12        Biblioasis/ Dan Wells. 2005.
F.13        Black, Byron. 2016.
F.14        Bubalo, Branko. [n.d.]
F.15        Bowsfield, Hartwell. 2008. [Newspaper clipping]
F.16        Bhjana, Mrynna and Mike. 2007-2008.
F.17        Bukvic, Aleksandar. 2000-2001.

F.18        Cadogan, Elda (Kathie Cadogan). 2006.
F.19        Cadogan, Elda. 1966-2000. [Divided into 6 folders, a-f]

Box 52
F.1          Cadogan, George. 1966-1968.
F.2          Carberry, Colin. 2016.
F.3          Carson, Anne. 2002. [Newspaper clipping]
F.4          Chowdhuey, Parvez. 2016.
F.5          Choyce, Lesley. [ca.1979]
F.6          Chu, Dongwei. 2015-2016.
F.7          Clarke, Austin. 2016.
F.8          Cogswell, Fred. 2004. [Newspaper clipping]
F.9          Critolph, Mark. 1996.

F.10        Dalton, Mary. 1990-2016. [Divided into 3 folders, a-c]
F.11        D’Costa, Jasmine. 2016.
F.12        Dautbegovic, Jozefina. [n.d.]
F.13        Drukier, Manny. 2016.
F.14        Drumbolis, Nicky [Nick]. 2000-2007.
F.15        Dunlop, Donna. 2016.

F.16        Elder, Norman. 2003. [Newspaper clipping]
F.17        Englar, Gerry and Leida. 1997-2016.
F.18        Estwick, Sonhando. 1985-1998.

F.19        Faludy, Gyorgy. 2006. [Newspaper clipping]
F.20        Fenson, Avrum. 1997-1999.
F.21        Filip, Ray [Raymond]. 1982-1995. [Divided into 2 folders, a-b]
F.22        Fiske, Frank. [n.d.]
F.23        Fitzhenry, Robert. 2008.
F.24        Flanigan, Ruth (nee Ms. Hardy). 1995.
F.25        Foran, Tim. 2017.
F.26        Foster Parent Plan. 1976-2007. [Divided into 2 folders, a-b]
F.27        Frank. 2016.
F.28        Fraser, Don. 1979.
F.29        Freya. 2016.

F.30        Gatenby, Greg. 1989. [Newspaper clipping]

Box 53
Gaye [Vetter], Monique de [also known as Chaitanya Aanand Shakti]. 1972-2011.
F.1          1972-1975.
F.2          1975-1977.
F.3          1978-1979.
F.4          1979-1980.
F.5          1981-1983.
F.6          1984-1987.         
F.7          1989-2011. [Copies of letters and emails]
F.8          1990-1995. [Letters to Monique de Gaye]
F.9          1990-1999. [Letters from Monique de Gaye]
F.10        1999-2007.

Box 54
F.1          Gaye [Vetter], Monique de. Clippings from Canadian Writers about Canadian Writers. 1975-1981. [Includes handwritten notes and typed pages in French]

Box 55  
F.1          Gaye [Vetter], Monique de. Poetry and Story Drafts. 1986-1994.
F.2          Gaye [Vetter], Monique de. “Glory to Life” Story Draft. [n.d.]
F.3          Gaye [Vetter], Monique de. “Sandy” Story Draft. [n.d.]
F.4          Gaye [Vetter], Monique de. In Search of the Vision of Oneness. 1999. [2 folders, a-b]
F.5          George, John. 2006. [Newspaper clippings]
F.6          Glover, Doug [and Helen Edelman]. 1982-2000.
F.7          Groom, Paul. 2016.
F.8          Guangzhou Group. 2016.
F.9          Hagen, Mark. (BER Small Claims Court Suit). 2008. [Web page printouts]
F.10        Hamilton, Mitzi/ Pepall, John. 1994-2017. [Divided into 2 folders, a-b; includes typed book draft, Against Reform]
F.11        Hancock, Geoff. 2006-2007.
F.12        Harvie, John. 1982-2016. [Divided into 2 folders, a-b]

Box 56
F.1          Harvie, Nathan. 2016.
F.2          Helwig, Maggie. 2016. [Magazine clipping]
F.3          Hope, Marianna and Garry. 1995-2007.

F.4          Johnson, Alan and Nancy. 1992-2002.
F.5          Jaffe, Charles. 1993-2016. [Divided into 3 folders, a-c; includes editorial cartoons, original illustrations, and a book proposal CD. CD is located in box AV001]

Box AV001
4.            Jaffe, Charles. Book Proposal. [ca.2006]. [Compact disc]

Box 56
F.6          Johnson, Flossie and Charles. 1998-2016.
F.7          Johnson, Wayne. 2006. [Newspaper clipping]
F.8          Jurgensen, Renate. 2007.

F.9          Kavanagh, Patrick. 2015-2016.
F.10        Kelly, M.T. 1979-2007. [Divided into 6 folders, a-f]           

Box 57
F.1          Kennedy, Charles and Paige. 1982-2000.
F.2          Khan, Mahbub Husain. 1999-2007. [Includes typed draft of Monsoon Country, serialized by The Independent]
F.3          King-Edwards, Adrian and Luci [Lucille]. 1982-2016. [Divided into 2 folders, a-b]

F.4          Lacey, Edward. 1989.
F.5          Layton, Irving. 2006. [Newspaper clippings]
F.6          Lee, Stella. 2006.
F.7          Letter from Toronto. 2016.
F.8          Leyland, Winston. 1992-2016.
F.9          Little Roy [Ouyang]. 2016.
F.10        Lodgers. 2016. [Homestay Agreement]
F.11        Lorinc, John. 2016.
F.12        Lubbock, Richard. 1994-1995.
F.13        Lyster, Bryan and Pat. 1983-1991.

F.14        McHardy, Gordon and Norma. 1991.
F.15        McHardy, Robert and Fran. 2000-2006.
F.16        McHardy, Stuart. [n.d.]
F.17        McK[egan?], Erin. 2003.
F.18        MacLean, Ian and Linda. 1993-2005.
F.19        Maggie. 2015-2016.
F.20        [Mahic?], Admiral. [n.d.]
F.21        Manteghi, Maryum. 2016.
F.22        Marchand, Philip. 2016.
F.23        Martino, Michael and Bernadette. 1992-1996.
F.24        Mazeika, Rasa. 2016.
F.25        May, Lyn and Pete/ Refugee Program. [n.d.]
F.26        McMurrich, Norman. 2007. [Newspaper clipping]
F.27        Mercer, Alex. 2001-2005.
F.28        Mews, Kenneth. 1977-[ca.2002].
F.29        Molavi, Fereshteh. 2004-2008. [Includes typed drafts of short story, “Phantom Limb,” and poetry in Farsi]
Box 58
F.1          Miovska, Antonia. 1998-2001.
F.2          Mirante, Edith. 1992.
F.3          Morgenstern, Yoko. 2016.
F.4          Mosadeq, Ghazal. 2008-2016.
F.5          Moore, Mavor. 2006. [Newspaper clipping]
F.6          Muggeridge, John. 2005.
F.7          Murray, Katherine (nee Douglas). 1996-2005.
F.8          Mundwiler, Leslie. 2005.
F.9          Myrtaj, Faruk. 2015-2016. [Includes typed short story drafts with corrections]

F.10        Natanson, Marie. 2016.
F.11        Nowakowska, Wanda. 1991.

F.12        Ondaatje, Michael. 1984.
F.13        Otsuka, Misa. [2002?].
F.14        Ouellet, Pierre. 2016.
F.15        Owen, David. [1995?]. [Photocopies of articles not written by or about Owen]
F.16        Owen, Gerald. 1995-2004.
F.17        Owen, Tim. 2016.

F.18        Payne, Steve and Virginia Mak. 2006-2016, predominant 2016.
F.19        Pepall, John. 2015-2016.
F.20        Purdy, Al. 1998-2016, predominant 1998-2008.

F.21        Ratnam, Premika. 1994-2002.
F.22        Raymond, Wally. [2000?]. [Pamphlet]
F.23        Ruby, Victoria. 2016.

F.24        Scott, Marian. [n.d.]. [Typed draft of “Uprooted” with corrections]
F.25        Sheehan, Nik. 1999-2016. [Includes typed screenplay draft]
F.26        Shenfeld, Karen. 1996-2016.
F.27        Sherman, Ken [Kenneth]. 2016.
F.28        Shields, Tom. [2003?].
F.29        Simic, Goran. 1997-2016.
F.30        Sloviz, Sofija. [2001?].
F.31        Smith, Dawne [Morgan and Claire]. 1990-2003.
F.32        Smith, Ray. 2007.

Box 59
F.1          Snow, Adrienne DeLong. 2016.
F.2          Spencer, Elizabeth. [ca.1996]-2016, predominant 2008-2016.
F.3          Strunk, Polly and Usher. 1998.
F.4          Strusser, Wolfgang. 1998.
F.5          Sutherland, Alison. 1962-2016, Predominant 2016.
F.6          Sutherland, Ma and Pa. 1973.
F.7          Sutherland, William [Bill]. 1982-2016. [Divided into 3 folders, a-c]
F.8          Symons, Scott. 1998-2002.

F.9          Taghizadeh, Tannaz. 2016.
F.10        Thomson, Derick. 1979.
F.11        Todorovic, Dragan. 2006. [Newspaper clippings]
F.12        Tzou, Alice. 2016.

F.13        Uppal, Priscila. 2000-2002.

F.14        Vander[man?], Jan and Liza. 1986-1996.
F.15        Vassanji, M.G. [Moyez G.]. 1991.
F.16        Villegas, Halli/ Small Press Book Fair. [after 2007]. [Newspaper clipping]
F.17        Vukcevic, Radojka. 2016.

F.18        Walker, Anne F. 2004.
F.19        Warren, David.2016.
F.20        Wicker, Randolfe. 2016.
F.21        Wuite, Anna and [Marius?]. [Garry, Marianna, Karina and Laura]. 1994-1995.
F.22        Wyatt, Rachel. 1979-1993.

F.23        Young, Ian. 1995.
F.24        Young, Paul and Kathleen. 1995-2007.

F.25        Zeller, Beatriz. [n.d.]
Series 2
Business Correspondence. – 1974-2006. – 2 cm of textual records.
The series consists of correspondence related to Sutherland’s professional activities, financial/business transactions, and legal matters, and includes original letters, photocopies and computer printouts.

Note: Series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The name indicated for the correspondent is taken from Sutherland’s files. Additional information has been added by the archivist in square brackets.

Box 59
F.26        Contemporary Authors New Revision Series. 2006.
F.27        Masthead/ Bill Shields. [n.d.]
F.28        Northern Journey. 1974. [Includes correspondence with Wil Wigle, Terrance MacCormack, and a draft of a letter to Margaret Atwood from Wil Wigle]
F.29        Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture [Grant Application]. 1989-1991.
F.30        Verbatim. 1999-2002.

Series 3
Writing. – 1995-2016. – 30 cm of textual records.
The series consists of handwritten and typed drafts of writing (poetry and prose) by Fraser Sutherland, research material and notes. Titles of short works, such as poems, are in quotation marks, and titles of long works, such as books, and journals/ periodicals are in italics.

Note: Series is arranged alphabetically by title of work. Titles have been taken from Sutherland’s files.

Box 60
F.1          “The Art of Avoidance.” [n.d.]

F.2          Bad Habits. [n.d.]-2016. [Divided into 6 folders, a-f; includes drafts of poetry collection and a rejection letter from a publisher]
F.3          “The Bear.” 2008.
F.4          “Birdsong.” [before 2016].
F.5          Book of Canadian Poetry. [n.d.]

F.6          Captain John (Current). 2011. [Research material]
F.7          Carson, Anne. 2000. [Research material]
F.8          Charity & Justice. [n.d.]
F.9          “China.” [before 2016].
F.10        “Constanza.” [n.d.]
F.11        “Cottage Country: A Story around a Lake.” [n.d.]

F.12        “The Dim Sum Ballroom.” 2013.
F.13        Dining with Boswell and Johnson. [n.d.]. [Research material]
F.14        “Do you ever.” 2016.
F.15        Dreams: Notes. [197-]. [Divided into 2 folders; research material]
F.16        “Dust.” 2008.

F.17        “Eking Out the Minutes.” 2016.
F.18        “Entitlement.” 2008.
F.19        “Ethnic Minorities.” 2016.
F.20        “Example Sentences…” [before 2016].

F.21        Fidelities. [n.d.]. [Draft of novella]

Box 61
F.1          French Translations. 1979-1983. [Includes correspondence]
F.2          French Vocabulary Notebook. 1981-1991.
F.3          “George McCready Price.” 2008.
F.4          “Get your Strength from Somewhere.” [n.d.]
F.5          “Guangzhou College Girl Prepares for a Class.” 2012.
F.6          Gypsy X Exhibition Introductions. 2002. [Notes for speaking engagement; includes correspondence in Bosnian]

F.7          “History Lesson.” 2016.

F.8          “I adore you, Yang Mangmang.” [before 2016]
F.9          “If you Stayed Around.” 2016.
F.10        “In Time of War.” 2016.
F.11        “Ireland in the Rain, the Band Playing.” [n.d.]
F.12        “It Can Come.” [before 2016]

F.13        Kenneth Sherman Presented by Fraser Sutherland. 2016. [Sutherland’s contribution for Brick Books’ “Celebration of Canadian Poetry”]

F.14        Letters from Guangzhou. 2014. [Divided into 3 folders, a-c]

F.15        Making of a Name. 2006. [Research material; Newspaper clippings and other materials related to business naming]
F.16        “Montaigne.” 2006-2016.
F.17        “My Wife Lies on the grass.” 2016.

F.18        National Post. 1998-2003. [Research material; newspaper clippings pertaining to founding of National Post and appointment of Ken Whyte as editor]
F.19        “Nerves.” [n.d.]
F.20        “Non-Letter from Guangzhou.” 2015.

F.21        “On the Election.” 2015.
F.22        “Our Neighbours are Moving.” 2015.

F.23        “Pascale.” 2016.
F.24        “Patience.” 2008.
F.25        “Philemon and Baucis.” [n.d.]

F.26        “Price.” 2008.
F.27        “Proverbs.” 2016.

F.28        “Rain.” [before 2016].
F.29        “Reprise.” 2016.
F.30        “Returning to that Country.” 2016.

F.31        Satire. [n.d.]. [Handwritten notes]
F.32        “Science.” [n.d.]
F.33        “Seven Versions of Eve.” 1995-2000. [Research material; includes newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles]
F.34        Short Story Collection (Planning). [n.d.]
F.35        “Slippers.” [n.d.]
F.36       “Spring on Guangwai Campus, Guangzhou.” [before 2016]
F.37        “Stomachs.” 2008.

F.38        “Tales of Randiwiliwok.” [n.d.]. [pp.1-28]
F.39        “That Afternoon.” [n.d.]
F.40        “Them.” 2016.
F.41        “Things We Know.” [n.d.]
F.42        “This be the Verse.” 2007. [Includes postcard]
F.43        Toronto Mayor, Art Eggleton. 1981. [Newspaper clipping]
F.44        “Tropical Fish.” 2016.

F.45        Uses of Confusion. [n.d.]. [Research material; includes handwritten notes and a newspaper clipping]

F.46        “The Visitor.” 2014.

F.47        What’s Gonna Happen: You Say What? [n.d.]. [Admiral of the Ocean Sea, pp.1-99]

F.48        “Zippo.” 2007.

Series 4
The Monthly Epic files. – 1985-2008. – 6 cm of textual records.
The series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings and other material related to The Monthly Epic: a History of Canadian magazines 1789-1989.

Box 62
F.1          Business. 1985-1992. [Includes royalty statements]
F.2          Promotion. 1988-1989. [Includes catalogues, correspondence, media tour itinerary, newspaper clippings]
F.3          Reviews. 1987-1991.
F.4          Revisions. 1990.
F.5          Magazine Publishing Updates. 1989-2008. [Divided into 3 folders]

Series 5
Marketing, Publishing, and Promotional materials. – 1974-2016. – 8 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material related to the marketing, publication, and promotion of Sutherland’s works, and includes correspondence with publishers, resumes and author biographies, and newspaper clippings.

Note: Series is arranged alphabetically by title of work. Titles have been taken from Sutherland’s files when available.

Box 62
F.6          The Bumper Book. 1986.
F.7          Canadian Who’s Who Biographical Sketch Proofs. 1989-2004.
F.8          Dim Sum Ballroom: Wilfred Laurier University Press. 2016.
F.9          In the Village of Alias. 1986.
F.10        Making of a Name: Oxford University Press. 2003. [Includes royalty statements]
F.11        A Manual for Emigrants. 2003-2008. [Includes a review]
F.12        The Matuschka Case: Gaspereau Press. 2005.
F.13        Newspaper Publicity. [ca.1968]-1991.
F.14        The Night Season Marketing. 1981-1992.
F.15        Other publications. 1977-2006.
F.16        Ralph in the Interior Marketing. 1983-1985.
F.17        Rejection slips. [n.d.]
F.18        Resumes and Biographical material. 1974-1986.
F.19        The Salt Line Marketing. 1981-1994.
F.20        This is My Gun Marketing. 1982-1984.
F.21        Whitefaces. [ca. 1986].

Series 6
Reviews. – 1967-2006. – 6 cm of textual records.
The series consists of newspaper clippings, photocopies, and typed drafts of reviews by Sutherland or by others about his work. Also included are workshop notes and letters to the editor.

Note: Series is arranged chronologically by date of publication of review.

Box 63
F.1          1967-1974.
F.2          1975-1980.
F.3          1981-1983.
F.4          1984-1985.
F.5          1986-1989.
F.6          1990-2006.

Series 7
Readings. – 1977-2016. – 2 cm of textual records.
The series consists of invitations, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, notes, and other material related to lectures/talks, workshops, conventions, and readings attended by Sutherland/ at which Sutherland was a participant.

Box 63
F.7          1977-2005.
F.8          Library Readings. 1979-2003, predominant 2002-2003.
F.9          Art Bar Poetry Series. [n.d.]-2004.
F.10        Battle of the Bards. 2012.
F.11        Symposium on Contemporary Foreign Literature. 2014.
F.12        International Congress of Language and Literature. 2016.

Series 8
Programmes. – 1976-2017. – 22 cm of textual records.
The series consists of programmes for museum and gallery exhibitions, literary events, film screenings, concerts, theatre productions, and church services. Included are pamphlets, posters and flyers, invitations, postcards and newsletters.

Box 63
F.13        Church Services. 1982-2017. [Divided into 2 folders]
F.14        Concerts. 1984-2011. [Divided into 2 folders]

Box 64
F.1          Film Screenings. 1976-2007.
F.2          Literary Events. 1986-2016. [Divided into 3 folders; includes correspondence, festival guides, book launch and reading invitations, and catalogues]
F.3          Museum and Gallery Exhibitions. 1986-2012.
F.4          Theatre Productions. 1988-2016. [Divided into 2 folders]

Series 9
Travel Memorabilia. – 2003-2016. – 1 cm of textual records.
The series consists of travel diary pages, as well as pamphlets, flyers, and other ephemera from Sutherland’s travels.

Box 64
F.5          Chaffey’s Locks. [n.d.]
F.6          Walton Lighthouse, Nova Scotia. 2003.
F.7          China. 2012-2015. [Includes passport, bank card, transit card, business cards, and a postcard]
F.8          Travel Diary. 2016. [Loose pages]
F.9          Restaurant Menus. [n.d.]
F.10        Recipes. [n.d.]

Series 10
Planning Documents. – 1995-2016. – 1 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material related to medical, household, business/financial, travel, social, and literary project planning.

Box 65
F.1          Helena Avenue. 1995-2006.
F.2          Literary Projects. 2005.
F.3          Task Lists. 2012-2016.
F.4          Party Invitation. 2016.

Series 11
Philanthropy and Religion files. – 1988-2009. – 8 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material pertaining to Sutherland’s religious and philanthropic endeavors. Included are annual reports, newsletters, pamphlets, programmes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Box 65
F.5          Nature Conservancy/ Land Donation. 1997-2004. [Includes legal documentation, i.e. deeds, Certificate of Donation of Ecologically Sensitive Land]
F.6          PEN Canada. 1988-2009, predominant 2008-2009. [Includes Meta Foundation event programme]
F.7          Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE). 1988-1989.
F.8          Canadian Foundation for World Development. 1992-1993.
F.9          Refugee Sponsorship Fund. 1989.
F.10        Philanthropy and Religion. [ca.1989]-1992.

Series 12
Malcolm Sutherland files. – 1984-2010. – 71 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material pertaining to the life of Fraser Sutherland’s son, Malcolm Sutherland (1984-2009), including his education, employment, mental illness and recovery, his sudden passing attributed to epilepsy, and his funeral and estate. The series contains drafts of a book about Malcolm by Sutherland, a chronology of Malcolm’s life, as well as Malcolm’s journals, artwork, school work, correspondence, photographs, and other material.

Subseries 1
The Book of Malcolm. – 2010. – 7 cm of textual records.
The subseries/ series consists of handwritten and typed book drafts by Sutherland about his son, Malcolm, and his sudden passing in 2009.

Box 66
F.1          Handwritten Draft. [n.d.]
F.2          1st Typed Draft. [n.d.]
F.3          2nd Typed Draft. 2010.

Subseries 2
Malcolm Chronology. –1984-2010. – 20 cm of textual records.
The series consists of a chronology of Malcolm’s life—which contains typed transcriptions of Malcolm’s journal entries and letters, copies of email correspondence, writing by Sutherland about his son’s mental illness and typed transcriptions of Facebook posts—as well as greeting cards, postcards, invitations, newspaper clippings, programmes, newsletters, notes, activity logs, correspondence, artwork, poems, school work, report cards and certificates, and personal identification.

Box 66
F.4          Malcolm Chronology. 2010. [File is arranged in 12 folders (a-l) chronologically by page number.]
F.5          Supplement to Malcolm Chronology. 1996-2002.

Box 67
F.1          Year one (1984). 1984. [Divided into 2 folders]
F.2          1985.
F.3          1986.
F.4          1989.
F.5          1990
F.6          1991.
F.7          1992.
F.8          1993.
F.9          1994.
F.10        1995.
F.11        1996.
F.12        1997. [Printouts of email correspondence]
F.13        1998. [Printouts of email correspondence]
F.14        1999.
F.15        2000.
F.16        2001.
F.17        2002.
F.18        2003.
F.19        Personal Identification. 1984-2007. [Includes government, student, and employee ID cards; business and membership cards]

Subseries 3
Estate Planning and Funeral files. – 2009-2010. – 9 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material pertaining to Malcolm’s death and funeral, and legal documentation related to Malcolm’s estate. Included are the emergency report, the postmortem report, cards and letters of condolence, eulogies, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and material related to the funeral and interment, as well as deeds and other estate planning documents.

Box 67
F.20        Postmortem Report. 2009. [Includes coroner’s investigation statement, and estate planning documents]
F.21        Ambulance Charges, Emergency Report. 2009-2010.
F.22        Funeral. 2010. [Funeral service programme]
F.23        Interment. 2010. [Pocket notebook containing notes about Malcolm’s interment]
F.24        Obituary. 2010. [Includes newspaper clipping and correspondence]
F.25        Guest Book. 2010.
F.26        Condolences: Personal Reminiscences. 2010.

Box 68
F.1          Condolences. 2009-2010. [Divided into 5 folders, a-e]
F.2          Marie Asuncion Correspondence. 2010.
F.3          Malcolm’s Land. 2010. [Includes deeds, a grant of administration, an inventory of the estate, and property assessment notice, proof of death certificate, and invoice for burial and cremation services]
F.4          Student Loan. 2010. [Includes correspondence]

Subseries 4
Mental Health. – 2004-2010. – 6 cm of textual records.
The series consists of materials related to Malcolm’s illness and recovery, including documentation from a workshop to help families affected by psychosis, notes and journal entries, correspondence, recovery toolkit, family support program documents, a therapy journal, and film stills and other material related to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) LEARN program.

Box 68
F.5          Illness: 2004. 2004-2009. [Includes journal entries, observations by Alison and Fraser]
F.6          Mental Health Support and Recovery. 2004-2007.
F.7          Family Training Workshop. 2006.
F.8          CAMH Stills from LEARN film. 2008-2010. [Includes correspondence, a CD, and photographs. CD is located in box AV001]
F.9          Therapy Journal. 2009.

Box AV001
5.            CAMH LEARN Stills. 2008. [Compact disc]
6.            Beyond Psychosis [CAMH LEARN program]. 2008. [Compact disc]

Subseries 5
Journals. – [ca.1998]-2009. – 5 cm of textual records.
The series consists of journals containing notes, reflections, creative writing, and drawings.

Box 69
F.1          Dream Journal. [ca.1998-2002]. [Spiral notebook; includes programmes and cards]
F.2          Notes and Letters. 2006-2008. [Typed transcriptions of journal pages and letters]
F.3          Notebooks. [n.d.]-2009.
F.4          Italy Trip Travel Journal. 2000.

Subseries 6
Artwork. – 1989-1999. – 4 cm of textual records.
The series consists of pencil and ink drawing, crafts, sketches, and paintings by Malcolm Sutherland.

Box 69
F.5          Sketchbook. [n.d.]
F.6          Drawings. [n.d.].
F.7          Artwork. 1989-1997. [Includes a school workbook and school journals]

Subseries 7
Correspondence. – 1993-1998. – 1 cm of textual records.
The series consists of typed correspondence between Malcolm and others.

Box 69
F.8          Letters. 1993-1994.
F.9          Correspondence with Bill. 1996-1998.
F.10        High School Correspondence. 2001.

Subseries 8
Education. – 1988-2008. – 18 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material related to Malcolm’s academic career, from preschool to University, including school assignments, correspondence, report cards, year books, awards, certificates of achievement, and diplomas.

Box 69
F.11        Pictou Children’s House Preschool. [ca. 1988-1989]
F.12        Scotsburn Elementary Autograph Book. [n.d.]

Box AV001
7.            Cassette Tape. 1986-1991.

Box 70
F.1          School Work. 1990-2009. [Divided into 3 folders; includes poems, notes, photographs, greeting cards, postcards, paintings and drawings, creative writing, and certificates]
F.2          Delta School Progress Reports. [ca.1996].
F.3          Assignments and Learning Assessments. 1997-1998.
F.4          Hillcrest School Assignments and Tests. [ca.1999].
F.5          Vaughan Road Report Cards. 1998-2002. [Includes correspondence and certificates]
F.6          Vaughan Road Career Planning. 1998-2002. [Includes correspondence and student card]
F.7          Vaughan Road Yearbooks. 1998-2002. [4 volumes]
F.8          Vaughan Road Commencement. 2002.
F.9          Trinity College Guides and Programmes. 2002-2003.
F.10        University Courses and Grades. 2007-2008.
F.11        Diploma and Awards. 2002. [Divided into 2 folders]

Subseries 9
Employment. – 19xx-19xx. – 1 cm of textual records.
The series consists of material related to Malcolm’s career plans and employment.

Box 69
F.13        Resumes and Cover Letters. 2002-2009. [Includes job posting and letter of reference]
F.14        Police Check. 2009.

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