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Anderson Affair at Sir George Williams University collection

All material is contained in File 7. It is located in a box with two other collections.

Chronicle of events published by the University Administration regarding the affair, February 1968- January 1969, photocopy of mimeograph, 8 pages; also news clipping statement, 6 pages

Review of this chronicle by Assistant Professors Chester Davis and Clarence Bayne, photocopy of mimeograph, 7 pages

"Proposed draft of a call for the establishment of an impartial commission to inquire into the events leading up to the violence at Sir George Williams University," mimeograph, 1 page

Letter published by the Defence Committee and read at Ottawa, ON, mimeograph, 1 page, attached to a chronicle of events

Letter to the editor of the Montreal Star, 1 March [1968?], photocopy of mimeograph ts., 2 pages

Letter (photocopied) from Davis and Bayne to Professor Adamson, 22 January 1969

Extracts from The Georgian, ts. carbon, 3 February 1969, 3 pages

Two audio cassettes, with typed transcript which begins: "This is Professor Anderson's class. We decided in April to bring some charges of racism and incompetence against the professor." 18 pages

Flyers and other printed material.

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