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Peace Brigades International fonds. Third accrual. 1981-1994. – 3.6 m of textual records. – 1 video cassette.
Accrual consists of administrative records: correspondence, minutes, reports, newsletters, publicity materials, leaflets, finance, phone notes, notebooks.

Alaine Hawkins Founder of PBI: Correspondence, Reports, Evaluations (Boxes 3-11 and Box 20)
Box 3
F.1 Alice Norton 1986
F.2 Returned Escort; Ideas Jean and Angie O’Gorman 1986
F.3 Toronto Office Reports 1986-1989
F.4 Phone notes 1988
F.5 Phone notes 1989
F.6 George Willoughby 1985-1987
F.7 Newsletter 1988 World Connections
F.8 Rebecca Yoder Neufeld 1985-1987
F.9 Albrecht Carman 1987
F.10 Karen Beetle 1988
F.11 Neil Bowen
F.12 Richard Broughton 1985-1987
F.13 Jo Leigh, Commandant Coordinator, 1984-1985
F.14 Narayan Desai, information and correspondence, 1987-1988
F.15 Dick Chartier, correspondence 1983
F.16 Chip Coffman, correspondence 1987
F.17 Desai-Jyothibhai and Maline 1988-1990
F.18 Diaz Jaime correspondence 1983-1989
F.19 Piet Dijkstra 1987-1994
F.20 Ethel Herb articles 1985

Box 4
F.1 Fortunato 1983
F.2 Judith Fox Lee, correspondence 1986-1988
F.3 David Hartsough, correspondence 1984-1989
F.4 Alaine Hawkins 1986-1987 meetings
F.5 Alaine Hawkins 1989-1991 includes Report on trip ca.1988
F.6 Jean Hennessey 1985-1988
F.7 Mary Link correspondence 1987 -1989
F.8 Alaine Hawkins 1987-1989
F.9 Larry Lack article 1989-1990
F.10 Julio Reports 1988
F.11 Richard Alain correspondence 1985-1989
F.12 Emily Ryan Gehr correspondence 1986
F.13 Eric Robinson correspondence 1988-1990
F.14 Larry Towell 1986-1990
F.15 Hazel Tulecke 1985-1987
F.16 Samuel Jj Oc 1987-1990

Box 5
F.1 PBI – Spain (Francisco etc.) 1989
F.2 Jean Marie Simon, 1988-1989
F.3 Sulak Sivaraksa 1987 (Transnational Perspectives)
F.4 Hans Sinn 1985-1990
F.5 Pablo Stanfield 1985-1988
F.6 Patrick Straehl 1987-1989
F.7 Murray Thomson 1985
F.8 Rene Wadlow 1983
F.9 Priscilla Lippincot 1985
F.10 Miscellaneous 1983-1988
F.11 Phil Mcmanus 1988-1989
F.12 Carl Kline 1987-1989
F.13 Christel Konemund 1986-1989
F.14 Harry Noyes 1988
F.15 Heather Neun 1989
F.16 John Lindsay Poland 1987-1989
F.17 Liam Mahoney (Recorded Campo Pago Endorsement)
F.18 Peterson, Betty 1984-1987
F.19 Didier Platon 1987
F.20 Prasad Devi 1984
F.21 Julio Quan 1983-1989
F.22 Old correspondence 1988-1992
F.23 Julio Quan Reports 1987-1988
F.24 Dottie Ross 1986-1989
F.25 C. Walker-mail 1987-1988
F.26 C. Walker correspondence 1983-1988
F.27 Wand Curt 1987
F.28 Washington Contacts 1988

Box 6
Notebooks, Agendas, 1985-1990

Box 7
Notebooks, Agendas, 1985-1990
F.1 Volunteer Selection Process
F.2 Finance CIDA 1983-1986
F.3 Current Finance
F.4 Holding for later action 1985-1986
F.5 Volunteer Selection Committee 1985
F.6 Correspondence; “responsable” 1985
F.7 Job description 1985

Box 8
F.1 Publicity, Annual Reports, Leaflets 1993-1993
F.2 Publicity, Annual Reports, Leaflets, 1991-1993
F.3 Publicity 1987-1989
F.4 Bylaws, Procedures, Guidelines 1981-1993
F.5 International Council Minutes 1994-1995
F.6 General Assembly 1991-1992
F.7 Directorate Minutes 1981-1992
F.8 Int. Council E-mail decisions 1995
F.9 Int. Council E-mail decisions 1995
F.10 PBI Council 1-7 1989/6.7.1989 Trier West Germany
F.11 Peace Education 1992
F.12 Memorial 1993

Box 9
F.1 Philosophy of Non Partisanship (important)
F.2 Project Exploratory Committee Procedures 1992-1994
F.3 Balkan Peace Team 1995
F.4 Balkan Peace Team 1994
F.5 Balkan Peace Team 1993
F.6 Balkan Peace Team 1993
F.7 PBI Directorate 1992-1994
F.8 PBI Directorate 1989-1992

Box 10
F.1 PBI Directorate 1994 from May
F.2 PBI Directorate 1994 until May
F.3 PBI Directorate 1993 from April
F.4 PBI Directorate 1993 until April
F.5 PBI-USA 1992-1996
F.6 Sri Lanka Project 1993-1995
F.7 Sri Lanka Project 1989-1992

Box 11
F.1 Chad 1992-1994
F.2 General Correspondence 1988-1994
F.3 Hans Sinn 1990-1992
F.4 Ueli Wildberger 1990-1992
F.5 Africa 1990-1991
F.6 PBI-Australia and New Zealand 1991
F.7 Austria 1992
F.8 PBI-Europe 1990-1991
F.9 PBI-France 1994
F.10 Central America Project (CAP) 1989-1996
F.11 Colombia 1992-1995
F.12 Haiti 1992-1995
F.13 Sri Lanka 1995
F.14 Current Team Reports 1986 (Guatemala Team)
F.15 Alaine correspondence 1985
F.16 Jean Angie 1986
F.17 Guatemalan Human Rights Commision 1986
F.18 Central America Project Committee 1985-1986

Central America Project (Boxes 12-15)
Box 12
F.1 North Ireland 1989
F.2 Rio Coco 1986
F.3 Big Mountain 1986
F.4 Nicaragua 1984-1986
F.5 Costa Rica 1986
F.6 South Africa 1987
F.7 Social Defence Project Nicaragua 1988
F.8 PBI Comic Book Project 1986
F.9 PBI involvement in other Media Projects
F.10 PBI France 1989-1990
F.11 PBI-Spain 1986-1990
F.12 PBI-Sweden 1990
F.13 From Philadelphia correspondence 1988-1989
F.14 From Philadelphia correspondence 1988-1989
F.15 PBI Administrative Team Minutes 1987-1989
F.16 PBI International Project Info 1988
F.17 International Secretary Research 1987
F.18 Other Organisations 1989
F.19 PBI Albany Field Office 1988-1989
F.20 PBI Directorate Minutes to 1986
F.21 PBI Directorate Minutes 1987-1988
F.22 PBI Directorate Minutes 1989-1990

Box 13
F.1 Publicity Papers, Journals etc. 1986
F.2 Publicity Papers, Journals etc. 1986
F.3 Publicity Papers, Journals etc. 1985
F.4 Publicity Papers, Journals etc.1985
F.5 Publicity Papers, Journals etc.1985
F.6 Publicity Papers, Journals etc.1984
F.7 Publicity Papers, Journals etc.1984
F.8 Publicity Papers, New York Times 1983
F.9 Reports PBI Teams 1983
F.10 PBI Publicity 1982-1984
F.11 Grupo de Apoyo GAM 1985-1986
F.12 GAM Escorts 1985

Box 14
F.1 Former Team 1984-1986
F.2 PBI Europe 1986
F.3 PBI Toronto Support Group 1984-1986
F.4 PBI Fundraising 1984
F.5 Correspondence Pete and Hazel Hill 1985
F.6 Team Reports 1985
F.7 Team Reports 1984-1985
F.8 Finance 1983-1984 PBI Canada
F.9 Finance 1985 Crisis
F.10 Finance Central America Project 1984-1985
F.11 Executive Committee CAP 1984-1985
F.12 Executive Committee CAP 1985
F.13 Correspondence 1984-1986
F.14 Administrative Team Minutes 1984-1986
F.15 PBI reports and publicity 1988
F.16 Bulletins 1988-1989

Box 15
F.1 United Nations World Council on Global Cooperation 1987
F.2 Asociacion Guatemalteca Derechos Humanos 1983
F.3 Executive Minutes 1989 CAP
F.4 Team Report 1983
F.5 Publicity Canadian Papers (Tour Rigoberta Menchu) 1988
F.6 Publicity 1988
F.7 Publicity 1988
F.8 Derechos Humanos de Guatemala – El Salvador 1983-1984
F.9 Publicity 1989
F.10 Fundraising Speaking Tours 1988-1989
F.11 Phone notes 1987
F.12 Team Phone notes Guatemala 1985-1986
F.13 Team Phone notes 1986
F.14 Team Phone notes 1985
F.15 PBI Phone notes General July-Oct 1985
F.16 PBI Phone notes General Feb.-Apr.1985

PBI International Office (Boxes 16-19)
Box 16
F.1 Training Scheme, Proposal, Notes, Evaluation 1985
F.2 International Coordinator 1989-1991
F.3 International Office Move 1989
F.4 Legal Liability and Insurance 1991
F.5 International Office Move 1991
F.6 Bylaws 1982 Originals
F.7 Bylaws Post Trier 30-5-1990 signed copy communication with lawyer.
F.8 I.O. Administrative Team Miscellaneous papers pre 1990
F.9 Reports from resource group Nicaragua Project 1988-1989
F.10 Correspondence Nicaragua Project 1988-1989
F.11 Fundraising Campaign Nicaragua Civil Defence Project 1988-1989
F.12 Various Reports and Proposals of Julio Quan 1989
F.13 Various Reports and Proposals of Julio Quan 1989
F.14 Central American Reports 1987-1989
F.15 Julio Quan Personal Info (Central America Rep) 1985-1989
F.16 University for Peace and Development Nicaragua 1988-1989
F.17 Swiss Delegation to Nicaragua and Set up of PBI Swiss Romande.
F.18 Minutes from Nicaragua Project 1988-1989
F.19 Misc. Correspondence 1992
F.20 Misc. Correspondence 1985
F.21 Misc. Correspondence 1991
F.22 Nicaragua Project Planning and Proposal 1989
F.23 Nicaragua Project Planning and Proposal 1989
F.24 Nicaragua Project, Trainers, Correspondence and information 1988

Box 17
F.1 Bibliography 1984 and 3rd revision
F.2 Old stationary pre 1989. Added minutes 1981-1987
F.3 Video cassette 1987
F.4 Formal letters (standard) and application forms pre 1989
F.5 Annual Reports 1988
F.6 Early Academic Papers 1984-1985
F.7 Early Press cuttings 1984-1985
F.8 Visioning and futuring 1990
F.9 Spanish Bulletin 1990 (Jan, Mar., Apr., Jun., Jul., Dec.)
F.10 Spanish Bulletin 1991 (Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.)
F.11 Spanish Bulletin 1989 (Jun., Sept., Nov., Dec.).
F.12 Project Bulletin English 1990 (Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul. Sept., Nov., Dec)
F.13 English Bulletin 1989 (Jan., Mar., Apr., May, Jul., Aug., Sept., Nov.)
F.14 English Bulletin 1988 (Oct., Nov.)
F.15 Newsletters 1985 and 1989
F.16 New Members 1989
F.17 General Correspondence 1987-1989
F.18 Brochures up to 1994
F.19 Appeal for Volunteers 1985
F.20 Newsletter and Evaluations 1990-1991
F.21 External Correspondence (up to 1992)
F.22 Country Group Reports 1990
F.23 Aotearoa/New Zealand to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity materials, reports)
F.24 PBI Australia, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity materials, reports)
F.24 PBI Austria, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity materials)
F.25 PBI Belgium, to end1992 (correspondence, publicity)
F.26 PBI Britain, to end 1992 (constitution, minutes, publicity materials)
F.27 PBI Canada, to end 1992 (correspondence, minutes, publicity materials)
F.28 PBI France, to end 1992 (publicity, bulletins)
F.29 PBI France, to end 1992 (correspondence)
F.30 PBI Germany, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity materials)

Box 18
F.1 PBI Italy, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity)
F.2 PBI Netherlands, to end 1992 (publicity, correspondence, policy documents)
F.3 PBI Spain, to end 1992 (publicity, volunteer info, correspondence)
F.4 PBI Sweden, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity)
F.5 PBI Suisse-Romande, to end 1992 (publicity, reports, correspondence)
F.6 PBI Switzerland (German), to end 1992 (publicity)
F.7 PBI USA, to end 1992 (minutes, mailings, publicity)
F.8 PBI USA, to end 1992 published report (bulletin)
F.9 PBI USA, to end 1992 (correspondence, publicity, work report)
F.10 PBI USA, to end 1989 New England Region (Publicity,Correspondence, reports)
F.11 European Assembly Milan 1992 (Minutes [English], Draft Minutes, Correspondence)
F.12 European Annual Meeting 1987
F.13 European Annual Meeting 1988
F.14 European Annual Meeting 1989
F.15 European Assembly 1990 Switzerland
F.16 European Assembly 1991 Switzerland
F.17 European Coordination pre 1991 (meetings, newsletter, minutes, publicity)

Box 19
F.1 I.O. Mailings various Jan-Sept 1992
F.2 I.O. Mailing Spanish Sept. 1992
F.3 I.O. Mailing Dec. 1992 Spanish/English
F.4 I.C. Conference call 28-11-1992 (Background papers and minutes)
F.5 I.C. Conference call 24-09-1992 (Background papers). No minutes existing.
F.6 I.C. Conference call 14.07.1992 (also mailing and minutes 1991)
F.7 General Assembly 1992 Georgian Bay (Agenda, Notes)
F.8 General Assembly 1992 Georgian Bay (English Papers)
F.9 General Assembly 1992 Georgian Bay Minutes (Spanish-English)
F.10 General Assembly 1989 Trier (Miscellaneous papers)
F.11 General Assembly 1989 Trier (Minutes)
F.12 International Office Leaflets pre 1995?
F.13 Annual Report 1992 (Finals, Spanish/English)
F.14 Annual Report 1991 Finals (English/Spanish) Paste-Up Version
F.15 Annual Report 1990
F.16 Buletin Mensual 1992 (Jan., Mar., May, Oct., Dec.)
F.17 Project Bulletins 1991 (Jan., Mar., Oct., Nov., Dec.)
F.18 Project Bulletins 1992 (Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun./Jul., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.)
F.19 International Newsletter 1990-1992

Box 20 Alaine Hawkins
F.1 Directorate up to 1992
F.2 Directorate 1991
F.3 Alaine Hawkins 1992
F.4 Approval Project Exploratory Committee 1992
F.5 Early PBI Founding of PBI (important) 1981
F.6 Thailand 1992
F.7 U.N. Congo 1990-1991
F.8 Middle-East 1988-1990
F.9 PBI Southeast Asia 1988
F.10 Sri Lanka (General Information Inquiry to Sri-Lanka) 1984
F.11 Sri Lanka 1989-1990
F.12 The Middle East 1988-1990

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