To Fonds Description

Fraser Sutherland fonds. First accrual. – 1967-2004. – 10.6 m of textual records.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1967-2004. – 96 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 1 A - Gu
F.1 Acorn, Milton. Notes re: “appreciation”. Undated.
F.2 Acsus. 1 newsletter. 1982.
F.3 Adachi, Ken. 3 news clippings. 1989.
F.4 Adams, Daniel. 1 letter from FS. 1976.
F.5 Alexander, Susanne. 2 letters (with enclosures) from SA. 1993.
F.6 Allison, Gay. 1 letter from GA. Undated.
F.7 Amabill, George. 1 letter from GA. 1993.
F.8 Anderson, Alex. 1 letter from AA. 1981.
F.9 Anderson, Scott. 1 letter from SA. 1999.
F.10 Arai, Hifumi. 26 Tips for Harmonious Heterosexual Violence. Undated.
F.11 Arnold, Frances. 2 letters (with enclosures) from FA. 1994.
F.12 Atlantic Provinces Book Review / Atlantic Books Today. 1 letter to/from “Angela”. 2 letters from “Terry Whalen”. 1 letter from “Kay”. 1 contract. 1 letter from “Elizabeth Eve”. 4 copies of “Notes for Reviewers.” 1987-1992.
F.13 Atlantic Provinces Library Association. 1 letter from Judy Head. 1992.
F.14 Atwood, Margaret. 2 letters from MA. 1 newsclipping. 1 letter from “Graeme [Gibson]”. 1973-1991.
F.15 Atwood Sycophancy. 3 news clippings. 1 letter from “Bill”. 1 letter from “CanCopy”. 2000.
F.16 Batten, Jack. 1 letter from FS. 1 letter from JB. 1967-1987.
F.17 Batts, John Stuart. 2 letters from JSB. 2 letters from FS. 1980-1981.
F.18 Beardsley, Doug. 1 postcard, 1 letter, 1 card from DB. 1974-1975.
F.19 Bedwell, William. 3 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Peter”. 4 letters and 1 poetry excerpt from WB. 1968-1971.
F.20 Beer, Henry. 2 letters from HB. 1988.
F.21 Begamudré, Ven. 2 letters from VB. 1989-1990.
F.22 Beissel, Henry. 5 letters from FS. 1 postcard, 1 funeral oration, 2 letters and 2 poetry drafts from HB. 1969-1980.
F.23 Belserene, Paul. 3 letters from PB. 2 letters from FS. 1979-1980.
F.24 Bennett, William R. 1 letter from WRB. 1984.
F.25 Bentley, David. 5 letters from DB. 1 letter from FS. 1982-1984.
F.26 Berg, Judy. 1 letter from JB. 2 letters from FS. 1983.
F.27 Besler, Carol. 1 letter from CB. Undated.
F.28 Betanzos-Santos, Manuel. 1 letter and 1 review from MBS. 1973-1975.
F.29 Bidwell, Paul. 1 letter from PB. 1988.
F.30 Billings, Robert K. 1 news clipping. 1987.
F.31 Birdsell, Sandra. 3 letters from SB. 1992.
F.32 Birney, Earle. 1 letter from EB. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.33 Bissoondath, Neil. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.34 Blaise, Clark. 1 letter and information package from Montréal Storyteller. 10 letters and 1 news clipping from CB. 1 letter from “Adele Sarkissian”. 3 letters and 1 postcard from “(Doug) Glover”. 12 letters from FS. 1971-1986.
F.35 Books in Canada. 1984-1986
F.36 Branden, Victoria. 2 letters from VB. 1995.
F.37 Brian, Michael. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.38 A Brother Life. 1 letter from Oberon Press. 1973.
F.39 Brown, Russell. 1 letter and attached news clipping from RB. 1985.
F.40 Browne, Colin. 10 letters from CB. 4 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1982-1984.
F.41 Buckaway, Catherine. 1 letter from CB. 1979.
F.42 Burgess, Ian. 1 card from IB. 1975.
F.43 Butler, Juan. 4 letters from JB. 2 letters from FS. 2 news clippings. 1969-1981.
F.44 Cameron, Elspeth. 2 letters from “Ruth Panofsky”. 3 letters from EC. 4 letters from FS. 1981-1983.
F.45 Cameron, Silver Donald. 2 letters from SDC. 1 letter from FS. 1974-1978.
F.46 Canada Council. 1981-1982.
F.47 Centing, Richard. 1 letter from RC. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.48 Charach, Ron. 3 letters from RC. 1 news clipping. 1994-1999.
F.49 Cheriton, Glenn. 2 letters from GC. 2 letters from FS. 1977.
F.50 Choyce, Lesley. 18 letters, 1 short story, 2 poems, 8 advertisements from LC. 15 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Elizabeth Eve”. 1 letter from “The Editors”. 1 letter from “Gregory M. Cook”. 1 poem from “Al Purdy”. 2 news clippings. 1 advertisement (unattributed). 1979-1988.
F.51 Clark, Joan. 1 postcard from JC. 1991.
F.52 Clark, Joe. 7 letters and 1 cheque from FS. 1 letter and 1 card from JC.
F.53 Clarke, George Elliott. 1 news clipping. 1991.
F.54 Clarkson, Adrienne. 1 news clipping. 1999.
F.55 Clery, Val. 1 letter and 2 news clippings. 1973-1996.
F.56 Clift, G.W. 3 letters from GWC. 1988-1989.
F.57 Cogswell, Fred. 1 letter from FC. 2 letters from FS. 1978-1989.
F.58 Collins, Anne. 1 letter from AC. Undated.
F.59 Collins, Thomas J. 1 letter from TJC. 1981.
F.60 Colombo, John Robert. 12 letters, 5 postcards, 2 articles, 1 news clipping from JRC. 10 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Ruth Colombo”. 1971-2001.
F.61 Colangelo, Domenico. 2 letters, 1 postcard from DC. 1988-1993.
F.62 Colangelo, Domenico and Lucy. 1 letter from D&LC. 1989.
F.63 Commonwealth Institute. 1 postcard from CI. 1982.
F.64 Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Writers. St. James Press Gay and Lesbian Biography. Undated.
F.65 Contemporary Novelists. 3 letters from Tom Riggs. 1 letter from Susan Brown. 1 letter and 2 articles from FS. 1985-1995.
F.66 Cook, Greg. 25 letters, 1 postcard, 1 photo, 4 reviews/advertisements from GC. 14 letters from FS. 2 letters from “Caroline Walker”. 1 news clipping. 1980-1986.
F.67 Connor, Terence. 2 letters from TC. 3 letters from FS. 1968.
F.68 Cox, Dennis. 1 letter from DC. 1982.
F.69 Crean, Susan. 2 letters from SC. 1991.
F.70 Crittenden, Danielle. 1 news clipping. 1999.
F.71 Currie, A.M. 1 letter from AMC. 1982.
F.72 Daily, Ross. 2 letters and 1 card from RD. 1991-1992.
F.73 D’Anboise, Jacqueline. 4 letters from JD. 1986-1987.
F.74 Davey, Frank. 1 letter from FD. 1988.
F.75 David, Jack. 2 letters from JD. 1 letter from FS. 1981.
F.76 Davies, Glynn. 2 postcards from GD. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.77    Day, Peter. 2 letters and 5 postcards from PD. 1988-1989.
F.78 De Gaspé Bonar, James. 2 letters from JDGB. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.79 Dempster, Barry. 2 letters from BD. 2 letters from FS. 1977-1985.
F.80 Di Cicco, Giorgio. 4 letters from GDC. 1 letter from FS. 1974-1977.
F.81 Dietz, Bernd. 1 letter from BD. 1988.
F.82 Diprose, Nick. 2 cards from ND. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.83 Donnell, David. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.84 Douglas, T.C. 1 letter from TCD. 1 letter from FS. 1970.
F.85 Drache, Sharon. 6 letters, 1 card, 1 business card from SD. 1986-1996.
F.86 Dragland, Stan. 5 letters, 2 postcards from SD. 4 letters from FS. 1 catalogue from “Brick/Nairn”. 1978-1981.
F.87 Dramatists’ Co-op of Nova Scotia. 1 letter from DCNS. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.88 Dubkasac, Tom. 1 letter from TD. 1977.
F.89 Eady, Robert. 2 letters from RE. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.90 Egedahl, Ron. 1 letter from RE. 1992.
F.91 English, James R. 4 letters from JRE. Undated.
F.92 Etecheverry, Jorge. 2 letters from JE. 1991.
F.93 Eby, Bob. 2 letters from BE. 1 letter from FS. 1980.
F.94 Edinborough, Arnold. 1 letter from AE. 1 letter from FS. 1969-1980.
F.95 Ellaschuk, Lorne. 2 letters from LE. 1986.
F.96 Engel, Howard. 5 letters from HE. 3 letters from FS. 1977-1984.
F.97 Engel, Marian. 1 letter from FS. 1974.
F.98 Enright, Edward. 1 letter from EE. 1989.
F.99 European Tour. 3 letters from Giovanni Bonanno. 1 grant notification, 3 booklets from Canada Council. 1 letter from France Migliore Coco. 1 programme, 1 registration form from Universita’ Di Catania. 2 letters from Bernd Dietz. 1 letter from “The Branch Manager”. 1 letter from Julie Loranger. 1 news clipping. 1 packet of translated Canadian poems. 2 handwritten notes. 1987.
F.100 Evans, Marcella. 1 letter from ME. 1981.
F.101 Everson, Ron. 3 letters and 1 photograph from RE. 1 letter from FS. 1 card from “Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilson”. 2 letters from “(Rose) Cavell Wilson”. 1975-1992.
F.102 Ewart, Gavin. 1 letter and 1 note of address from GE. 1 news clipping. 1987-1988.
F.103 Ewing, Patricia. 1 letter from PE. 1975.
F.104 Faludy, George. 1 letter from FS. 2 news clippings. 1 set of FS’s poetry drafts. 1981-1990.
F.105 Faria, Almeida. 2 letters from AF. 1986.
F.106 Fawcett, Brian. 1 letter from BF. 1986.
F.107 Fennell, Ruth. Places for Bad Girls and Boys to Go. Undated.
F.108 Fetherling, Doug. 3 letters from DF. 1973-1974.
F.109 Filip, Raymond. 16 letters and 1 card from RF. 8 letters from FS. 1 notice re: LCP Annual Meeting. 1 ms. note. 1979-1982.
F.110 Finch, Vivienne. 2 letters and 1 postcard from VF. 2 letters from FS. 1979-1981.
F.111 Findley, Timothy. 1 news clipping and 1 letter from TF. 1990-1995.
F.112 Fischer, Sheldon. 1 letter from SF. 1990.
F.113 Fitzgerald, Judith. Press release. 1985.
F.114 Fitzgerald, Judith (re: Black Moss Anthology). 1 catalogue, 10 postcards, 7 letters, 1 manuscript, 5 cards, 2 press releases, 3 news clippings, 1 biographical note, 4 notices re: change of address, 1 dust jacket, 1 photograph, 1 empty envelope from JF. 1 letter from FS. 1 ms. note. 2 letters from “Dan (Jalowica)”. 1982-2001.
F.115 Fitzhenry, Robert (Misc. Editorial). 2 letters from RF. 1 letter from “Catherine Kobelka”. 1990-2002.
F.116 Flood, John. 3 letters, 1 business card from JF. 1 letter from FS. 1 complete backlist from “Penumbra Press”. 1977-1989.
F.117 Folsom, Eric. 1 letter from EF. 1 brochure from “Kingston School of Writing”. 1989.
F.118 Ford, R.A.D. 3 letters from RADF. 2 letters from FS. 1976-1978.
F.119 Francis, Wynne. 1 letter from WF. 1 letter from FS. 1977.
F.120 Fraser, D.M. 3 letters from DMF. 11 letters and 1 news clipping from FS. 9 news clippings. 1 issue and 1 press release from Pulp. 1 letter from “Viola Fraser”. 2 letters and A Tribute and a Story for D.M. Fraser from “Bill (Hoffer)”. 1 letter from “G.B. McMillan”. 1 press release from “Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia”. 1974-1990.
F.121 Fraser, John. 1 letter from JF. 1990.
F.122 Fretwell, Kathy. 18 letters, 8 cards, 1 manuscript, 1 book review, 1 biography from KF. 6 letters from FS. 1 postcard from “Cathi”. 1981-2000.
F.123  Frye, Northrop. 1 letter from NF. 1986.
F.124 Fulford, Robert. 2 letters from RF. 2 letters from FS. 1978.
F.125 Galt, George. 5 letters, 1 postcard from GG. 1 news clipping. 1986-2002.
F.126 Gasparini, Len. 1 theatre programme, 1 postcard from LG. 1976.
F.127 Gatenby, Greg. 54 letters, 1 short story from GG. 26 letters from FS. 3 news clippings. 1 bookmark re: Whale Sound. 1973-1999.
F.128 G?, Geri. 1 letter from FS. 1980.
F.129 Geddes, Gary. 1 biography, 1 photo from GG. 1 letter from “Sue Sorenson”. 1986.
F.130 Geist. 1 letter from Stephen Osborne. 1996.
F.131 Gervais, Marty. 3 letters, 1 business card from MG. 1 issue of Cross-Canada Writers’ Quarterly. 4 letters from FS. 1979-1982.
F.132 Gibson, Douglas. 1 letter and news clipping from FS. 2001.
F.133 Gilbert, Sky. 1 letter from “Dan Gillis”. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.134 Gill, Lakshmi. 1 letter from LG. 1974.
F.135 Gillis, Dan (Iona Foundation). 7 letters from DG. 4 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 3 copies of “A Pinch or Two of Dust”. 1 programme; 5 letters re: conferences, festivals, acquisitions; from IF. 1984-1988.
F.136 Gioia, Dana. 2 letters, 2 cards from DG. 5 news clippings. 1 issue of Verse. 1 advertisement for Scenes from the New Opera. 1991-2002.
F.137 Glover, Douglas. 27 letters, 4 postcards from DG. 20 letters from FS. 17 news clippings. 2 letters from “John Glassco”. 1 press release from “McClelland & Stewart”. 1 letter of appraisal. 1 registration form for “Gordon Lish Fiction Workshop”. 1976-2003.
F.138 Gorjup, Branko. 1 letter from BK. 1999.
F.139 Gnarowski, Michael. 1 letter from MG. 1 letter from FS. 1973.
F.140 Godfrey, Dave. 1 postcard from DG. 1976.
F.141 Gold, Artie. 1 letter from AG. Undated.
F.142 Gom, Leona. 1 postcard from LG. 1976.
F.143 Grice, Jennifer. 1 letter from JG. 1982.
F.144 Grob, Alan. 1 letter from AG. 1982.
F.145 Grody, Wayne. 24 letters, 1 postcard, 5 cards from WG. 30 letters from FS. 2 letters from “Dawne”. 5 news clippings. 1 empty envelope. 2 ms. notes. 1975-1985.
F.146 Grayson, J. Paul. 1 letter from JPG. 1 letter from FS. 1977.
F.147 Gustafson, Ralph. 5 letters, 1 advertisement from RG. 1 letter from FS.

Box 2 Ha - Ni
F.1 Hancock, Geoff. 15 letters, 1 postcard, 3 cards, 2 invitations, 3 advertisements from GH. 10 letters from FS. 2 handwritten notes. 3 order forms. 1 blank postcard. 1 letter from “Gay Allison”. 1 news clipping. 1980-1992.
F.2 Hardin, L. Elizabeth. 1 letter from LEH. 1981.
F.3 Harris, Michael. 7 letters, 1 biography, 1 résumé, 1 manuscript from MH. 1 letter from “Katharine A. Benzekri”. 1985-2001.
F.4 Harrison, James. 1 letter from JH. Undated.
F.5 Harrison, F. Wayne. 1 letter, 1 card from FWH. 1 letter from FS. 1981.
F.6 Hart, Anne. 1 card from AH. 1995.
F.7 Haynes, Jem. 1 letter from JH. 1983.
F.8 Heide, Christopher. 1 letter from CH. 1977.
F.9 Heller, Helen. 1 letter, 1 business card from HH. 1986.
F.10 Helwig, David. 1 letter from DH. 1994.
F.11 Helwig, Susan. 1 letter, 3 cards, 8 postcards, 1 sample of poetry from SH. 1 poem from Lichen.
F.12 Hertz, Ken. 2 letters, 3 news clippings from KH. 1987-1990.
F.13 Heuser, Alan. 1 letter from AH. 1998.
F.14 Heyman, Jane. 1 letter, 1 card from JH. 1984.
F.15 Hill, Kay. 5 letters, 1 card from KH. 2 letters from FS. 2 photographs. 1980-1984.
F.16 Hingley, Tom. 3 letters, 1 postcard from TH. 3 letters from FS. 1967.
F.17 Hoffer, Bill. 111 letters, 4 pamphlets from BH. 111 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1 letter from “Brian Fawcett”. 1 letter from “Lorne Ellaschuk”. 1 unattributed letter. 2 news clippings. 1 bookmark. 1979-1998.
F.18 Hood, Hugh. 1 short story by HH. 1 letter from FS. 1974-1985.
F.19 Holn, Tim. 1 card from TH. 1982.
F.20 Howe, Tom. 8 letters, 1 catalogue from TH. 7 letters from FS. 1974-1983.
F.21 Hughes, Glynn. 1 letter from GH. 1 letter from FS. 1981.
F.22 Hussey, Charlotte. 2 letters, 1 postcard, 1 card from CH. 1 letters from FS. 1 letter from “John”. 1977-1987.
F.23 Hunter, Bruce. 1 letter, 1 advertisement from BH. 1996.
F.24 Hutchman, Laurence. 1 postcard from LH. Undated.
F.25 Hallifax, H. 1 letter from HH. 1992.
F.26 Hambleton, Ronald. 1 letter from RH. 1999.
F.27 Irvine, Shonagh. 2 letters from SI. 1982.
F.28 Jacobs, Maria. 2 letters from MJ. 1999.
F.29 Jalowica, Daniel. 3 letters from DJ. 1991-1994.
F.30 Jewinski, Ed. 1 letter from EJ. 1977.
F.31 Jewinski, Hans. 1 letter from HJ. 3 letters from FS. 1975-1976.
F.32 Jiles, Paulette. 1 letter from PJ. Undated.
F.33 Jobs, applications, etc. 5 complete résumés, 1 incomplete résumé, 3 letters from FS. 2 news clippings. 1 letter from “Donald J. Mitchell”. 5 letters from “Elizabeth Spencer”. 1 letter from “Hamish R. Sandison”. 1 letter from “Frank Gillen”. 1 letter from “Dorothy W. Culp”. 1 letter from “Jack David”. 1 letter, plus enclosures, from “Eric Staley”. 1 job list from “Associated Writing Programs”. 1 letter from “David”. 1 copy of Vocational Guidance Materials from “Canada Employment and Immigration Commission”. 1980-1984.
F.34 Jobs. 2 complete résumés, 1 incomplete résumé, 1 list of areas of teaching expertise, 4 biographical notes, 15 letters from FS. 1 biographical summary re: FS, from “Black Moss Press”. 2 letters from “Robert Sirman”. 1 letter from “Susan Clancy”. 1 letter from “Alan Y. Lofft”. 1 blank biographical sheet. 1 letter from “Andrew Lipchak”. 1 letter form “J.M. Gage”. 1 letter from “M.E. Green”. 1 letter, plus enclosed application form, from “W.L. Day”. 2 letters from “Arturo Nagel”. 1 letter from “James H. Marsh”. 1 letter from “Peter Chittick”. 1 letter from “April Olson”. 1 letter from “S.R. Stafford”. 1 letter from “Sandra Galan”. 4 handwritten notes. 1 brochure for “The Capitol Theatre Restoration Society”. 1 job list from “Associated Writing Programs”. 10 news clippings. 1980-1985.
F.35 Johns, Ted. 1 postcard from TJ. 1997.
F.36 Johnston, George. 5 letters from GJ. 2 letters from FS. 1976-1980.
F.37 Johnston, J.A. 1 newsletter from JAJ. 1981.
F.38 Johnston, Wayne. 3 news clippings. 1994-1998.
F.39 Jones, D.G. 1 letter from DGJ. Undated.
F.40 Jones, Elizabeth. “Martha Maria Van Rooyen” (short story). 1 card from EJ. 1 ms. note. Undated.
F.41 Kapica, Jack. 6 letters, 5 cards, 1 postcard from JK. 12 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1984-1991.
F.42 Kattan, Naim. 1 letter from NK. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.43 Kearney, Patrick. 2 notices re: change of address from PK. 2 letters from FS. 1982-1986.
F.44 Keating, Diane. 2 letters from DK. 2 letters from FS. 1985.
F.45 Keefer, Janice. 1 letter from JK. 1988.
F.46 Keeler, Judy. 2 letters from JK. 1 letter from FS. 1977.
F.47 Keeney, Patricia. 1 letter from PK. 1988.
F.48 Kendle, Judith. 1 letter from JK. 1 letter from FS. 1980.
F.49 Kelly, Bernard. 2 letters from BK. 1998.
F.50 Kelly, Terry. 89 letters, 16 postcards, 1 card, 2 invitations, 1 selection of poems, 8 individual poems, 2 short stories, 2 press releases, 2 résumés from TK. 50 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Tom Gordon”. 1 letter from “John Glassco”. 1 letter from Lee. 27 news clippings. 4 ms. notes. 1973-1991.
F.51 Kent, Valerie. 10 letters, 1 short story, 1 postcard, 1 card, 1 invitation from VK. 4 letters, 1 recommendation from FS. 2 editions of The Learner. 1 edition of Métiers. 1973-1981.
F.52 Kesterton, Wilfrid. 1 letter from WK. 1 letter from FS. 1 letter from “G. Stuart Adam”. 1980.
F.53 Key Porter (re: Layton bio). 1 letter from “Renée Dykeman”. 1 letter from “Ralph Costello”. 1993.
F.54 Kleinzakler, August. 1 letter from AK. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.55 Klauss, Wolfgang. 2 letters from WK. 1986.
F.56 Kogawa, Joy. 1 letter from JK. 2 letters from FS. 1984.
F.57 Kröller, Eva-Marie. 2 letters from EMK. 1991.
F.58 Lane, Patrick. 1 letter from FS. 1971.
F.59 Larink, Mr. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.60 Latham, Jeni. 1 letter from JL. 1982.
F.61 Laugher, Ted. 2 letters from TL. 1 letter from FS. 1979-1980.
F.62 Laurence, Jocelyn. 1 letter from JL. 1984.
F.63 Lawrence, P. Scott. 1 letter from PSL. 1986.
F.64 Layton, Irving. 9 letters, 3 photocopied postcards from IR. 1 letter from “E.J. Carson” & “Stanley L. Colbert”. 1985.
F.65 Layton, Max. 1 news clipping. 1 letter from FS. 1975.
F.66 Lecker, Robert. 2 letters from RL. 1986.
F.67 Leckie, Ross. 1 letter from RL. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.68 Lee, Dennis. 3 letters from DL. 4 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1969-1996.
F.69 Lefevre, Yolande. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.70 Lennox, John. 1 letter from JL. 1989.
F.71 Lever, Bernice. 3 letters from BL. 3 letters from FS. 3 pages of notes, information re: Canadian Writing Centre at Sheridan College. 1977-1986.
F.72 Levin, M. 1 invitation. Undated.
F.73 Levine, Norman. 33 letters, 2 postcards, 1 dust jacket from NL. 9 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Dawn Haines”. 2 news clippings. 1 photocopied list of reviews. 2 ms. notes. 1973-1981.
F.74 Lindal, Amalia. 1 letter from FS. 1986.
F.75 Lindsay, Maurice. 1 letter from ML. 1982.
F.76 Litoviz, Malca. 1 card from ML. Undated.
F.77 Literary Review of Canada. 1 letter from “David Berlin”. 2000.
F.78 Livesay, Dorothy. 1 postcard from DL. 1 news clipping. 1975.
F.79 Livingston, Christine. 1 card from CL. Undated.
F.80 Livingston, Peter. 1 letter from “David Johnston”. 1988.
F.81 Lotz, Jim. 2 letters from JL. 1981-1982.
F.82 Lucas, Alex. 1 letter from AL. 1978.
F.83 MacAulay, Donald. 1 card from DM.
F.84 Macbeth of the Heatherbell. 2 photocopied pages of a book. Undated.
F.85 MacDonald, John D. 1 letter from JDM. 1979.
F.86 MacDougall, Robert. 6 letters from RM. 1 letter from FS. 1969-1971.
F.87 MacFarlane, Richard. 1 letter from RM. Undated.
F.88 MacKenzie, Norman. 1 letter from NM. 1 letter from “K. MacKay”. 1967.
F.89 MacLennan, Hugh. 6 letters from HM. 6 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1969-1983.
F.90 MacLeod, Alistair. 3 letters from AM. 1 letter from FS. 1984-1986.
F.91 MacLeod, Max. 2 letters from MM. Undated.
F.92 Maisonneuve. 1 letter from “Poppy Wilkinson”. 1 press release. 1 news clipping. 2003.
F.93 Maheux, Guy. 1 letter, 1 invitation from GM. 1 letter from “Douglas Sandwell”. 1 letter from “Elizabeth A. Howes”. 1977.
F.94 Making Meaning. 1 invitation. 1 advertisement. 2000.
F.95 Mandel, Charles. 2 letters from CM. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.96 Manguel, Alberto. 1 bibliography, 1 postcard from AM. 2000.
F.97 Manley, Frank. 24 letters, 4 postcards, 3 cards, 1 draft of an article, 1 call for literary submissions from FM. 1 letter from “Sharon Drache”. 2 news clippings. 1986-1996.
F.98 Mansbridge, Francis. 1 letter from FM. 1986.
F.99 Marchand, Philip. 1 letter from PM. 1994.
F.100 Martin, Sandra. 2 letters from SM. 3 letters from FS. 1974-1976.
F.101 Marshall, Tom. 1 letter from TM. 1977.
F.102 Mayer, Reinhard. 1 letter from RM. 1982.
F.103 Mayne, Seymour. 1 postcard from SM. 1969.
F.104 Mazza, Antonino. 1 letter from AM. 1990.
F.105 McElroy, Gilbert. 1 letter from GM. 1979.
F.106 McKnight, David. 5 letters from DM. 1990-2002.
F.107 McLelland, Shauna. 1 card from SM. 1979.
F.108 McMaster University (re: Writer-in-Residence). 1 call for applications. 1 letter from “Donald C. Goellnicht”. 1999.
F.109 McNamara, Eugene. 2 letters from EM. 1999.
F.110 McNeil, Florence. 3 letters, 2 cards from FM. 1 letter from FS. 1980-2000.
F.111 Meilleur, Peter. 4 letters from PM. 1 letter from FS. 1971-1975.
F.112 Metcalf, John. 5 letters from JM. 1 letter from FS. 1984-1989.
F.113 Milner, Philip. 3 letters, 2 cards from PM. 1 letter from FS. 1 interview between PM and FS. 1976.
F.114 Mills, Dennis. 1 letter, plus enclosure, from DM. 1998.
F.115 Monkman, Les. 1 letter from LM. 1981.
F.116 Moore, Kathleen. 1 issue of The Porcupine Review. 1 letter from FS. 1984-1985.
F.117 Morgan, Richard G. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.118 Mowat, Claire. 1 letter from CM. 1984.
F.119 Mulhaller, Karen. 1 letter, 1 poem from KM. 1 letter from ? 2003.
F.120 Mulroney, Brian. 1 letter from BM. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.121 Musgrave, Susan. 1 letter from SM. 1 letter from “Bill (Deverell)”. 1 letter from “Brian Brett”. 1 news clipping. 1975-1999.
F.122 Nastic, Radmila. 1 letter, 2 postcards, 2 cards from RN. 1996.
F.123 National Library of Canada. 1 letter from “Sandra Burrows”. 1981.
F.124 Nausse, John. 1 card from JN. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.125 New, W.H. 1 letter from WHN. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.126 Newlove, John. 2 letters from FS. 1977.
F.127 Newlove, John and Susan. 2 letters from SN. 18 letters from JN. 7 letters from FS. 1 letter from “W.D. Valgardson” & “C. Etherington”. 2 letters from “Colin Browne”. 1 letter from “Dave Tetting”. 1 letter from “Nguyen Ai Quoc”. 1 advertisement. 6 ms. notes. 3 news clippings. 1 page of CCF stationery. 1981-1985.
F.128 The Night Season (marketing). 1 letter from “Sabina Iardella”. 1981.
F.129 Nin, Anaïs. 1 postcard from AN. 1 tribute, plus 2 drafts, by FS. 5 letters from FS. 1 postcard from “Mary Morris”. 1 letter from “George Robert Minkoff”. 1 letter from “Alcazar Book Service”. 1 letter from “Richard R. Centing”. 1 issue of Under the Sign of Pisces. 4 news clippings. 1 order form. 1971-1978.

Box 3 No - Z
F.1 Nowlan, Alden. 1 letter from AN. 1 letter from FS. 1969-1970.
F.2 Oberman, Sheldon. 1 letter from “Christine Dulat”. 1 press release. 1 invitation. 1993.
F.3 Overseas Book Centre. 1 letter from “Lynne D. Trudeau”. 1 letter from FS. 1979.
F.4 Oughton, John. 3 letters from JO. 1 letter from FS. 1986-1987.
F.5 Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature. 3 letters from “Tom Riggs”. 3 letters from “Eugene Benson”. 1 letter from “William Toye”. 9 pages of ms. notes. 1 news clipping. 2 excerpts from Contemporary Poets. 1 draft of an autobiography by “Douglas Glover”. 1 order form. 1 “partial list of entrants” for Contemporary Poets. 1995-1996.
F.6 P...?, Edward. 2 letters from FS. 1982-1983.
F.7 Page, P.K. 1 letter from PKP. 1993.
F.8 Paratte, Henri-Dominique. 1 letter from HDP. 1985.
F.9 Peabody, Richard. 1 letter from RP. 1984.
F.10 Peacock, David. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.11 Peacock, Molly. 1 card from MP. Undated.
F.12 Pease, David. 1 letter from DP. 1982.
F.13 P.E.I. Writers’ Guild. 5 letters from “Michael Hennessy”. 1 newsletter. 1990-1991.
F.14 Percy, H.R. (Bill). 2 letters, 1 brochure from HRP. 2 letters from FS. 1977-1978.
F.15 Persaud, Sasenarine. 1 letter from SP. 1997.
F.16 Phillips, Kerstin. 1 letter from KP. 1982.
F.17 Phoenix Players. 8 news clippings. 2 press releases. 1 executive meeting agenda. 2 newsletters. 2 budget lists. 2 lists of production guidelines. 9 theatre programmes. 1 screenplay for Divorce–Canadian Style. 1 screenplay for The Second Shepherd’s Play. 1 copy of Notes on Mommy. 1 card. 1 order form. 3 rehearsal schedules. 1 programme for Story Hour. 6 pages of ms. notes. 1980-1981.
F.18 Plantos, Ted. 1 letter from TP. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.19 Poet Laureate. 5 news printouts. 4 news clippings. 1 encyclopedia printout. 8 pages of cartoons. 1 internet printout (re: Ted Hughes). 2 ms. notes. 1999-2002.
F.20 Porter, Helen. 1 card from HP. 1991.
F.21 Potash, Milton. 1 letter from MP. 1988.
F.22 Poteet, Lewis. 1 letter from LP. 1978.
F.23 P.P.U. 1 news clipping. 1981.
F.24 Powe, Bruce W. 2 letters from BWP. 1 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Irving Layton”. 1 invitation. 1 advertisement. 5 news clippings. 1984-1986.
F.25 Prattis, Iain. 1 letter from IP. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.26 Purdie, Howard. 1 card from HP. Undated.
F.27 Prouty, William. 1 letter from WP. 1992.
F.28 Purdy, Al. 56 letters, 11 postcards from AP. 16 letters from FS. 4 news clippings. 1969-1990.
F.29 Purdy, Al. 38 letters, 1 invitation, 1 advertisement from AP. 3 letters from FS. 1 letter, 1 postcard from “Linda (Arsenault)”. 1 letter from “Valerie LaPointe”. 1 programme for The Fifth Annual Milton Acorn Festival. 1 excerpt from Journal of Canadian Poetry. 1 letter from “Beatriz Hausner”. 1 birth announcement. 12 news clippings. 1 postcard. 1 card from “Elda”. 1 fax from “M.T. Kelly”. 1 letter from “Douglas M. Gibson”. 1 invitation from “Alan Stein”. 1 fax from “College Travel”. 1991-2001.
F.30 Purdy, Al. 12 letters, 3 postcards, 2 empty envelopes from AP. 2 letters from “Eurithe (Purdy)”. 2 poems. 1 advertisement. 1 theatre programme. 1 order form. 1 memorial programme. 2 dust jackets. 3 ms. notes. 1 typescript of Myths and Anti-Myths in the Poems of Al Purdy. Undated.
F.31 Purdy, Brian. 1 letter from BP. 1977.
F.32 Quick, Don. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.33 Rancourt, Jacques. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.34 Ray, Wayne. 1 letter, 2 business cards, 1 biography from WR. Undated.
F.35 Readings (Public). 2 letters from “Caroline Walker”. 5 advertisements. 1 letter from FS. 1 letter from “Arlene”. 1 letter from “Naim Kattan”. 2 letters from “Gwen Hoover”. 1 letter from “Greg Gatenby”. 1 letter from “Steven Smith”. 1 letter from “Barbara Symington”. 2 letters from “Ann Decter”. 1 letter from “Greg Cook”. 2 letters from “Bernice Lever”. 1 invoice from “Fraser & Hoyt”. 1 tour itinerary. 1 typescript of “Les os”. 1 typescript of “Les étrangères”. 1 typescript of “Wild Grape Wine”. 1 typescript of “Satire, Humour, Parody, and Pastische”. 3 typescripts of “How to Publicize Readings and Workshops”. 5 typescripts of “Checklist: How to Organize a Reading or Workshop”. 2 news clippings. 1 order form. 1 list of approved readings. 1 ms. note. 1978-1986.
F.36 Reid, Malcolm. 8 letters, 3 postcards from MR. 12 letters from FS. 2 news clippings. 1 collage. 1 issue of Abraham. 1969-1995.
F.37 Rejected submissions. 1 letter from “Bob Sh...?”. 1 letter from “A. Davey”. 1 letter from Agenda. 1 letter form “Amanda Clark Frost”. 1 letter from “Elizabeth Fox”. 1 letter from “Stanley W. Lindberg”. 1 letter from “Douglas Barbour”. 1 letter from Antaeus - The Ecco Press. 1 letter from “Daniel Menaker”. 1 letter from “Michael Fox”. 1 letter from Brandt & Brandt. 1 letter from Playboy. 1 letter from The Hudson Review. 1 letter from The Canadian Forum. 1 letter from Stand. 1 letter from The Yale Review. 2 letters from The Matrix. 1 letter from Wascana Review. 1 letter from Country Gentleman. 4 letters from FS. 1981.
F.38 Richie, Elizabeth. 3 letters from ER. 1982.
F.39 Ricou, L.R. 3 letters from LRR. 1 letter from FS. 1974-1978.
F.40 Roberts, Kevin. 11 letters, 2 cards, 1 screenplay, 1 short story, 1 poem from KR. 5 letters from FS. 3 news clippings. 1 map of Malaspina College. 1 brochure for Nanaimo, B.C. 1980-1992.
F.41 Robinson, John. 2 letters from JR. 2 letters from FS. 1975-1977.
F.42 Robinson, Spider. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.43 Rogers, Clarke. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.44 Romania. 1 letter from “Carin Berg”. 1 letter from “Tudose Tatu”. 2 letters from “Petre Popa”. 1990.
F.45 Rosenblatt, Joe. 1 postcard from JR. 1986.
F.46 Ross, A.M. 1 letter from AMR. 1981.
F.47 Ross, Malcolm. 2 news clippings. Undated.
F.48 Ross, Val. 1 letter from VR. Undated.
F.49 Ross, Veronica. 1 letter, 1 short story from VR. 1981.
F.50 Sadiq, Nazneen. 2 letters from NS. 2 news clippings. 1990-1991.
F.51 Saintsbury, Patrick. 1 letter from PS. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.52 Sanderson, George. 4 letters from GS. 1983-1988.
F.53 Sanderson, Stewart F. 3 letters from SFS. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.54 Sandison, Hamish R. 1 letter from HRS. 1981.
F.55 Sanger, Peter. 12 letters, 1 card from PS. 5 letters from FS. 1 ms. note. 1 issue of Sinbad. 1978-2001.
F.56 Sanger, Richard. 2 letters, 1 theatre programme from RS. 2001-2003.
F.57 Sarson, John. 1 letter from JS. 1994.
F.58 Sato, Gordon. 1 letter, 1 business card from GS. 1986.
F.59 Satyendra, Dr. 1 letter from Dr. S. 1 letter from FS. 1979.
F.60 Scanlon, T. Joseph. 7 letters from TJS. 3 letters from FS. 1967-1994.
F.61 Scheier, Libby. 1 letter from “Judith Amundson”. 2000.
F.62 Schoemperlen, Diane. 1 letter from DS. 1976.
F.63 Scobie, Stephen. 1 invitation from SS. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.64 Sefanik, Allan. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.65 Shay, Timothy. 16 letters, 2 cards, 3 postcards from TS. 4 letters from FS. 1 business card. 1 news clipping. 1983-1984.
F.66 Shepperson, George A. 2 letters from GAS. 1981.
F.67 Sherman, Jason. 4 letters, 1 press release from JS. 1 issue of What. 1986-1987.
F.68 Sherman, Ken. 6 letters, 2 invitations, 1 postcard from KS. 2 letters from FS. 1985-1992.
F.69 Shirinian, Lorne. 2 letters from LS. 1973.
F.70 Shouldice, Larry. 3 letters from LS. 3 letters from FS. 1974-1976.
F.71 Simchovitch, Sam. 1 letter, 1 press release, 1 sheet of comments from SS. 1991.
F.72 Simeone, William E. 2 letters from WES. 1982.
F.73 Skelton, Robin. 1 letter from FS. 1981.
F.74 Slopen, Beverley. 1 letter from FS. 1984.
F.75 Smith, Michael. 1 letter from MS. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.76 Smith, Rob. 11 letters from RS. 3 ms. notes. Undated.
F.77 Sorestad, Glen. 2 letters from GS. 3 letters from FS. 1980-1983.
F.78 Sorrentino, Gilbert. 1 letter from FS. 1981.
F.79 Souster, Raymond. 1 letter, 1 press release from RS. 2 letters from FS. 1971-1974.
F.80 Spanish Association for Canadian Studies. 1 letter from “Julie Loranger”. 4 newsletters from “Bernd Dietz”. 1 letter from “Prof. Doireann MacDermott”. 1 curriculum vitae from “Pierre Lafleur”. 3 conference programmes. 1 gallery programme. 1 taxi brochure. 5 biographical sketches. 4 order forms. 1 guest list. 1 selection of translated Canadian poems. 1 news clipping. 4 ms. notes. 2 restaurant advertisements. 3 invitations. 3 receipts. 1 airplane ticket. 1988-1990.
F.81 Stafford Street Friends. 1 newsletter. 1982.
F.82 Stange, Ken. 6 letters, 1 biographical note, 1 postcard from KS. 5 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Villeneuve Publications”. 1979-1980.
F.83 Stephenson, Laurie. 1 card from LS. Undated.
F.84 Sternberg, Ricardo. 2 letters from RS. 1998.
F.85 Stevenson, Zoya. 3 letters, 1 card from ZS. 2 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Elizabeth”. 1985.
F.86 Stirling, Lila. 2 letters from LS. 1 letter from FS. 1980.
F.87 Spalding, Linda. 1 postcard from LS. Undated.
F.88 Stewart, D.E.G. 1 letter from DEGS. 1982.
F.89 Strickley, Chris. 1 letter, 6 poems from CS. Undated.
F.90 Strachniak, Eva. 1 card from ES. 1993.
F.91 Strom, Cyril. 2 letters, 2 postcards from CS. 2 news clippings. 1986-1988.
F.92 Stueme, Paul. 3 letters, 1 postcard from PS. 2 letters, 1 “blurb” from FS. 1 Canada Council grant application. 2 news clippings. 1983-1991.
F.93 Sturmanis, Dona. 1 letter, 1 postcard from DS. 1977.
F.94 The Style of Innocence. 2 royalty statements. 1981-1982.
F.95 Submissions. 1 letter from “Clifton Whiten”. 1 letter from “Elizabeth Fox”. 1 letter from “Herb Barrett”. 1 letter from “Paul Mills”. 1 letter from “Andy Wheatley”. 1 letter from ? 1 letter from “Dale Loucareas”. 1 letter from “Leo Cooper”. 1 letter from Saturday Night. 1 letter from “Denise J. Iest”. 1 postcard from The Antioch Review. 1 letter from “Sheldon Fischer”. 2 letters from FS. 3 news clippings. 1 copy of “A Writer’s Guide to Canadian Publishing Houses”. 3 charts re: rejected submissions. 2 order forms. 1 pamphlet. 2 advertisements. 1 ms. note. 1982-1989.
F.96 Sutherland, Ma and Pa. 20 letters from MPS. 2 letters from FS. 1982.
F.97 Sutherland, Ronald. 2 letters from RS. 3 letters from FS. 1974-1975.
F.98 Tatt, Janice. 1 letter from JT. 2000.
F.99 Tal, Gabriella. 1 letter from GT. 1989.
F.100 Tata, Sam. 1 letter from FS. 1978.
F.101 Taylor, Brian. 1 letter, 1 card from BT. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.102 Theatres (Toronto). 1 letter from “Glenda MacFarlane”. 9 news clippings. 1 issue of Toronto on Stage. 21 theatre programmes. 4 order forms. 5 advertisements. 1 invitation. 1 performance schedule. 1 biographical note. 1983-1986.
F.103 Thompson, Judith. 1 news clipping. 1986.
F.104 Thompson, Kent. 1 letter from KT. 1 letter from FS. 1980.
F.105 Thornton, Joan. 1 letter from JT. 1972.
F.106 Thornton, Russell. 1 letter, 1 card from RT. 1987.
F.107 Thorsell, William. 1 letter from WT. 1996.
F.108 Thurston, Harry. 7 letters, 1 card from HT. 2 letters from FS. 1 news clipping. 1 newsletter. 1978-1995.
F.109 Tiuler, Charles. 1 letter from FS. 1973.
F.110 Tierney, Bill. 4 letters from BT. 1 letter from RJ? 1974-1976.
F.111 Toczek, Nick. 2 letters from NT. 1979.
F.112 Tracy, Ann B. 1 letter from AT. 1982.
F.113  Unidentified correspondence.
F.114 Vaughen, Kathy. 7 letters, 1 invitation, 1 card, 1 poem from KV. 7 letters from FS. 1979-1981.
F.115 Van Toorn, Peter. 2 letters from PVT. 5 letters from FS. 1978-1980
F.116 Vaniell, Adrian. 1 letter from AV. 1982.
F.117 Vassan, M.G. 1 news clipping. 2004.
F.118 The Vernacular Republic. 1 letter from “Isobel Watt”. 2 letters from “Sheila G. Hearn”. 1 letter from “Gavin Wallace”. 1 letter from FS. 1982.
F.119 Vidal, D. 1 letter from DV. 1982.
F.120 Wade, Nick. 1 illustration. 1 photograph. Undated.
F.121 Wah, Fred. 1 letter from FS. 1983.
F.122 Wasteneys, Hortense. 1 letter from HW. 1994.
F.123 Watt, Frank. 1 letter from FW. 1987.
F.124 Weaver, Robert. 1 letter, plus enclosure, from RW. Undated.
F.125 Weiss, Allan. 2 letters from AW. 1 letter from FS. 1984-1986.
F.126 Wesenhagen, Jennifer. 4 letters from JW. 2 letters from FS. 1983.
F.127 Wevill, David. 1 letter from “Greg Gatenby”. 1 letter from “Geoffrey Taylor”. 1 interview sheet. 1 interviewer questionnaire. 1 biographical sketch. 1 pamphlet. 1 addendum. 1 order form. 2001.
F.128 Whitelaw, Marjory. 1 letter, 2 postcards from MW. 1 prescription receipt. 1985.
F.129 Whiten, Clifton. 2 letters from CW. 1 letter from “Morris Wolfe”. 1979.
F.130 Wilkes, Don. 1 letter, plus enclosure, from DW. 1995.
F.131 Williams, Carlos. 1 poem. 1992.
F.132 Williams, David. 1 letter from DW. 1982.
F.133 The Woman’s Quarterly. 1 letter from “Grace Paine Terzian”. 1997.
F.134 Woodcock, George. 45 letters, 1 postcard from GW. 36 letters from FS. 2 news clippings. 1969-1987.
F.135 Wright, Jean. 3 cards from JW. Undated.
F.136 Wright, Wayne. 1 letter, 1 postcard, 1 poem from WW. 1980.
F.137 Writers’ Development Trust. 1 photocopied pamphlet. 1 business card. 1991.
F.138 Writer-in-Residence applications. 1 letter from “Richard Greene”. 1 letter from “Helen Lanteigne”. 2000.
F.139 Writer-in-Residence at Winnipeg Public Library. 1 letter from “M.A. Morrison”. 1 letter from “D. Dunsmore”. 1 letter from “Mary McIlroy”. 1 letter from “Rupert Whitehead”. 1 letter from “Linda Grant”. 3 letters from “Ken Kowal”. 1 letter from “Jan Severloh”. 1 letter from “Russell Carlson”. 1 letter from “Lloyd Kitching”. 1 letter, 1 business card from “Janine Y. Black”. 1 letter from “Lyle”. 1 letter from “F. David Corner”. 1 letter from “Michael Stephenson”. 1 letter from “Denis Robillard”. 1 letter from “R.S. McLellan”. 1 letter from “Anna Olson”. 1 letter from “Mike Nelson”. 2 letters, 1 card from “Frances Arnold”. 1 letter from “Laura Spaziani”. 1 letter from “Anna Polonyi”. 1 letter from “Dorothy C. Lynch”. 1 letter from “Maureen James”. 1 letter from “Betty Newfeld”. 2 letters from “Shelley Saunders”. 1 letter, 1 incomplete letter from FS. 2 unattributed letters. 4 newsletters. 5 news clippings. 1 order form. 4 ms. notes. 1 phone directory. 1 public service announcement. 1 advertisement.
F.140 Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (W.F.N.B.). 10 letters from “Anna Mae Snider”. 1 letter from “Dale Estey”. 1 AGM agenda. 1 advertisement. 1 list of literary competition winners. 1989-1999.
F.141 Wyatt, Rachel. 13 letters, 2 cards, 4 postcards, 1 news clipping from RW. 5 letters from FS. 1 letter from “Garth Graham”. 1975-1981.
F.142 Wynand, Derk. 1 short story. Undated.
F.143 Wynne-Jones, Tim. 1 letter from TWJ. 1 letter from FS. 1985.
F.144 Young, Ian. 1 letter from IY. 1976.
F.145 Zahakos, Eileen. 1 letter from EZ. 1988.

Series 2
Poetry. – 2001-2004. – 1.58 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: These individual typescript drafts of poems are for two books in progress: Selected Poems and A Manual for Immigrants.

Box 4 Drafts. A-E
F.1 “Abdals”.
F.2 “About Life”.
F.3 “Absence and Presence”.
F.4 “The Absent Father”.
F.5 Acorn, Milton.
F.6 “The Actual”.
F.7 Ad Usque Ad Mare.
F.8 “The Adventures of Sgt. Best and Fang, His Fearless Wonder Dog”.
F.9 Advice, Book of Good.
F.10 “Advice to a Friend”.
F.11 “Aegidius”.
F.12 “After Cavafy”.
F.13 “After the Dance”.
F.14 “After the Sad Movie”.
F.15 “Against the Reasoning Mind”.
F.16 “Air”.
F.17 “The Alcoholic”.
F.18 “Anais Nin Dead At”.
F.19 “And Go Into the Bright Heat”.
F.20 “Anecdote Heard in the St. Regis Beverage Room”.
F.21 “Anima”.
F.22 “Another World”.
F.23 “Aphoristic Criticism”.
F.24 “Aphrodisiacs”.
F.25 “The Arrival”.
F.26 “Ashes”.
F.27 “A., Sleeping”.
F.28 “Assertions”.
F.29 “At Dusk a Man is Shouting”.
F.30 “At Gunpoint”.
F.31 “At Night”.
F.32 “At the Site of an Air Disaster Memorial”.
F.33 “The Auctioneer”.
F.34 “Austrian Idyll”.
F.35 Author/Expert Interviews.
F.36 “Autobiography”.
F.37 “Babies Dream of Milk”.
F.38 “Bad Habits”.
F.39 “A Ballad of Grand Old Men”.
F.40 “Beat Raven”.
F.41 Beckett.
F.42 “A Bee Trembling Among the Vetch”.
F.43 “... Begin”.
F.44 “Bereavements”.
F.45 “Bethel Carol Service”.
F.46 “A Better Man for Having Loved You, etc. etc.”
F.47 “Better Than Nothing”.
F.48 “Big Steel Rail”.
F.49 Birney Tribute.
F.50 “The Black Dahlia”.
F.51 “Blonde is Fluid”.
F.52 “The Blood-Orange Moon”.
F.53 “Bobby and Rigg”.
F.54 “Bonding”.
F.54 “Bones”.
F.55 “Bookmobiles”.
F.56 “The Bookshop”.
F.57 “The Bore War: A Radio Play”.
F.58 “Boxing” (Maclean’s 1980).
F.59 “Boxing Day Party”.
F.60 “A Boy and His Dog”.
F.61 “The Boy Who Came With His Note”.
F.62 “Brassieres”.
F.63 “Breakup”.
F.64 “Breathing”.
F.65 “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.
F.66 Bringhurst, Robert.
F.67 “Brown Dog in a Green Field”.
F.68 “A B...? Full, Bachelors”.
F.69 “Bunny Wilson at Wellfleet”.
F.70 “Café Istanbul”.
F.71 Callaghan, Morley.
F.72 Canadian Periodical Publishers’ Association.
F.73 Canadian Facts and Dates (Revised and updated).
F.74 Capitol Theatre Restoration Society (Brochure copy).
F.75 “Captions and Pictures”.
F.76 Cardillo, John. Premier Fitness.
F.77 “Cats and Squirrels”.
F.78 “The Cat’s Contemplation of Water”.
F.79 “The Chair”.
F.80 Chatelaine’s Woman of the Year.
F.81 “Chefs Heat ... Coals”.
F.82 “Chickadees”.
F.83 “Children Write Poet...”
F.84 “Christmas Concert”.
F.85 “Citymen”.
F.86 “Clifford Alone in the Study”.
F.87 “The Climber”.
F.88 “Coevals”.
F.89 Cohen / Spectator / Saturday Night.
F.90 “Cold House”.
F.91 College Novel: Notes.
F.92 “Collision”.
F.93 “Colonies”.
F.94 Commentary / CBC.
F.95 “Confidante”.
F.96 “A Conspiracy of Donkeys”.
F.97 “Constanza”.
F.98 Consumer Reports.
F.99 “Contemplating the Crucifix”.
F.100 Contemporary Poets.
F.101 “Conventional Prettiness”.
F.102 “Coons”.
F.103 “Copulation With One’s Own Kind”.
F.104 “The Cost of Living”.
F.105 “Cottage Living”.
F.106 “Crisis on the Pornographer”.
F.107 “The Crucified Canadian”.
F.108 “Curtain”.
F.109 “This Day”.
F.110 “A Day in the Life of a Man”.
F.111 “A Day of Her Life”.
F.112 “The Death and Life of Dr. Bethune”.
F.113 “Death in Nova Scotia”.
F.114 “Deconstructions”.
F.115 “The Defence Rests”.
F.116 “Dépossession du monde”.
F.117 “The Depth of the Field”.
F.118 Detective Novel (A’s notes).
F.119 “Dialogue Outside of Bed”.
F.120 “Dingbats in This Town”.
F.121 Dinosaur Book.

Box 5 Drafts. Dis-Ep
F.1 “A Dissertation on Pigeons”.
F.2 “Dog Among the Dandelions”.
F.3 “Dogs”.
F.4 “The Domestic Life of Chang and Eng”.
F.5 “The Domestic Life of Johannes Brahms”.
F.6 “The Domino Players”.
F.7 “Driving Back”.
F.8 DTUC Presents “We Play Now”.
F.9 “The Dumb Appeal”.
F.10 “The Durian Fruit”.
F.11 “The Eagle and the Goat”.
F.12 “Earl’s Court”.
F.13 “Edward Street”.
F.14 “The Elf-Doll”.
F.15 Employment Equity.
F.16 “Encampments”.
F.17 “The End of Summer”.
F.18 “Entries in a Diary”.
F.19 “EOS”.
F.20 “Epitaph for Philomanes”.
F.21 “Epitaphs”.

Box 6 Drafts. Ev -It
F.1 “Everyman’s Family Tree”.
F.2 “Explanations”.
F.3 “The Exterminator”.
F.4 “Eyes Write”.
F.5 “Ezra Pound and My Late Uncle...”
F.6 “A Fairytale”.
F.7 “The Fall of a Church”.
F.8 “Fame”.
F.9 “Family Gnomics”.
F.10 “A Family Place”.
F.11 “The Fates”.
F.12 “The Fathers”.
F.13 “Favourite M...?, Book of”.
F.14 “A Fiction”.
F.15 “Fiction: A Personal Approach”.
F.16 “$15 a Day”.
F.17 “Fifteen Ways to Insult a Jew”.
F.18 “The Finches in Faludy’s Apartment”.
F.19 “Fins from the Deep”.
F.20 “Fire”.
F.21 “Firewood”.
F.22 “First Love”.
F.23 “First-Person Intense”.
F.24 “The First Snowfall”.
F.25 “Fission”.
F.26 “The Flyboy, etc.”
F.27 “Flying to the United States on Canada Day”.
F.28 “For E.A.L.”
F.29 “For Gary Gilmore”.
F.30 “For My Friend”.
F.31 “For My Son”.
F.32 “Foreign Places”.
F.33 “Forms of Loss”.
F.34 “Forrest, Linda”.
F.35 “Frames on a Wall”.
F.36 “French Kiss”.
F.37 “French Quarter”.
F.38 “A Friend is Elated”.
F.39 “The Friend”.
F.40 “Friends in the Night Sky”.
F.41 “The Friends of the Writer”.
F.42 Frisking Laura Secord. Marketing.
F.43 “From a Hospital Bed”.
F.44 “From an Imaginary Folksong”.
F.45 “Funerals are for the Living”.
F.46 “The Garden”.
F.47 “Genocide”.
F.48 “The Gents: A Water-Closet Drama”.
F.49 “Georg Trakl Visits Chaffey’s Locks, Ontario, One Day Last Fall”.
F.50 “A Girl Named Maria”.
F.51 “The Girl With the Chestnut Hair”.
F.52 “Girls of a Summer Writing Workshop”.
F.53 “The Girls of New Zealand”.
F.54 “Give it Away”.
F.55 “Glass”.
F.56 “The Glory of Fighting”.
F.57 “Going Down”.
F.58 “Going Home”.
F.59 “Golden Horses of the Sun”.
F.60 “Goliath and David”.
F.61 “Good Friday”.
F.62 “Good Times”.
F.63 “The Governor”.
F.64 “Gracefully and Adequately”.
F.65 “Green”.
F.66 “The Hand Also Has Its Dream”.
F.67 “Hanged Man”.
F.68 “Happiness”.
F.69 “The Heart-Shape”.
F.70 “Heathbell School Reunion”.
F.71 “Heaven”.
F.72 “Helping Methodists Move House”.
F.73 “Her Body is Covered With a Soft Down”.
F.74 “Heterosexual Baseball”.
F.75 “Hidden Connections”.
F.76 “Highland Life”.
F.77 High School Novel: Notes.
F.78 “Hold Her Close”.
F.79 “Holding”.
F.80 “Homosexuality”.
F.81 “The Hotel”.
F.82 “The Hotel Near the Station”.
F.83 “The House”.
F.84 “How to Be Human”.
F.85 “How to Organize a Literary Festival”.
F.86 “How to Succeed as a Canadian Poet”.
F.87 “Hughie”.
F.88 “The Hurting”.
F.89 “I Am Somewhere in the Mist”.
F.90 “I Daily Think of Those”.
F.91 “I Feed Five People”.
F.92    “I Sleep Alone”.
F.93 “I Was Proud (and My Husband Was Proud Too)”.
F.94 “I Would Like to Help My Friend”.
F.95 “I Would Like to With You”.
F.96 “The Idea Jar”.
F.97 “The Idea of Europe in Canadian Poetry”.
F.98 Ideas, Misc.
F.99 Ideas, Misc.
F.100 “If He Goes Back”.
F.101 “The Impenetrables”.
F.102 “Impossible Men”.
F.103 “In Montréal Convalescent Hospital”.
F.104 “In Other Words”.
F.105 “In the Darkness”.
F.106 “In the Provinces”.
F.107 “In the Saqui Tandoori”.
F.108 “In the Valley of the Goose”.
F.109 “In the Village of Alias”.
F.110 “In the White Morning”.
F.111 “Increments”.
F.112 “Indian Lake Revisited”.
F.113 “Indians”.
F.114 “Industrial Psychology”.
F.115 “Infant Variations”.
F.116 “An Innocent Millionaire”.

Box 7 Drafts. In - It
F.1 “Inside the Hospital”.
F.2 “Interior”.
F.3 International Poetry Festival. Toronto 1975.
F.4 “Interviews”.
F.5 “Introduction to...”
F.6 “Ireland in the Rain, the Band Playing”.
F.7 “The Iron Maiden and Mignonette”.
F.8 “Is It Enough”.
F.9 “It’s Over”.

Box 8 Drafts. Iv- Ra
F.1 “Ivor Novella Beds Winston Churchill”.
F.2 “Janice, Patsy, Daisy”.
F.3 “The Johari Window”.
F.4 “Joinery”.
F.5 Journalism (Books in Canada).
F.6 Journalism (Literary, Misc.).
F.7 Journalism (Quill & Quire).
F.8 “The Juggler”.
F.9 “Keeping in Touch”.
F.10 “Kestrel”.
F.11 “The Keys”.
F.12 “Kings and Tulips”.
F.13 “Kosovo”.
F.14 “La espera”.
F.15 “La grande jatte”.
F.16 “The Last Words of the Rev. Jim Jones”.
F.17 “Late Provincial Decadent”.
F.18 “The Laundromat”.
F.19 “Laws”.
F.20 Layton Review (Books in Canada 1980).
F.21 “Leftovers”.
F.22 “Lessons”.
F.23 “The Letter”.
F.24 “Letter from Edinburgh”.
F.25 “Letter to Jim Jones”.
F.26 “Letter to Peter Sanger”.
F.27 Letter to Editor.
F.28 “Letting”.
F.29 “Light”.
F.30 “Lighted Windows”.
F.31 “Liking”.
F.32 “Lines for My Son”.
F.33 “Living at the St. Garry’s”.
F.34 “Living with Mother”.
F.35 “The Longest Illness”.
F.36 “Looking Away”.
F.37 “Love Will”.
F.38 “Loving”.
F.39 “L.S.D. Lesbians”.
F.40 “The Lullaby”.
F.41 “Macaronics”.
F.42 “Mackinaw”.
F.43 “Madwomen”. See also Box 17, file 9
F.44 “Maize-Yellow Shirts”.
F.45 “Major Birney...”.
F.46 “Man and Dog”.
F.47 “The Man Who Couldn’t Leave Other Men’s Women Alone”.
F.48 “The Man Who Heard Symphonies”.
F.49 “March 27, 1976.”
F.50 “Marika in the Maritza”.
F.51 “Market Day”.
F.52 “Mary and Martha”.
F.53 “Max”.
F.54 “May 17, 1975”.
F.55 “McLuhan Stories”.
F.56 “Memory”.
F.57 “Mermaid Inn”.
F.58 “The Messy Heart”.
F.59 “Mignonette and the Iron Maiden”.
F.60 “Mirrors”.
F.61 “Misanthrop’s Canada”.
F.62 “The Missing I”.
F.63 “The Missing Life of Christ”.
F.64 “Missing Person”.
F.65 “Model”.
F.66 “Modern Canadian Writers”.
F.67 “Modern Epiphanies”.
F.68 “Mona Lisa”.
F.69 “The Monster Masked”.
F.70 “Montréal English Poetry of the ‘70's”.
F.71 “Montréal Poetry Anthology”.
F.72 “Morn and Mourn”.
F.73 “Morning”.
F.74 “Mothers of Small Children”.
F.75 “Moussorgsky”.
F.76 “Mrs. Robinson”.
F.77 “The Murder Trial”.
F.78 “The Murderer Speaks to the Victim’s Parents”.
F.79 “My Father Talks to Himself”.
F.80 “My God -- Johnnie’s on Food!”
F.81 “My Pursuits”.
F.82 “My Room at the St. Charles”.
F.83 “My Wife’s Relatives”.
F.84 “Myself and Napoleon Bonaparte”.
F.85 “Names of Our Lives”.
F.86 “The Names of Our Places”.
F.87 “Nanny’s Gift”.
F.88 “A New Address”.
F.89 “Neighbour”.
F.90 “Neighbourhood Notes”.
F.91 “Nepalese Hashish”.
F.92 “The New Canadian Poets”.
F.93 “New Dead Souls”.
F.94 “New Places”.
F.95 “A Nice Night for Driving”.
F.96 “Nights in a Life”.
F.97 “No Dearth in Venice”.
F.98 “Observing the Sacrament”.
F.99 “Ode to Thomas Jefferson Sutherland”.
F.100 “On Foreign Women”.
F.101 “Of Paul Young’s Drawing”.
F.102 “The Office”.
F.103 “The Old, Old, Old, Old Lady and the Boy with the Twisted Knee”.
F.104 “Ophelia”.
F.105 “Palace Hotel Do Bucaco”.
F.106 “Palestinians”.
F.107 “The Peacock’s Tail”.
F.108 “Pears”.
F.109 “Personal Pursuits”.
F.110 “The Piazza”.
F.111 “The Poem”.
F.112 Poetry - New and Selected.
F.113 “The Pornographic Anthill”.
F.114 “Portraits of a Painter”.
F.115 “Post-Coitional Topics”.
F.116 “Preconditions for the Rabble”.
F.117 “The Price of Home”.
F.118 “Procedure”.
F.119 “The Princess and the Pin-Cushion”.
F.120 “Question Asked in the Native Bar of a Lowlife Winnipeg Hotel”.
F.121 “Racing Story”.
F.122 “Radiance Reborn”.

Box 9 Drafts. Radio -You.
F.1 “The Radio Station”.
F.2 “The Ravenspell”.
F.3 “Reading Television”.
F.4 “Recapitulations”.
F.5 Rejection Slips.
F.6 “Reminders”.
F.7 “Return to Cold Comfort Farm”.
F.8 “Right Turn”.
F.9 “Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Uncle Sam”.
F.10 “The Rocombole Bonsoir”.
F.11 “Rooftops”.
F.12 “The Room”.
F.13 “Ross”.
F.14 Royal Reader Poems.
F.15 “Rua Nova do Carvallio”.
F.16 “Rupert Preston’s Bad Year”.
F.17 “The Sacred Glow”.
F.18 “The Sad Mallards of Madison, Wisconsin”.
F.19 “The Sadist of Endings”.
F.20 “Sadness After Calling”.
F.21 “The Salt Line”.
F.22 “Sals...?” 1991
F.23 “Santa Luzia”.
F.24 “The Saxophone to its Saxophonist”.
F.25 “Saying”.
F.26 “Scenario”.
F.27 “The Scene Forms and Reforms”.
F.28 “Scheherazode”.
F.29 “Scientists”.
F.30 Scotsburn (novel). Notes.
F.31 “The Scott Paper Company”.
F.32 “The Scott Pulp and Paper Company”.
F.33 “Seashell”.
F.34 “Segismondo Malatesta”.
F.35 “Self-definition”.
F.36 “A Sense of Beginnings”.
F.37 “September 18, 1975".
F.38 “September to May”.
F.39 “The Serial Revolution”.
F.40 “She is All Gone Into the World of Light”.
F.41 “She Lives in a World”.
F.42 “Silver Linings”.
F.43 “A Simple Request”.
F.44 “Siren”.
F.45 “Sisters”.
F.46 unidentified
F.47 “Snack Car”.
F.48 “So Much Concerned with Death”.
F.49 “Some of My Chromosomes”.
F.50 “Something for the Pain”.
F.51 “Son of Sam”.
F.51 “Song of the German Mercenaries”.
F.52 “Sonnet (?) on a July Afternoon”.
F.53 “South Africa”.
F.54 “The Space”.
F.55 “Spring”.
F.56 “Standards”.
F.57 “Standards! Values! Excellence!”
F.58 “The Stars”.
F.59 “Steam”.
F.60 “Stories”.
F.61 “A Story About About”.
F.62 “Stranger”.
F.63 “The Stranger Animal”.
F.64 “Strengths, Fragilities”.
F.65 “The Surprising Mr. Callaghan”.
F.66 “Sylvia Bayer and the Search for Rubber”.
F.67 “Systematic Racism in Dictionaries”.
F.68 “Tales of Randiwiliwok”.
F.69 “Taren”.
F.70 “Television”.
F.71 “The Temperance Movement”.
F.72 “Ten Most Liveable Places in Canada”.
F.73 “The Tender Heart of a Pretty Girl”.
F.74 “Teorema”.
F.75 “Thank You Speech”.
F.76 “That Afternoon”.
F.77 “Themes on a Variation of Snow”.
F.78 “Thinking”.
F.79 “Thirty-Third Annual New Glasgow Music Festival Folk Song Section”.
F.80 “This is My Gun”.
F.81 “Thoughts on Failure”.
F.82 “Three Feminine Fantasies”.
F.83 “Three Harmless Men”.
F.84 “Three Moral Tales”.
F.85 “Three Nurses and a Hippopotamus”.
F.86 “Thriller”.
F.87 “The Time of Her Life”.
F.88 “Titles Without Poems”.
F.89 “To a Young Married Couple”.
F.90 “To Always Check”.
F.91 “Toast and Marmalade”.
F.92 “Toronto”.
F.93 “Toronto Music Library”.
F.94 “Touching”.
F.95 “Toward the White Morning”.
F.96 “Towns”.
F.97    “Traces”.
F.98 “Tracing the Grid”.
F.99 “Trains”.
F.100 “The Transference”.
F.101 “Trees”.
F.102 “The Truth About a Woman”.
F.103 “The Turning Season”.
F.104 “Twenty Reasons to Loathe Dogs”.
F.105 “The Two Hearts of Frida Kahlo”.
F.106 “Two Serbian Girls at the Salonika Cemetery”.
F.107 “Two Strangers”.
F.108 “Ulysses”.
F.109 “Undergoing”.
F.110 “Underground”.
F.111 “The Unmoved Mover”.
F.112 “Unterberg”.
F.113 “Vers d’occasion”.
F.114 “Viola d’amore”.
F.115 “Virgen de Colombia”.
F.116 “The Visitor”.
F.117 “W[aiting] for the Barbarians”.
F.118 “Waiting Here”.
F.119 “Walking Along a Village Road”.
F.120 “War and Peace in Fifteen Minutes”.
F.121 “Warning”.
F.122 “The Watchers on the Shore”.
F.123 “We Arrive in Edinburgh”.
F.124 “The Weather”.
F.125 “A Weekend in the City”.
F.126 “The Weight of Roses”.
F.127 “Welcome Wagon”.
F.128 “What I Think She Does in Church”.
F.129 “What We Do With the Dream”.
F.130 “What’s Left”.
F.131 “Where the Light Comes From”.
F.132 “White Faces”.
F.133 “The White Line”.
F.134 “Who the Hell is Eliza”.
F.135 “Why Do You Drink With People Like Us”.
F.136 “Wilderness Wild”.
F.137 “Winter Scotsburn 1991”.
F.138 “With the Dog”.
F.139 “Written After a Sunday Afternoon Romantic Interlude”.
F.140 “The Year of Living Dangerously”.
F.141 “You’re the Pits”.

Series 3
Fiction, essays and plays. – 1970-2004. – 5.30 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: Sutherland’s manuscripts and related materials towards his biography of Edward Lacey, entitled Lost Passport: The Life and Words of Edward Lacey are to be found in the Edward Lacey fonds.

Box 10
F.1 “Admiral of the Ocean Sea”. Ts., various versions with ms. notes; [1991-1992].
F.2 “Admiral of the Ocean Sea”. Rejection letters; 1993-1994.
F.3 A Ballad of Baggage. (Group performance by 4 Unlimited of which Sutherland was a member in Toronto in September 2000 and March 2001). Correspondence, posters, leaflets, clippings.
F.4 “Big Steel Rail”. Two partial ts. p. 1-96 and p. 49-106.
F.5 “Big Steel Rail”. Partial ts.
F.6 “Big Steel Rail”. Partial ts.
F.7 “The Chair: A Radio Play”. 2 ts., 13p. each.
F.8 The Death and Life of Doctor Bethune. (Fraser Sutherland, 1984) Ts., 30p. Various partial ms. drafts, materials, correspondence, notebook dated Oct. 26.
F. 9 The Death and Life of Doctor Bethune. Cue cards.
F.10 “The Dreams in Water”. Ts. and ms. drafts and research notes; [1979-1980]. [Translation of L’eau et les rêves; essai sur l’imagination de la matière, 1942 by Gaston Bachelard.]

Box 11
F.1 Fidelities. (Unpublished novella; [mid 1970s].) ts.; 216 p.
F.2 Fidelities. Ts.; 216 p.
F.3 Fidelities. Ts.; p. 1-108.
F.4 Fidelities. Ts.; p. 109-216.
F.5 Fidelities. Partial ts.; p. 16-216. Three ts. drafts of p. 1-14.
F.6 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.7 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.8 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.9 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.10 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.11 Fidelities. Various ts. and ms. notes.

Box 12
F.1 Frisking Laura Secord. Correspondence, ms. notes, partial ts., and ts.; 25p.; [1990-1992].
F.2 Frisking Laura Secord: A Canadian Literary Chronicle 1975-90. Ts.; 259p.
F.3 “Heroes of Our Time”. Partial ts., 23p., partial ms.; p. 11-101., ms. notes.
F.4 In the Village of Alias. (Porters Lake, N.S.: Pottersfield, 1986). Various complete ts.
F.5 In the Village of Alias. Various partial ts. and ms.
F.6 In the Village of Alias. Correspondence.
F.7 The Hurricane Coast. A treatment for a screenplay... adapted from The Salt Line, a novel by Elizabeth Spencer. Rough early draft, ts. and ms.; [75 p.].
F.8 The Hurricane Coast. First draft, paritial, with outline and notes.; [34 p].
F.9 The Hurricane Coast. Ts. with outline; 104 p. and photocopied version.
F.10 The Hurricane Coast. Ts. first draft; 104 p. spiral bound, 1984.
F.11 The Hurricane Coast. Correspondence with Elizabeth Spencer for adaptation of her novel The Salt Line by Sutherland; 1977-1981.
F.12 The Hurricane Coast. Ts. corrected sections of the play; [65 p.].
F.13 The Hurricane Coast. Outline of the screenplay , ts. 6 p. and clippings; 1989.

Box 13
F.1 In the Wake of. (Northern Journey Press, 1974). Various ts., correspondence, publicity.
F.2 In the Wake of. Various ts.
F.3 In the Wake of. Various ts.
F.4 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. (ECW Press, 1984). Correspondence (research and post-publication), reviews.
F.5 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Correspondence with ECW Press.
F.6 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. “A Personal and Working Library”; 47 p.
F.7 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Promotion, publicity.
F.8 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Update.
F.9 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Partial ts.; p. 8-68. Ts. draft; 62 p. Ts. draft; 89 p. Assorted correspondence, ts., ms. notes.
F.10 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ts.; 62 p. Finding aid; 42 p. Assorted correspondence, ts., ms. notes.
F.11 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ts. draft; 68 p. Ts. draft; 62 p. Ts. draft; 89 p. Assorted correspondence, ts., ms. notes.
F.12 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ts. draft; 76 p. Assorted ts. notes, materials.
F.13 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Various ts. and ms. notes.
F.14 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Penultimate ts. draft; 121 p. Partial ts. draft; p. 66-136.
F.15 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Various information re grants.

Box 14
F.1 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ms. scans.
F.2 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ms. scans.
F.3 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Ms. scans.
F.4 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Cue cards.
F.5 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Cue cards.
F.6 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Cue cards.
F.7 John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Book copy.

Box 15
F.1 Jonestown: A Poem. (McClelland & Stewart, 1996). Ts. notes.
F.2 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 176 p.
F.3 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 217 p.
F.4 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 171 p.
F.5 Jonestown. Ts. draft; p. 1-289.
F.6 Jonestown. Ts. draft; p. 290-554.
F.7 Jonestown. Notes, inserts and miscellaneous.
F.8 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 38-152.
F.9 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 153-275.
F.10 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 276-380.
F.11 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 380-525.
F.12 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 526-596.

Box 16
F.1 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 597-696.
F.2 Jonestown. Partial ts. draft; p. 697-735.
F.3 Jonestown. Correspondence with McClelland & Stewart (Stan Dragland); 1986-1996.

Box 17
F.1 Jonestown. Correspondence with publishers; 1994-1998.
F.2 Jonestown. Guyana research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.3 Jonestown. San Francisco research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.4 Jonestown. Ukiah research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.5 Jonestown. Epilogue/Indiana/Brazil research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.6 Jonestown. Jonestown research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.7 Jonestown. Lexica research; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.8 Jonestown. San Francisco research 1971-1976; clippings, photocopies, notes.
F.9 Jonestown. Jonestown massacre research 17-18 November 1978; clippings, photocopies, notes, variously paginated early partial ts. draft.
F.10 Jonestown. Jonestown research; clippings, photocopies, notes, ts. draft.; 52 p.
F.11 Jonestown. Redwood Valley research; clippings, photocopies, variously paginated ts. draft.
F.12 Jonestown. Jonestown research; clippings, photocopies, variously paginated ts. draft.
F.13 Jonestown. Last days research; clippings, photocopies, ts., ms. notes.
F.14 Jonestown. 2nd draft discards.
F.15 Jonestown. File cards, photocopies, notes.
F.16 Jonestown. Chronology of Jim Jones and Jonestown tragedy.
F.17 Jonestown. Update; news clipping 14 November 1988.
F.18 Jonestown. “The Last Words of the Rev. Jim Jones.” Ts. (3 copies, annotated “Jan. 19/80 [revised]”, “Revised Feb. 6/80”) plus published version: League of Canadian Poets; [1980?].
F.19 Jonestown. Draft; ms., ts., photocopies; p. 1-37.
F.20 Jonestown. Draft list of characters, ms. and ts.

Box 18
F.1 Jonestown. Various correspondence, dust jackets, news clippings, photographs.
F.2 Jonestown. Various correspondence, edits.
F.3 Jonestown. Correspondence, ts. draft; 147 p.
F.4 Jonestown. Correspondence, ts. draft; 147 p.
F.5 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 173 p.
F.6 Jonestown. Various correspondence, ts. draft; 118 p.; partial ts. draft; p. 2-20.
F.7 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 168 p. (author copy).
F.8 Jonestown. Assorted correspondence, ms. notes, dust jacket, news clippings, ts. draft; 143 p.
F.9 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 176 p.
F.10 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 156 p.
F.11 Jonestown. Ts. draft; 147 p., partial ts. draft; p. 31-38.
F.12 Jonestown. Various ms. notes, Ts. draft; 156 p.
F.13 Jonestown. Correspondence, ts. draft; 174 p.

Box 19
F.1 Lysistrata or, A Peace for Everyone. Adaptation of Aristophanes’ play. Ts. with paste-in corrections; 46 p; [1980s].
F.2 Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, or A Peace for Everyone. Ts., photocopy and notes; 49 p.
F.3 Lysistrata or, A Peace for Everyone. Ts., variant format; 43 p.
F.4 [Lysistrata]. Rough notes, draft segments, research notes; 110 p.
F.5 Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Ts. photocopy of radio script; 63 p.
F.6 Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Ts. of radio script with minor corrections and correspondence to CBC Stereo Theatre; 4 February 1983; 53 p.
F.7 [Lysistrata]. Segments of ts. of early drafts with corrections, production and direction notes, correspondence; 1981; [132 p.].
F.8 Macbeth at the Heatherbell. Ms. for play produced at Playwright’s Workshop, Edinburgh, 1982. Ts. draft and sketch, and photocopy of ts.; 40 p.
F.9 Madwomen: Poems 1970-1977. (Published by Black Moss Press, 1978.) Early corrected drafts of poems, ts., correspondence; [1970s]; [200p.].
F.10 Madwomen. Photocopy of corrected index, dedication, t.-p.; published version.
F.11 The Making of a Name: The Inside Story of the Brands We Buy. Oxford University Press, 2004. Published version.
F.12 “Manual for Emigrants”. Ts. with corrections of poems to be included in this anthology. [2001-2004]. Work in progress.
F.13 “Manual for Emigrants”. Partial ts.; [50p.]

Box 20
The Monthly Epic. Chapter drafts, research notes, correspondence, 1987-2000.
F.1 Agreement between Fraser Sutherland and Fitzhenry & Whiteside for publishing “A History of Canadian Magazines” (working title), December 31, 1986. [Published title of the book is The Monthly Epic: A History of Canadian Magazines 1789-1989].
F.2 5 steno notebooks containing research notes and drafts of book; [1980s].
F.3-4 Ts. corrected draft; 702p. (some broken and repeated pagination and ms. notes); includes index cards with notes and references for book.

Box 21
F.1 Ms. notes and index cards for Introduction.
F.2 Notes on compilations of Canadian magazines, directories and photocopies; [1970-1987].
F.3 Clippings on magazines; 1988.
F.4 Publication terms and legal correspondence; 1985-1987.
F.5 Sources, references, guides and standards publications, reference cards; 1987.
F.6 Photographs used in Introduction (photocopies).
F.7 Photographs used in Part I (photocopies).
F.8 Photographs used in Part II (photocopies).
F.9 Photographs used in Part III (photocopies).
F.10 Photographs used in Part IV (photocopies).
F.11 Outstanding photographs from Parts I and II (photocopies).
F.12 Research files on history of Canadian magazines (photocopies).
F.13 Canadian Forum (photocopies).
F.14 Canadian Illustrated News; photocopies and index cards.
F.15 Canadian Magazine; photocopies and index cards.
F.16 Canadian Monthly; photocopies and index cards.
F.17 Chatelaine; photocopies and index cards.
F.18 Grip (photocopies).
F.19 Harrowsmith (photocopies).
F.20 Liberty (photocopies).
F.21 Page proofs and editorial correspondence; 1989.
F.21 Published copy of The Monthly Epic.

Box 22
F.1 The Night Season. Ts. and ms.draft; p. 1-30.
F.2 The Night Season. Ts. and ms. draft; p. 31-62.
F.3 The Night Season. Ts. and ms. draft; p. 68-168.
F.4 The Night Season. Ts. and ms. draft; p. 170-341.
F.5 The Night Season. Ms. draft; p. 1-111.
F.6 The Night Season. Ms. draft; p. 112-256.
F.7 The Night Season. Ms. draft; p. 257-438.
F.8 The Night Season. 5 ms. notebooks.
F.9 The Night Season. Ts. draft, ms. notes; p. 1-44.
F.10 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 45-295, ms. annotations.
F.11 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 1-74, added ms. notes.
F.12 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 75-187, ms. pages included.
F.13 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 188-408, ms. pages included.
F.14 The Night Season. Miscellaneous drafts and notes.
F.15 The Night Season. Miscellaneous drafts and notes.

Box 23
F.1 The Night Season. Ts., later draft; p. 1-224.
F.2 The Night Season. Ts., later draft; p. 225-372.
F.3 The Night Season. Segments of ts. and ms. drafts.
F.4 The Night Season. Segments of ts. and ms. drafts.
F.5 The Night Season. Segments of ts. and ms. drafts.
F.6 The Night Season. Ts. draft; 295p.
F.7 The Night Season. Ts. (partial) draft; p. 1-127.
F.8 The Night Season. Ms. (partial) draft; p. 1-170.
F.9 The Night Season. Journal pages (written during stay at Montreal hospital, 1974); p. 815-1015.
F.10 The Night Season. Ts. final; 294p.

Box 24
F.1 The Night Season. Bound ts.; 372p.
F.2 The Night Season. Boxed ts.; 372p.
F.3 The Night Season. Rough materials.
F.4 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 1-159.
F.5 The Night Season. Ts. draft; p. 160-349.
F.6 The Night Season. Ts. draft, variant; 407 p.
F.7 The Night Season. Ts.; p. 1-185.
F.8 The Night Season. Ts.; p. 186-344.

Box 25
F.1 Northern Journey’s Best. Ts.; 195 p.
F.2 Northern Journey’s Best. Photocopy of ts.; 195 p.
F.3 Northern Journey’s Best. Rejection letters; 1977.
F.4 Contents and inventories of Northern Journey papers; [1970s].
F.5 Subscriptions and distribution correspondence and sales records; 1972-1974.
F.6-7 Peace and War: Poems by Goran Simiċ (published by Coach House Press, 1999). Drafts of poems, t.-p., correspondence, research photocopies, clippings.

Box 26
F.1-2 Ralph in the Interior. Unpublished novel. Ts., early drafts, with corrections and revisions; [1983-1984]; [200p.].
F.3-4 Ralph in the Interior. “Two Chapters and an Outline”. Outline for chapters 1-18, biographical notes, ts. and photocopy; [250 p.].
F.5 Ralph in the Interior. Later ts.; 265 p.
F.6 Ralph in the Interior. Marked photocopy of variant ts.; 301 p.
F.7 Ralph in the Interior. Ms. notes of characters and few ts. pages.

Box 27
F.1 The Re-Write. Ts. draft; p. 1-99.
F.2 The Re-Write. Ts. draft; p. 100-200.
F.3 The Re-Write. Ts. draft, heavily revised; 159 p.
F.4 The Re-Write. Ts., early draft, corrected; 187 p.
F.5 The Re-Write. Ts., carbon draft; 199 p.
F.6 The Re-Write. Ts., carbon draft; [157 p.].
F.7 The Re-Write. Ts., carbon draft, corrected; p. 154-257.

Box 28
F.1 “Seven Faces of Eve”. Ts. and ts. carbon; [100 p.].
F.2 “Seven Faces of Eve”. Ts. and carbon; [150 p.].
F.3 Strange Ironies. ( Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1972.) Letters, reviews and Table of Contents; 1972-1973.
F.4 The Style of Innocence: A Study of Hemingway and Callaghan. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1972 (published copy).
F.5 The Style of Innocence. Correspondence; 1971-1979.
F.6 The Style of Innocence. Rough materials. Ts., ms., notes, clippings; variously paginated.
F.7 The Style of Innocence. Rough materials. Ts., ms.; variously paginated.
F.8 The Style of Innocence. Ts. draft, ms. annotations; [5], 6-172, [11]p.; includes 2 smaller sections, variously paginated.
F.9 The Style of Innocence. Ts. draft, ms. annotations; Chapter 1; p. 5-99.
F.10 The Style of Innocence. Ts. draft, ms. annotations; Chapter 2-Bibliography; p. 100-236; includes ts. and ms. notes, variously paginated.
F.11 The Style of Innocence. Penultimate draft, ts., some ms. annotations; [2], 180, [20] p.
F.12 The Style of Innocence. Final draft, ts., some ms. annotations; 237 p.
F.13 “This is my gun”. Ts.; 63 p.
F.14 “This is my gun”. Spiral bound ts. 2 copies; 66 p. each.

Box 29
F.1 “War and Peace in 15 minutes”. Ts. (photocopy) of production script; 18 p.
F.2 “Welcome Wagon”. Ts., corrected and variant versions of production script; 12 p.
F.3 Whitefaces: Selected Poems 1971-1983. (Black Moss Press, 1986). Early ts. draft, with ms. notes, annotations, correspondence to Judith Fitzgerald; 1986; 61 p.
F.4 Whitefaces. Penultimate draft, ts. with ms. revisions, corrections, excluded poems; [125 p].
F.5 Whitefaces. Compilation of various poems, ts., ms., various drafts, selection, pagination re-worked, notes; [1973-1983]; [200 p.].
F.6 Whitefaces. Rejection letters from publishers and letter from Black Moss Press; 1983-1990. Includes published copy of book.
F.7 Within the Wound. (Northern Journey Press, 1976). Early ts. draft poems reworked, and later draft; 22 p.
F.8 Within the Wound. Dummy paste-ups.
F.9 Typesetting plates mock-ups for entire book.
F.10 Published copy of Within the Wound.

Series 4
Other authors’ manuscripts. – [1974?]-[1994?]. – 96 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 30
F.1 Aide, William. Sea Voyage with Pigs.
F.2 Baraheni, Reza. The Infernal Days of Aqa-ye Ayaz.
F.3 Baraheni, Reza. Rosebridge.
F.4 Bennett, Jo Anne Williams. Downfall People (uncorrected proof).
F.5 Choyce, Lesley. Rupert Preston’s Bad Year.
F.6 Cook, Gregory M. Admit This, Alden Nowlen.
F.7 Dalton, Mary (reviews and poetry).
F.8 Deacon, William Arthur. The Correspondence of William Arthur Deacon (galleys).
F.9 Drukier, Manny. Carved in Stone.
F.10 Drukier, Manny. Carved in Stone.
F.11 Drukier, Manny. Josephus and Me.
F.12 Drukier, Manny. Josephus and Me.
F.13 Fretwell, Kathy. Death Love and War.
F.14 [Gatenby] (poetry).
F.15 Grady, Wayne, editor. From the Country: Writings About Rural Canada (galleys).

Box 31
F.1 Glover, Douglas. “Pender’s Visions.”
F.2 Kelly, M.T. (essays, stories).
F.3 Kelly, M.T. The Ruined Season.
F.4 Layton, Irving. Waiting for the Messiah: A Memoir (galleys).
F.5 Layton, Irving. Wild Gooseberries (galleys).
F.6 Livingston, Gary (1970s-1980s material).
F.7 Livingston, Gary (cont’d).
F.8 Livingston, Gary (cont’d).
F.9 MacLeod, Alistair. As the Birds Bring Forth the Sun.
F.10 Mazza, Antonina (poetry).
F.11 Millán, Gonzalo (poetry).

Box 32
F.1 Mundwiler, Les (reviews, stories).
F.2 Olson, Robert [per David Warren]. Trial & Error.
F.3 Olujić, Grozdana (short stories).
F.4 Rohmer, Richard. Red Arctic.
F.5 Rohmer, Richard. Red Arctic (annotated).
F.6 Rohmer, Richard. Seward’s Red Folly (working title - draft, notes for a novel).
F.7 Samour, Zarko (poetry).
F.8 Simić, Goran. Mine Field.
F.9 Solway, David. Saracen Island.
F.10 Spencer, Elizabeth. “The Business Venture.”
F.11 Symons, Scott, and Nik Sheehan. Beauty’s Beard (teleplay-3rd draft).
F.12 Valleau, Douglas (poetry).
F.13 Walker, Anne F. When the Light of Any Action Ceases.
F.14 Woodcock, George. Beyond the Blue Mountains, Pt. I.
F.15 Woodcock, George. Beyond the Blue Mountains, Pt. II.

Series 5
Teaching, workshops, exchanges and memberships. – 1970-2004; predominant 1981-1983. – 1.92 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 33
League of Canadian Poets
F.1 Structure, newsletters; 1974-1976.
F.2 Correspondence, newsletters; 1974-1978.
F.3 Correspondence, newsletters; 1978-1982.
F.4 Correspondence, newsletters, reference manual; 1978-1982.
F.5 Correspondence, membership; 1981-1982.
F.6 Correspondence, minutes; 1980s.
F.7 Newsletters, reports; 1982-1985.
F.8 Newsletters, reports; 1982-1987.
F.9 Newsletters, bulletins; 1984-1987.
F.10 Newsletters, reports; 1987.
Montréal Poets’ Information Exchange
F.11 Bulletins; 1976-1978.

Box 34
Editors’ Association of Canada
F.1-15 Printed materials: newsletters, directories, memos; [1990-2001].

Box 35
Canada Council
F.1 Correspondence, travel grants, applications, information; 1970s-1980s.
F.2 “B” Jury; 1983-1984.
F.3 Guides and bulletins, 1980s-1990s.
F.4 Travel grant applications, information, schedules; 1980s-1990s.
Ontario Arts Council
F.5 Correspondence, grant applications, guidelines; 1970s-1990s.
F.6 Membership lists, newsletters; 1980s-1990s.
F.7 Notices, newsletters; 1980s-1990s.
F.8 Notices, newsletters; 1990s.
F.9 Correspondence, annual reports, newsletters; 1990s-2000s.
F.10 Annual general meeting; 2001-2002.
F.11 Writer-in-Exile Committee; 1990s-2004.

Box 36
Writers’ Union of Canada
F.1-9 Printed materials: newsletters, directories, memos, workshops; [1980-2000].

Box 37
David Thompson University Centre
F.1 Fiction workshop; Fall 1982.
F.2 Introductory creative writing course; Fall 1982.
F.3 Creative writing course; 1982-1983.
F.4 Schedules and planning for writing courses; 1982.
F.5 Prose workshop; [1982].
F.6 Writing department: agreements, contracts; 1983.
F.7 University Centre library; 1982.
F.8 David Thompson University Centre Council minutes; 1982-1983.
F.9 Press releases, promotions; 1982-1983.
F.10 Memos; 1982-1983.
F.11 DTUC This Week; 1982-1983.
F.12 Manuscript notes: daily journal for Sept. and Oct. 1982.
F.13 Miscellaneous material: teaching notes, research material, etc.; 1982-1983.

Box 38
Scottish-Canadian Writer-in-residence exchange
F.1-2 Theatre: ephemera and production information for Great Britain, 1981-1982 season.
F.3 Scottish-Canadian Writer: Residence correspondence; 1981-1982.
F.4 Applications, curriculum vitae and research for applying for Scottish-Canadian exchange.
F.5-6 Correspondence with Scottish Arts Council and Canada Council; 1981-1982.
F.7 Paris: Correspondence, translations of poems by Sutherland; 1982.
F.8 Paris: Correspondence re travel insurance.
F.9 Germany: Correspondence re visit to Germany; 1982.
F.10 Edinburgh: Correspondence re upcoming exchange; 1981.
F.11 Belfast trip: Ms.of prose piece; [1982].
F.12 Various pieces of ms. and ts. on Scotland; [1981-1982].

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