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Peace Brigades International

Ninth Accrual. Liam Mahony files. – 1980-2007. – 2.4 m of textual records and graphic material.

Box 109
F.1 PBI Nepal/BEO 2007, PBI fundraising 2006
F.2 IC call 31 May 2006 - PBI IFC 2006 May 2006
F.3 IFC 2005 – PBI ISEC 2006 Budget, ISEC Finances 2005
F.4 Strategic Planning 2004 Proposals – Review Process – Workshop Reader part 2, minutes Nov 2, 2001 Mannenbach, Switzerland.
F.5 Evaluation Country /groups 2004, MEP 2005
F.6. Nepal 2005, MEP 2004-2005 finance
F.7 IC Fundraising 2004, PBI USA fundraising 2002, 2003-2005 registration non-profit organisation Secretary of State project contributions to the ISEC discussion 2004
F.8 Nepal 2004

Box 110
F.1  PBI Council meeting 2003
F.2  PBI MEP 2004 Reunion, MEP 2002 reports
F.3  PBI COP 2004 Evaluation.
F.4  PBI IP 2004 evaluation, GA preparation June 2005 London. IC conference calls 2004
F.5  MEP 2004 evaluation, IP evaluation 2004.
F.6  PBI USA trainings 1995, Formulation PBI Strategy 2005-11
F.7  PBI 2004-2005 draft ISEC plans
F.8  PBI 2004 IC meeting.

Box 111
Research Unarmed Bodyguards
F.1  Leaflets, newsletters about Haiti and from PBI Haiti Project 1994-1998, Peace team news 1997-1998
F.2  NCOORD -GAP 1995
F.3  NCOORD/crossroads 1993-1995
F.4  Tour 1999 presentation U.B., review of the book 1997, PBI articles 1993, Peace Teams: Royden, Boulding
F.5  Draft Reader U.B and documents.1993 rights
F.6  Pressure groups, Peter Willets – article; Human Rights Quarterly/article Laurie S.Wiseberg; Articles: Ved. P. Nanda, J.R.Scarritt. G.W.Shepherd Jr.; H.M.Scobble, L.S Wiseberg (2); G.W Shepherd Jr.; A. Blaser; R. Deffenbaugh Jr.; Article Human Rights in International Law – David Weissbrodt
F.7  Article: Jackie Smith, Ron Pagnucco and Winnie Rommeril 1994; Article: Katryn Sikkink, “Human Rights principled issue-networks & sovereignty in LatinAmerica”; Article: Lowell Livezey, “Nongovernmental Organisations and the Ideas of Human Rights”; Article: Jerome J. Shestack; Article Glenn Snyder/Paul Diesing; “External Bargaining and Internal Bargaining”.
F.8  Campaign literature.

Box 112
Research Unarmed Bodyguards
F.1  Article: Charles C. Walker PBI : Peacekeepers and Peacemakers; Article: Katarina Tomasevski; Development Aid and Human Rights Revisited; Publication: Out of the Shadows 1993 An EPICA/CHRLA report.
F.2  Guatemala: Military various articles. Charles C. Walker: “A World Peace Guard”. Article Gene Sharp. Publications Avansco; 1995 “Jorge Nef, and 1993Agricultura y campesinado en Guatemala”
F.3  Articles re gender: Carolyn Nordstrom, JoAnn Martin, Article Women Studies vol 14 pg 37-47, 1991; Article Linda Green “Fear as a Way of Life”
F.4  Excerpts from volunteer Journal, volunteer letters.
F.5 Letters from volunteers, article: Review of International Studies 16, 19-37 David Allen and Michael Smith, Article “Tiempo de Paz Conflictos Internacionales”, Gustavo Palomares Lerma, Article “Peace-keeping and non violent interposition by PBI” A .Paul Hare 1995. Summary notes Dan Clark 1995 phone interview.
F.6  Human Rights Quarterly articles 1990,1991,1993, “Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948”. “Peacekeeping Human Rights” Jan. 1994 article “Amnesty International”. Article David Weissbrodt.
F.7  Articles U.N and Peacekeeping; Robin Hay, Inda Jit Rikhye- Kjeell Sjelsbaek, Alan M. James. Fact Finding mission by Hans Thoolen and Berth Verstappen.
F.8  Publication: The Role and Status of International Humanitarian Volunteers and Organisations, Yves Beigbeder.
F.9  Articles: “Democracy under Siege” Augusto Varas. “Militarization in Guatemala,” Carol A. Smith, Native People, The Battle for Guatemala, El Salvador: Military various articles. Sri Lanka Military.

Box 113
Research Unarmed Bodyguards
F.1  Amnesty International and America’s Watch Reports
F.2  CCIM – CCPP – CPRS  – Journal and documents.  Various articles Guatemala.
F.3  Various articles PBI, articles Hazel Tulecke 1983-1984
F.4  Letters Joe Gorin 1988-1989
F.5  Volunteer Letters 1984-1987, Letters Karen Brandon.
F.6  Volunteer Letters: Marlys Gehret, Steve Molnar, Barbara Edith  Scott (Barb), Janey Skinner.

Box 114
Research Unarmed Bodyguards
F.1  Letters Guatemala 1991, 1992-1994, Katryn Shelton 1986., Testimonials Guatemala, Introductions.
F.2  Draft Introduction, keywords-index; Text of Citas
F.3  Historical Extract, official documents, PBI Newsletters no 1-5,1982-1984 PBI documents, reports 1983-1985.
F.4  Team reports 1987, Elise Boulding newsletter 1995
F.5  Liam Mahony personal files remaining from PBI International Office closure in Woolman Hill 1991, the PBI USA office closures in Albany (1990) and in Boston (1993). as well as personal files collected over the years in the capacity of various committees within PBI and PBI USA. (including as international treasurer, member of Central  American Project Committee, member of the International Council, member of the PBI USA National Coordinating Committee and co-founder of the Haiti-Project: pre Trier structure discussion 1989. Philadelphia Office documents, minutes and reports.
F.6  Report PBI Dan Clark 1983 vol 9 no 4, preparation meeting Trier 1988, Report on Status Israel/Palestine Project 1989, PBI Europe 1989
F.7  NCC 3-1-1990 advance materials originals. Meeting minutes NCC 3-3-1990
F.8  NCC conference call 20-08-1991, NCC correspondence 1991
F.9  PBI organising the US 1989 drafts, regional meeting 1/13-14/1990 New England, New York, 3-4/06-1989 minutes
F.10  PBI Regional Organisation 1988-89

Box 115
F.1  Sri-Lanka Project newsletters 1990. PBI 1990 National Gathering 1990 (PBI-USA development office)
F.2  PBI USA structure proposal 1990, 1990 PBI USA conference finances, budget. PBI USA conference 1990 photographs
F.3  PBI USA founding meeting 1989-1990. Sample conference package 1990.
F.4  Conference outreach lists 1990, Logistics 1990, Registration, “What I can do”.
F.5  Documents Finance Project Haiti 1997, Finance received donations 1996 for Projects
F.6  Bank Statements Haiti 1993-1996.
F.7  Invoices to PBI 1994-1995 HAP. Unarmed Bodyguard speaking Tour 1998 Philadelphia
F.8  Speaking tour 1997 Minnesota.
F.9  Speaking tour Indiana & Wisconsin 1998. Speaking Tour Kansas, Missouri, Iowa 1998.

Box 116
F.1  PBI Legal status 1996, PBI USA mailings 1994-1996
F.2  PBI USA Day 1997. PBI IC decisions 1996. Speaking Tours final report and analyses 1997
F.3  PBI USA budget 1997 and NCC meeting 1996, PBI USA report Sept. 1996. Speaking tour 1998.
F.4  Invoices Global/Com Int. 1996-1997.
F.5  Peace News Letters, bulletins, publications. 1998
F.6  ARK film 1999
F.7  IC mailing list 1998. PBI USA fundraising committee 1997.

Box 117
1996-1997 Research in Guatemala for “Risking Return” published in 1998 by Life & Peace Institute Uppsala.
F.1  LPI (Life & Peace Institute) : NGO’s/Refugees. CIREFCA
F.2  CIREFCA documents, interviews.
F. 3 Síntesis Del Qué Hacer de Ideas (alianza, APN, URNG), CEIBA, Memoria 1996 Comisión Nacional para la Atenció n de Repatriados, Refugiados y Desplazados
F. 4 UNHCR/Parinac, Peace Journal New Routes, article Journal of Refugee Studies, 10 no 1 1997. Fedecoag Memoria de labores 1996.
F. 5 Guatemala Churches and the challenge of peacemaking 1997- Minugua/ NGO’s DDHH
F.6 Reunion/Reencuentro

Box 118
1996-1997 Research in Guatemala for “Risking Return” published in 1998 by Life & Peace Institute Uppsala
F.1  Cear/Fonapaz- National NGOs – Union Europea
F.2  Diverse publications Reunion and Reencuentro
F.3 3 Retorno:Analysis – Avancso: Dezplazados – V20 Acomp.
F.4 Guatemala Updates – PBI notigua GNIB – Acuerdos 8 Oct 1992
PBI USA: PBI International Finances, Haiti Trainings, East Timor
F.5 PBI USA: PBI International reports, leaflets and bulletins 1998-2001, quarterly publication PBI European office 2000 - New Project ideas (Salzburg) 1992-1993
F.6 Chad 1993 – Security CAP 1991 – CAP documentation 1992
F.7 Africa SEC 1995-1996. Justice and healing in Sheshatshiu and Davis Inlet 1995. East Timor 1999
F 8 Sudan 1994- PBI Letters and bulletins 1999
F.9 PBI fund appeal letter 1989-1990 (Liam) – SLP closure 1998 – Agendas, Planning evaluations Role plays 1995

Box 119
PBI USA: PBI International
F.1  CPC Training – Non partisanship – Quick Decisions
F.2  CAP preparation for Volunteers 1992, Reunion del comité del CAP Oct 1995, Transaction Records PBI USA 1993
F.3 Transaction Record PBI USA 1994 – PBI USA finance 1995 – PBI IRS Forms 99D 1993-1994
F.4  PB USA Form 99D 1993 and 1992
F.5 PBI USA Form 99D FY 1992 Randy’s copy respond by R. Divinski – form 99D 1991-1992 MA State tax form - 1991 MA State tax form – Letter of tax USA/MA – 1993 non-profit corporation annual report.
F.6  PBI USA 1993 Report MA - 1995 Financial Report – Form 99D 1995
F.7 1990 Bank Statements SLP Philadelphia – SLP account 1989-1990
F.8 IRS form 99D 1988 -1989 -PBI IO financial report 1992 – Final 1992
F.9 CAP 1990 financial reports – 1989 SLP financial reports -1989-1990 Philadelphia SLP ledger – Haiti finance report 1996

Box 120
PBI USA: PBI International
F.1  1990-1991 SLP Transfer – 1996 Haiti Budget - Haiti finance reports 1993 – SLP Budgets 1991 – 1989 Woolman Hill Ledger – SLP 1991 reports
F.2  IO Ledger 1990 Bank statements – Preparatory mission Haiti 4/1995
F.3  Haiti Team Reports 1996 – Haiti Finance reports 1995
F.4  Colombia PBI 1999
F.5  Minutes PBI GA 1998 Sweden – re Welsh video 1999 – Long Term Strategy 1996
F.6  PBI USA 1999 Growth
F.7  Common Fund/ Bank Statements 1996

Box 121
Unarmed Body Guards Research on PBI (CAP – Sri Lanka)
>F.1  PBI Bulletins 1998
F.2  PBI Bulletins 1997-1996
F.3  PBI Bulletins 1995-1990
F.4  PBI Bulletins Pre 5/91 SLP Project Bulletins 1991
F.5  PBI Bulletins 1992 Spanish Bulletins 1992
F.6  PBI Bulletins 1993-1994
F.7  Photocopies SLP bulletins 1990

Box 122
Unarmed Body Guards Research on PBI (CAP – Sri Lanka)
F.1  Initial Background Sri Lanka 1993-1994 – Special Report camp 1993 Sri Lanka visit 1993
F.2  Sri Lanka reports 1993-1995
F.3  Articles Marilyn Krysl “Deeper Darkness” – “Suite for Kokkadicholai Sri Lanka”, articles Sri Lanka newsletters, newspapers 1992-1993
F.4   Sri Lanka Team 1990 meeting - Sri Lanka evaluations 1992-1992 background articles FFMM NUPO
F.5  Sri Lanka draft 1996 – Sri Lanka codes and notes – 1990 De Zoysa
F.6  1990 Sri Lanka diverse articles and newsletters  - Sri Lanka Analysis
F.7  Sri Lanka Monitor 1993 SLP misc. 1992-1993
F.8 MIRJE (Movement for inter racial justice and equality) 1995 – Sri Lanka General 1991

Box 123
Unarmed Body Guards Research on PBI (CAP – Sri Lanka)
F.1  Draft El Salvador (Spanish and English) 1980-1989
F.2  El Salvador 1983 contacts and ERN – SLP 1989-1995
F.3  Exploratory new Project for PBI Croatia 1993-1993 PBI Colombia reports
F.4  Colombia 1991-1994 -  Guatemala History 1990  - Guatemala Team reports 1984-1986
F.5  PBI Project Bulletins 1988
F.6  PBI Project Bulletins 1989

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