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Simpson, N. F. (Norman Frederick), 1919-

BOX 1 A         Stage Plays
Crates (unpublished; c. 1957-59)
F.1      Worksheets, mostly on the verso of typescripts of miscellaneous material. Ms. 130 pp.
F.2      Part of Act 1. Ts. 26 pp.
The Cresta Run (1965)
F.3      Act 1. Ms. 45 pp.
F.4      Act 2. Ms. 43 pp.
F.5      Act 3. Ms. 24 pp.
F.6-9   Drafts and worksheets for Act 1, Scenes 1, 3, 4, and 5. 67 pp.
F.10-20 Drafts and worksheets for Act 2. 156 pp.
F.21    Drafts and worksheets for Act 3. 11 pp.
F.22    Fragment of a film version. Ms. 13 pp.
F.23    Notes by Peter Fischer for a German version of The Cresta Run. Ms. 4 pp.
Was He Anyone? (1972)
F.24    Worksheets. Ms. and ts. 134 pp.
F.25    Worksheets. Ts. 342 pp.

The Bear. English version of Chekov’s play by N.F. Simpson. (1972).
F.1      Ms. 62 pp.
F.2-4   3 typescripts with revisions. 84 pp.
F.5      Ts. revised. 28 pp.
Three Sketches (unpublished and unperformed)
F.6      “Objection More or Less Sustained”. Ms. 10 pp.
F.7      Ibid. 2 typescripts. 14 pp.
F.8      “Quite”. 4 typescripts. 3rd ts. entitled “Problem Resolved”. 15 pp.
F.9      “Ponder’s End”. 3 typescripts. 3rd ts. entitled “Have With You to Ponder’s End”. 36 pp.
B         Television Plays
Make-A-Man (1965; B.B.C.)
F.10    Draft entitled “The Human Being: Is It Obsolete?”. Ms. 19 pp.
F.11    Draft entitled “The Human Being: Is It Obsolete?”. Ts. 15 pp.
F.12    Shooting script, entitled “Is It Obsolete?”, together with synopsis. 16 pp.
A Resounding Tinkle (not broadcast).
F.13    2 typescripts (car.). 56 pp.
F.14    The technician’s speech. Ts. 4 pp.
Three Rousing Tinkles (1966; B.B.C.)
F.15    The Father By Adoption of One of the Former Marquis of Rangoon’s Natural Grand-Daughters. Ms. 63 pp.
F.16    If Those Are Mr. Heckmondwick’s Own Personal Pipes They’ve Been Lagged Once Already. Ms. 33 pp.
F.17    Ibid. 1st draft. Ts. 34 pp.
F.18    Ibid. 2nd draft. Ts. 39 pp.
F.19    The I Can Do By Way of a Gate-Leg Table Is a Hundredweight of Coal. Ms. 62 pp.
F.20    Ibid. Early draft. Ms. 26 pp.
F.21    Ibid. Ts. (car.). 43 pp.
Four Tall Tinkles (1967; B.B.C.)
F.22    We’re Due in Eastbourne in Ten Minutes. Ms. 65 pp.
F.23    Ibid. Ts. (car.). 52 pp.
F.24    At Least It’s A Precaution Against Fire. Ts. (car.). 44 pp.
F.25    Ibid. Ts. (car.). 44 pp.
F.26    In a Punt With Friends Under A Haystack on the River Mersey. Ms. and ts. 71 pp.

F.1      Ts. of Some Tall Tinkles used as printer’s copy-text. Incomplete. 60 pp.
A Look At Life: The Human Being (1972; not broadcast)
F.2      1st draft. Ts. (car.). 12 pp.
F.3      2nd draft. Ts. (car.). 10 pp.
F.4      3rd draft. Ts. (photocopy). 4 pp.
Silver Wedding (1974; Yorkshire T.V.)
F.5      Ts. (car.). 31 pp.
F.6      Rehearsal script. Mimeograph. 44 pp.
An Upward Fall {1978; Granada T.V.)
F.7      Rehearsal script. Mimeograph, with extensive revisions. 119 pp.
F.8      Camera script. Mimeograph. 107 pp.
F.9      Script of 7th episode. Mimeograph, with revisions. 43 pp.
C         Radio Plays
Something Rather Effective (1972; B.B.C.)
F.10    Worksheets. Ms., some ts., with revisions. 163 pp.
F.11    Draft. Ts. with extensive revisions. 65 pp.
F.12    Drafts and worksheets. Ts., numbered leaves, some originals and some carbons. Extensively revised. 159 pp.

F.1-2   Drafts and worksheets. Ts., unnumbered leaves, extensively revised. 298 pp.
F.3      Rehearsal script. Mimeograph. 25 pp.
Six Sketches For Radio (1974; B.B.C.)
F.4      Ts. 34 pp. in soft binder (incomplete).
F.5      Ts. (car.). 36 pp. in soft binder (complete).
F.6      Broadcast script. Mimeograph, with revisions. 12 pp.
D         Other Works
A Little Book of Water Chutes...
F.7      Ts. (car.). 21 pp.
Harry Bleachbaker
F.8      Page proofs. 611eaves, spiral-bound.
E         Correspondence
F.9.     Outgoing correspondence.
TLs     N.F. Simpson to George [Devine], June 27, 1960
ALs     N.F. Simpson to George [Devine], July 29, 1961
APcs   N.F. Simpson to George [Devine], February 18, 1963
APcs   N.F. Simpson to George [Devine], July 17, 1963
APcs   N.F. Simpson to George [Devine], May 25,1964
F.10.   Incoming and other correspondence.
TL(car)           George Devine to N.F. Simpson, August 16, 1961
TL(car)           George Devine to N.F. Simpson, February 8, 1963
TL(car)           William Gaskill to N.F. Simpson, April 29, 1965
ALs                 Leslie Hazen to N.F. Simpson, December 2, 1957
Card                K. and K. Holldack to N.F. Simpson, n.d.
ALs                 S.L. Shipton to [V.W. Hunter]           May 15, 1960
TL(car)           V.W. Hunter to S.L. Shipton, May 17, 1960
TLs                 V.W. Hunter to Pieter Rogers, May 17,1960
TLs                 Pieter Rogers to N.F. Simpson, May 18,1960
TL(car)            N.F. Simpson to S.L. Shipton, May 28, 1960
TL(car)           N.F. Simpson to V.W. Hunter, May 28, 1960
ALs                 Brian Jones to William Gaskill, January 8, [1967]
TL(car)           William Gaskill to Brian Jones, January 13,1967
ALs                 Brian Jones to William Gaskill, January 23, [1967]
TLs                 V.J.S. Gray to George Devine, April 3, 1958
TL(car)           George Devine to V.J.S. Gray, April 8, 1958
TL(car)           Pieter Rogers to Reg March (with attachments), December 11, 1959
TL(car)           Pieter Rogers to Reg March (with attachment), December 28,1959
ALs                 Sophie Gregson to the Manager, Royal Court Theatre, May 21, 1966
TL(car)           Sandra Walton to Sophie Gregson, June 1, 1966
AL                  Koala Taxi Service, December 20, 1959
TLs                 W.S.G. Operating Co. to the Royal Court Theatre (with invoice), December 21, 1959
TL(car)           Pieter Rogers to W.S.G. Operating Co., January 21, 1960
TLs                 W.S.G. Operating Co. to Pieter Rogers, January 22, 1960
TL(car)           Pieter Rogers to W.S.G. Operating Co., January 26, 1960
F         Miscellaneous
F.11    Programme and handbill for The Bear.
F.12    Programme for The Cresta Run.
Proof copy of The Cresta Run.
Offprint of The Cresta Run from Plays and Players, February 1966.
F.13    Programme note on The Hole. Ts. (car.). 1 p.
F.14    One Way Pendulum: programme notes (6 pp.); handbill (2); programme; programme dummy; programme proof sheets.
F.15    10 stills from the film version of One Way Pendulum.
F.16    Author’s proofs of Some Tall Tinkles.
F.17    Photocopy of “The Strawlined Hydrant” (a story), from Vogue, Mid-March, 1960.
F.18    Programme and handbill for Was He Anyone?

Filed after Folder 18 in Box 4
Ten Years At The Royal Court 1956/1966. Souvenir programme.
Ark 25 (1960). Simpson’s A Little Book... on pp. 34-41.
Ex #1 (June 1963). Included is an Italian translation of Simpson’s A Little Book..., entitled Piccolo Libro di.

Fonds Description

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