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Mark Krakowski fonds. Third accrual. – 1982-2003 – 1.2 m of textual records.

Instructors’ & Education Programs Manuals

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
Box 14
F.1          Action Program Resource Manual. 1991.
F.2          Appeals Representative Training Manual. 1997.
F.3          Classification Grievance Procedure. 1993-1997.
F.4          Coalition Training. 1995.
F.5          Collective Bargaining with Treasure Board. 1993-1997.

Box 15
F.1          Education Program Manual. 1997.
F.2          Employment Equity for Activists. 1997.
F.3          Federal Government Legislation Manual. 1993-1997.
F.4          Fragile Freedoms/Civil Liberties Readings.
F.5          Harassment Policy & Complaint Procedure.
F.6          How to Run a Local. 1997.

Box 16
F.1          Human Rights Course. 1995.
F.2          Human Rights Training Course. 1998.
F.3          Local Leaders Meeting – Toronto Region. 1994.
F.4          Local Officers Advanced Training Program. 1993.

Box 17
F.1          Members of Colour Leadership Seminars. 1994.
F.2          Organizing Committee Handbook. 1998.
F.3          Pensions Manual/Regulations etc. 1997-1999.
F.4          Regional Health & Safety Conference. 1990.
F.5          Stewards Advanced Training Program. 1995.

Box 18
F.1          Teamwork/Disability/Racism/Political Action etc. 1993
F.2          Transition Training Course.
F.3          Union Development Program. Union Leadership, 4 week course. 1976.
F.4          Workforce Adjustment. 1995.

Canadian Auto Workers (CAW/UNIFOR)
Box 18

F.5          Helping Members with Unemployment Insurance. 2002.
F.6          Human Rights.

Box 19

F.1          Workers of Colour Leadership Training. Binder 1.
F.2          Workers of Colour Leadership Training. Binder 2.

Canadian Labour Congress
Box 19

F.3          Adult Education Training.
F.4          Helping Members with Unemployment Insurance. 2003.
F.5          Human Rights & Trade Unions. 1982.

Box 20

F.1          International Solidarity. [c.1987]
F.2          Trade Union Education Conference. 1995.
F.3          Unemployment Insurance – Cases by Category
F.4          Union Building for the 21st Century Conference. 1997.

Metro Labour Education Centre
Box 20
F.5          International Foundation of Employ Benefit Plans. 1998.

Box 21

F.1          Labour & Politics. 1991.
F.2          Pensions & Pre-Retirement. 1994.
F.3          Union-Management Joint Committees Seminar. 1996.

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