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Military collection. First, second, and third accruals. – 1863-1973. – 88 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia. – 1 flag, 3 pennants, 1 swagger stick, 2 pins, 2 candle holders, 1 banner, 1 badge, 1 arm band.

First and second accruals. – 1863-1973. – 52 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia. – 1 flag, 3 pennants, 1 swagger stick, 2 pins.

First accrual

Box 1
F.1       Military Christmas Cards (World Wars I and II, n.d.)
3rd Toronto Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Christmas card, 1914; with photograph of the battalion on Salisbury Plain; includes envelope
1st Field Company Canadian Engineers. Christmas card. 1915
7th Canadian General Hospital. Christmas card. 1916, with photograph of the hospital in the field
48th Division, Somme, Peronne, Ypres, 1917; illustrated
9th Battalion Canadian Field Artillery. Christmas card. Mons, France, 1918
Royal Canadian Air Force, Trenton, Ontario, Seasons’ Greetings, 1943; menu
205 Canadian Arm’d. Ord. Sub-Pk. Christmas card. Italy, 1944
“C” Squadron, 2n/10th Dragoons; 54th Battery, R.C.A, Brantford, Ont., n.d.
Corps of Military Staff Clerks. Christmas card from Donald C. Jeffery, n.d..
Roy Naden, West Coast Station, Esquimalt, B.C., n.d.
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (R.C.A.S.C.), n.d., 3 cards
Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment, n.d.

Military: World War I
F.2       Postcard sent from a POW camp in Kansk, Siberia to T. Fuchs in Austria; pmk. 18 March 1915
F.3       Postcard sent by M. Jamison in Port Said to Miss Craig in New Zealand; pmk. 6 Oct. 1915, Indian Expeditionary Force; mainly re the arrival of Nurse McLeod; postcard photograph of Cairo
F.4       10th Royal Grenadiers Overseas Battalion. Toronto, Ontario, [1914-1915], 5 recruitment leaflets
Canadian War Records Office. The Canadian War Pictorial: A Photographic Record: No. 1. Issued for the Canadian War Records Office by Hodder and Stoughton, London and Toronto. [ca. 1915]
Canada. Canadian Expeditionary Force, Fifteenth Battalion, Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men, 1915
Band of the 60th Rifles of Canada, letter from, 21 March 1914

Military: World War II (postcards and letters)
F.5       Postcard from Robert Jean Marcel in Stalg 6J to Antoine Cardot in Saint Etienne, France, 28 Dec. 1941
F.6a     Letter from Cpl. Thomas J. Hunter, stationed in England to his brother in Canada
F.6       Postcard from Fernando Sesto, POW Campo Numero 306 in the Middle East, to Signor Podesta in Pavia, Italy, 23 Feb. 1942.
F.7       Letter from Bolestar Gravowski, Stalg 11A, to Irena Gravowska in Leipe, Germany, 8 June 1942.
F.8       Royal Canadian Air Force, letter to H.G.W. Ashley, 9 July 1942
F.9       Postcard from J.E. Hayes, Stalag 20A, to I. Roberts in Buckley, U.K., 28 Nov. 1942
F.10     Postcard from Eugeniusz Bsk, Stalag 7A, to [-] Tadeusz, at a hotel in Isere, France, 20 Nov. 1943.
F.11     Postcard from Leopoldo Cressi, Stalag 11A, to Amelai Cressi in Trieste, Italy, 28 Nov. 1943
F.12     Postcard from André Augagnon in a forced labour camp to his parents in France, 1944
F.13     Postcard from a son to his parents (father’s name is Gaston Demarcy), 11 April 1944. The son is in a forced labour camp in Gladbeck, Germany; his parents are in Tolouse, France.
F.14     Postcard from Richard Deguldre (?), Prison Camp 10A, to his wife in Haincourt, Belgium, 3 May 1944. Language: French
F.15     Postcard from D. Tančevíc, Stalag 9, to Magdalena Tančevíc in Belgrade, 4 August 1944.
F.16     Letter from someone in Stalag 11B to Mrs. Stadnicki (?) in Bromberg (aka Bydgoszcz, Poland), 29 Nov. 1944

F.17     Military: World War II leaflets and cards
“Arrived Safely Thanks to British Conveys”. Leaflet, [194-]; illustration, also text in 11 languages
Canadian Army Overseas (United Kingdom). “Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication on the Cessation of Hostilities on the European Front. 1945
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “CBC War Effort: Exhibit Guide”. Toronto, Ontario, ca. 1946
Canada. Food Service pledge card, [1940-1945]
“Do Not Disturb, War Worker Sleeping”, 1942
Royal Canadian Air Force, Leave form, 1 September 1945

F.18     “Take Part of Your Change in War Savings Stamps; Saving is Serving”; on verso is stamped “Always ask you customer to take part of the change in War Savings Stamps”; display card for use by business.

F.19     Military: World War II pamphlets
“Red Cross Knitting Instructions for War Work”, issued by the Canadian Red Cross Society, Nov. 1940
“50 Facts about Britain’s War Effort”, November 1944
“The Maple Leaf Scrapbook”, Souvenir Book printed in Belgium, ca. 1945

F.20     Military: World War II periodicals
The Aircraftman, St. Thomas, Ont., Feb. 1943
Canada at War, issues 30 and 38, Nov. 1943 and July 1944; no. 3, revised to 1 June 1941
Flak, Edmonton, Alberta, 1, no. 1 (22 December 1943)

F.21a Two issues of Royal Canadian Air Force periodical, Roundel, 1958 and 1964. Note: Provenance unknown; not Morris Norman.

F.21     Military: other
“Armistice Day Ceremonial”, 10th anniversary, 1928
“Visit of the Fifth Frigate Squadron of the Royal Navy to Canada”, 1959
Envelope only, mailed in Viet Nam from the Military Component, Canadian Delegation for International Commission for Control and Supervision, 1973

F.22     Four soliders who served in the American Civil War. Photographed by E. Stanton, Coburg, Canada West in 1863
F.23     Two cabinet cards, William Notman, Montreal and Ottawa: Major and Mrs. Russell, 1867, no. 24412; Major Feilden, 1867, no. 28341. One carte-de-visite, Capt. Gosling, 60th Riffles, Montreal, 1863; no. 5554. Information on these items from the McCort Museum.

Note: The Flag from the first accrual is located in Box 2.

Second accrual
F.24     World War I: four postcards: Canadian, British, French. Also one C.E.F. Christmas card.
F.25     World War I: "Kriegspaten Abzeichen"; two pins on a printed card -- a charity for the children of fallen soldiers from the Austrain-Hungarian Empire. One pin contains a crest and the year 1916; the other is of a small child Franz Jos. Otto Erzh
F.26     World War II: Canadian Pupil's War Saving Pass Book; postcard, "Em Liberdate", in Brazilian Portuguese, 1939; British National Service act registration card. The postcard, with a Royal Canadian Navy flag, partially translates as: "Canada in the last victorious war was mainly agricultural. Today it is also a major industrial nation. Steel is one of its vital contributions for the victory in the war". Also 12 b&w photographs stapled together re Canada House, Calcutta. During the Second World War this private home was requisitioned for Canadian airforce personnel and for two years was known as Canada House. It is currently the Fairlawn Hotel, 13-A Sudder Street, Kolkata.
F.27     "Royal Air Force. Notebook for Use in Schools". It contains handwritten notes, charts, and maps, some on controls and navigation.
F.28     Display card, "On Active service with Canada's Army", G.K. Odell. The card depicts a female member of the army saluting. It contains several autographs on the back.
F.29     "Victoria Rifles of Canada, 1861-1951, Historical Notes"; pamphlet
F.30     "NORAD, a new dimension in aerospace defense", 1968; folder containing fact sheets and a press release issued by the 22nd NORAD region in North Bay. Also b&w photographs. Two are of General Seth J. McKee and Major-General Maurice Lipton. The fact sheets on these two men were issued in 1969. The remainder of the photographs have information sheets.

Box 2
World War I flag. [1914-1918]. 2.5 x 1.25m. Cotton Muslim. Woods Mfg. Co. Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Red border on cream white background featuring the Union Jack, the Order of the Garter, and the coat of arms and insignia of the Prince of Wales. Probably used to raise money for Victory Bond drives. Has note on provenance from the original owner’s grandson. (First accrual)

Box 3
Wooden carved plaque “Queens Rangers 1st Amerns”. The letters “ns” are elevated. The Queen’s Rangers were formed in 1925 by the amalgamation of the Second Battalion with the West Toronto Regiment. In 1927 the Rangers were allowed to assume the title of a loyalist regiment from the American Revolutionary War. (First accrual)

Second accrual (continued)
-3 Canadian pennants: red felt with text "One with Britain Heart and Soul", illustrated with soldier, British flags and maple leaves; blue fabric on felt, "HMSC Sioux", illustrated with the navy ensign, anchor, and small silhouette of the ship; red felt "Camp Borden", illustrated with crossed flags (now blank)
-Col. print, "Victoria Cross for Conspicious Bravery" printed by Buffalo Pictorial Company, Buffalo, N.Y. The VC is the highest military honour bestowed by Great Britain. The print depicts a calvery soldier rescuing a fellow soldier. From the setting the event is probably from the Boer War in South Africa. The print has some water damage.
-Sir Arthur Currie Dart Team; small cards pasted on a sheet -- each team member has a caricature and quotation. Currie was a Canadian general in World War I.
-Farewell (retirement collage) of film, paper, ink, photographs and pigments on wood for Squadron Leader C.E. Waught, Commanding Office, A AW(F) O.T.U., RCAF Stn. Cold Lake, Alberta, 1961
-B&w photograph of members of the Royal Flying Corps Mechanical Transport Section standing with their vehicles in front of Davenport Barracks in Toronto in Apri 1917. Photographed by Balkemore Studio, Yonge Street, Toronto
-B&w photograph, No. 1 C.A.H.U. Track and Field Team, Bordon Area Champions, C.A.S.F. 1940; photographed by H. Shrubb in Farnham. Group photograph of gunners, officers, and Lt. Co. J. Roberts, Commanding Officer

Box 4
Wooden carved painted plaque, "Canadian Fuseliers Sergeant's Mess; Admittance by Mess Card Only"

Box 5
Painted sign meant to be held (possibly a theatrical use) -- marching soldiers with cannon cut out on parchment (?)

(In a protective tube) Swagger stick belonging to E. McMahon, 1935. The wooden stick has a brass cap on top with the crest of the Royal Montreal Regiment.

Box 6
Serving tray with painting under glass of British ship attacking a submarine. Two union jacks are also painted on the tray.

Third accrual. – 1878-[ca. 196-] – 36 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 11 photographs, 2 cabinet cards. – 2 items of realia (textile, candlesticks). – 6 oversize items.

Box 7
F.1       31st Grey Regiment, Headquarters Owen Sound. Four photographs; two of which contain soldiers wearing caps with the number “31”. One of these has printed on the side: “Awarded ‘Honorable Mention’, Paris Exposition, France, 1878. Another shows a group of soldiers in Queenston Heights. The Brock monument (a tower) can be seen in the distance. The group is at an engraved cairn, marking the place where Sir Isaac Brock died. All images are pasted on board. Note: Identification of these items and their relations may have been provided by the seller; it is no longer extant here.
F.2       Cabinet card, image by William Notman, Montreal, of three military men, n.d.
F.3       Cabinet card of a military man surrounded by various battle scenes, taken by John. Bornemann, in Verden Aller in Lower Saxony, Germany.

World War I:
F.4       Huron County Regiment, b&w photograph pasted on board, [1914-1918]. This regiment formed part of the 2nd Contingent of the 33rd Battalion in World War I. Written in pencil on the verso: “33rd Huron County Regt. ca. 1900”
F.5       Empire Day 1915, pamphlet with envelope, Department of Education, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1915
F.6       Student Notebook, illustration of Canadian soldier and ship on cover with printed title “Overseas”, 1915 with student’s signature, various student notes inside.
F.7       Dinner invitation, “tendered to Dr. Walter McKeown and Dr. John A. Amyot on the eve of their departure for Active Service at the Front by Their Friends at the Ontario Club, Toronto, Thursday April 8, 1915”; includes menu.
F.8       Palace Theatre, Carlisle, printed card on the anniversary of the declaration of war, August 4, 1915
F.9       “The Allies Velveteen”, printed card with images of Grand Duke Nicholas, General French, General Joffre and King of Belgium, above soldiers from various countries, [1914-1918]
F.10     National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers (Enfield Branch) Sports, Branch Officials, Committee and Stewards, photograph, b&w pasted on board, [1917-1920], taken by Eames & Sons at 17 Kingston Road, Edmonton. Enfield is a London U.K. borough. In 1921 the federation became the Royal British Legion.

Interwar Years 1919-1938:
F.11     “Greetings from Moncton”, Welcome Home printed document from the City Council, Citizens and Mayor of Moncton, New Brunswick, 1919.
F.12     “Canada in Action: a Souvenir of the Canadian War Memorials Exhibition”, Canadian War Memorials Fund, 1919
F.13     Decoration Day printed orders of service, Uxbridge Cemetery, June 29, 1924 and 28 June 1925
F.14     “Toronto Garrison Military Tournament”, programme, Royal Coliseum, 19-22 May 1926.
F.15     Three handwritten notes on Canadian Engineers letterhead; two are signed C.B. Ferris – one of those is dated 24 Dec. 1933 and addressed to Brigadier and Mr. T.V. Andersson
F.16     At Home printed invitation card, The Peel and Dufferin Regiment, Brampton, April 21, 1930
F.17     German document, notice of absence for Fritz Bohne, 48 SS-Standarte, 16 June 1936; stamped and approved.

World War II:
F.18     Canadian Army Active Letter Kit unused, 15 envelopes and notepad with line guide, [1939- 1945?]
F.19     “Victory Loan 1941, Torch Day Ceremonies, June 5, 1941”; printed song sheet
F.20     “Canadian N.C.O’s Drill Course”, Sgt. D. Kings’ Squad Guards, Welsh Guards, Depot Sept. 1941, b&w photograph pasted on board, taken by G.H. Bunce. The names of the soldiers and their various regiments in abbreviation are printed below the photograph.
F.21     Letter and envelope to Murray McLean, Rodney, Ont. from “Reuben”, 18th Field Corps, 3rd Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army Overseas, written on “Active Service with the Canadian Forces” letterhead, 14 May 1942.
F.22     Department of National Defence for Air, Air Force Headquarters Directory, compiled to 12 January 1944, Ottawa, Ont.
F.23     Leading Aircraftman H.W. Deline. Royal Air Force printed absentee card, stamped 29 Apr 1944, No. 418 Squadron, R.C.A.F. [Royal Canadian Air Force]. His absences from May to December 1944 are recorded. Letter addressed to Deline from the Rehabilitation Board, Department of Veteran Affairs for approval to take a course in dressmaking, November 24, 1945, includes receipt of cheque statement, 15 January 1946. Letter to Deline from the RCAF, 28 April 1946 re his use of a suitable military badge. Attached is a brief outline of the regulations governing personnel of the General Section of the Reserve.
F.24     Certificate of purchased Victory Bonds of the Sixth Victory Loan of the Dominion of Canada,        April-May 1944; Certificate of purchased Victory Bonds of the Eighth Victory Loan of the       Dominion of Canada, April-May, 1945. These certificates were not issued to a purchaser. The   verso of one of the cards contains penciled notes about food.
F.25     “30 Corps [United Kingdom] in Germany”, illustrated pamphlet, 1945, with colour fold out map pasted on end paper.
F.26     “Passierschien”; “Safe Conduct”, printed leaflet with text in German and English, contains message concerning the surrender of individual German soldiers issued by Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, 1945.
F.27     H.M.C.S. Wasaga, b&w photograph of the ship’s crew on the dock, part of the minesweeper can be seen in the background [1940-1945]; notes in ink on the verso
F.28     “Souvenir” printed card with image of young cadet, presumably Canadian [ca. 1939-1945]; there is nothing on his uniform to identify him.
F.29     “Serving the Nation in the War …”, Canadian National Railways, pamphlet
F.30     B&w photograph, “Another view of Sandbostel Camp when the Nazis were outside the wire instead of in as now”, [ca. 1945]

Military: Post World War II:
F.31    Recruitment pamphlets:          
            Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 1952
            Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 1952
Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1952
Canadian Army, “Today’s Crusader is the Infantry Man”, [1952]
Canadian Army “Canada’s Army Needs Men Now, Keep Canada Strong”, n.d.
F.32     “The American Legion Goodwill Invasion Toronto Canada July 4-5-6, Canadian Corps Association”, small printed banner with the American and United Kingdom flags, printed in Canada, 1958-1965. Note: The Toronto headquarters opened in 1958; the maple leaf flag was adopted in 1965.

Advertising in support of the military:
F.33     Thumbs Up for Victory”, British American Brewing Company, beer coaster, n.d.
F.34     “Write Often, Thanks Mom!”, Spork tinned meat, illustrated with the image of a soldier holding a letter and a tin of Spork, a Burns product. Blotter.
F.35     “You too can served by saving!, buy War Savings certificates”,; “the History of our Flag”, Laura Secord Candy shops. The flag is the Union Jack
F.36     “That Day is Here Again”, pamphlet about menstruation with cover illustration of a three women – one in military uniform, one in a factory worker clothes, one in farmer clothes. Answers for women who want to do their jobs, including serving in the military or replacing men who are in the military, every day of the month. Canadian Cellucotton Products Co. Ltd., 1944.

Military: Other
F.37     RAF, felt badge, green eagle with gold crown and wings, n.d.
F.38     Canada military arm band, blue and yellow printed on fabric, n.d. The badge may contain the          stylized initials “C D”.
F.39     “The Oxford Rifles”, printed card containing information about a dance evening, issued by J.G. Joyce, Staff Sgt., Secretary. This is presumably the Oxford Rifles from Oxford county, Ontario. Admission for gentlemen was $1.50

Military Christmas and New Year’s Cards, 26 items, ca. 1917-1942
F.40    - 21st Reserve Battalion Alberta, signed by Sgt A.R. Kerr, 1917
- Queen’s Rangers, 1st American Regiment, Toronto, 1928; contains a printed image of Colonel Robert Rogers who commanded the Rangers from 1756 to 1777
- Mississauga Horse, Toronto, 1930; contain a col. printed image of the regiment’s banner
- 12th Field Company Canadian Engineers, Winnipeg, 1930-1931
- 12th District Engineers’ Headquarters; 14th Field Company, Canadian Engineers; the 3rd Field Troop Canadian Engineers, Regina, 1930-1931
- First Battalion Canadian Machine Gun Corps, Toronto, 1931
- Grey Regiment, Owen Sound, December 1931
- Headquarters Military District No. 2, 2nd Divisional Engineers, Toronto, Christmas, 1931
Canadian Engineers, Toronto, 1 January 1931
- Third Field Company, Canadian Engineers, Ottawa, 1931; contains a printed image of annual t      raining at Petawawa.
- Canadian Engineers, Toronto, 1 January 1932
- 48th Highlanders of Canada, Toronto, 1931; contains printed image of the officers
- Toronto Regiment, 1931; contains two printed images of presentation of the colours
- 8th Field Brigade Canadian Artillery, 10th, 11th and 40th Field batteries, 1931-1932
- Canadian Army Service Corps, Eighth Divisional Train, Hamilton, Ontario, Christmas 1931, New Year 1932; Lieutenant-Colonel A.J. Taylor, V.D. and officers
- Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, Toronto, 1931-1932
- Sixth Field Company, Canadian Engineers, 1931-1932
- York Rangers, Toronto, January 1932; Lieutenant-Colonel J. Murray Muir; encl. At Home ticket
- Grey Regiment, Owen Sound, December 1932
- Queen’s Rangers, 1st American Regiment, Toronto, 1932, includes At Home invitation and green and black printed image of a Light Infantry Man, 1776-1783.
- Canadian Army Service Corps, Eighth Divisional, Hamilton, 1932-1933
- 1st Battalion Lincoln Regiment, St. Catharines, 1933
- First Battalion Canadian Machine Gun Corps, Toronto, 1933
- Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, Toronto, 1933; contains a printed image “Ridgeway, 1866”
- C.A. (B.)T.C. [Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre], No. 20, Brantford, Ont., 1942

Military Christmas and New Year’s Cards, 9 items, [undated]:
F.41     - Engineer Services, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada, n.d.
- Governor General’s Body Guard, n.d.; Lieut.-Colonel W.L. Rawlinson, M.C., D.D.; contains image of the Guard being inspected
- Seventh Toronto Regiment Canadian Artillery, n.d.
- Fourth Divisional Engineers, Canadian Engineers n.d.
- First Battalion, Dufferin Rifles of Canada, Brantford, Canada, n.d.; Lieutenant Colonel W. Joyce; contains image of the Brantford Armoury
- First Battalion, Wentworth Regiment, Dundas, Ontario, n.d.
- 12th Field Company, Canadian Engineers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, n.d.
- 2nd Divisional Train?, C.A.S.C . [Canadian Army Service Corps], n.d.
- Lorne Rifles (Scottish), A-D companies in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown and Acton, Ont., n.d.

Military: Postcards, 29 items, ca.
F.42     Canadian Forestry Camp, Egham, Surrey, U.K., Canadian Y.M.C.A series, World War I (9 cards):
- Officers Lines
- Officers Mess
- Y.M.C.A. hut
- Interior Y.M.C.A
- Drivers Womens Legion
- Orderly Room and Entrance to Camp
- General View and Main Entrance to Camp
- Their Majesties the King and Queen [George V and Queen Mary] at the Canadian Forestry Camp
- Interior View of Mill
- Interior Y.M.C.A Hut, Showing Stage with Band

Postcards from World War I:
- Heavy Brigade Firing 4.7 guns, Petewawa Ranges, F.E. Grafton and Sons, Montreal, n.d.
- Petewawa River from Military Camp, F.E. Grafton and Sons, Montreal, n.d.
- 47 Gun Changing position, Petewawa, colour, European Postcard Co., Montreal, n.d.
- Torpedo Boats, Halifax, N.S, Canadian Souvenir Cards, W.G. MacFarlane, Toronto, no. 907, n.d.
- Birds eye view of camp, Commercial Photographic Co., London, U.K., n.d.
- View of Camp and Lake, Commercial Photographic Co., U.K. n.d.
- “‘The Tale of the Tanks.’ A Story without Words”. Col., depicts a tank named “Cupid” “Sanctioned by Censor Press Bureau, October 10, 1916.” C.C. Publisher, London, U.K.
- “The British Fleet, being inspected by H.H. King George V at Spithead July 1914 Previous to the Outbreak of War”. “Passed by Press Bureau for Publication”, October 24, 1916
- “Lt. Com. Holbrook, V.C. (of Dardanelles Fame)”. Presented free with “Yes or No” and “Smart Fiction”, n.d.
- “The S.S. Brussels at Zeebrugge and her heroic Captain Fryatt, captured by the Germans on the 23rd June 1919 and shot at Bruges on the 27th July 1916”. This caption also appears in French. Printed in Bruxelles, Belgium.
- Ypres, fabric image of the cathedral, with penciled note on back from a soldier to his mother, 6 December 1916
- “Christmas Wishes”, addressed to Corinne Smith, Somerville, Mass., pmk. 19 December 1917
Comic cards:
- Two cards depicting the British lion; one is captioned “Are We Downhearted? NO!”; the other contains a poem which begins “An army once led by the Kaiser”; nos. 5033 and 5046.
Two cards depicting Kaiser Wilhem:
- “Bill to the Bear: “Have you got your meat card?”, Colour, Comique Series, No. 1772
- “Settling Bill in installments. Here is a little bit on account”, drawn by Chalker

Comic Postcards from World War II (colour):
Illustration of soldier marching in the rain, captioned “On Sentry Duty- Oh! I miss you Tonight”, n.d.
Illustration of sailor and busty woman, captioned “Sorry, Madam, Our Orders are the Search Everyone for Concealed Weapons”, n.d.

B&w photograh of a man in Scottish uniform, n.d.
Portsmouth Dockyard and Warships, addressed to Mrs. A.S. Hardy Hill, pmk 29 July 1938

Box 8A&B
Two candle holders. Each one is made from a brass shells and three bullets. One is marked on the bottom of the shell, “20 M.M. MK 2, 1943”, bullets marked “DAC 1940 VII. The other is marked “20 MM MK4, 1944 with bullets marked “DAC 1941 VII”

Box 9
Purple Royal Canadian Air Force crest, No. 1 I. F.S. Deseronto, purple satin textile banner with fringe.

Box G041
Queen's Own Rifles dinner. Menu in the style of a fan. 16 April 1912.

Oversize items (Not Boxed):
“No. 3 Section E Co., 13th Royal Regiment, 1910” [later the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, Hamilton, Ont.], b&w photograph by Cunningham pasted on board with names of soldiers (all holding the rank of private) depicted.

“Regimental Orders By Lieut.-Col. G. W. Bruce, commanding 35th Regiment, S.F, Headquarters, Barrie, June 6th, 1911” to mobilize. The poster gives instructions for companies leaving Collingwood, Orillia, Midland and Penetang, Ontario.

“Attention, Grey Simcoe Foresters (Active) 4th Reunion of the Old Gang at the Orillia Armoury”, Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3. Poster

Bank of Canada, one dollar bank note, issued January 1937, containing image of King George VI. The bank note is matted on board with a printed title “Wartime Prices and Trade Board”, below is printed “Morris Frankfurt remuneration for services rendered to the Government of Canada …”; hand written on side is “George Gilchrist associate administrator”, [ca. 1939-1951?]

20th Halton Rifle Battalion, sepia tone photograph, pasted on board, 1890. Note: the stamp on the back of the board is not legible. The identification information may have been provided by the seller but it is no longer extant.

“Canadian Teachers and Pupils Respond”. Folded poster with examples of posters used in the war saving stamps campaign which began in schools in 1941.

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