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John Danforth Herman Greenwood fonds

  Box 1  

  Orchestral Works  
  1. "La Belle Dame Sans Mercie".  Setting of poem by John Keats 
     for tenor voice and orchestra. l909, unbound ms., 35 pp.
  2. "The Silver Harlequin".  Subtitled "A Fantasy of Humility". 
     Ballet suite for orchestra.  l9l7, bound ms., 61 pp.
  3. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" an introduction.  Written for 
     J.B. Fagan's production at the Court Theatre, London. 1922,
     bound ms., 31 pp.
  4. "Grotesque". [ca. 1922-1930], bound ms., 19 pp.
  5. Symphonic Movement. [ca. 1930-1935], bound ms., 59 pp.
  6. "A Star Song".  For solo voices.  1935, bound ms., 43 pp.
  7. Psalm 150 ("Praise Ye the Lord").  For chorus and orchestra,
     also vocal score for conductor.  [ca. l932], unbound ms., 21 pp.
  8. Symphony No. 1.  In two movements, first movement may be
     identical with Symphonic Movement (ca. l935).  1940, bound 
     ms., 66 pp.
  9. "Alice in Wonderland".  A suite for orchestra.  1938, bound
     ms., 66 pp.
  Box 2
  Orchestral Works (continued)
  l. "Hullaballoo-Belay".  For piano and orchestra.  l940, bound 
     ms., 43 pp.
  2. Symphony No. 2.  In four movements.  [ca. 1947], bound ms.,
     a. 53 pp.  b. 45 pp.  c. 26 pp. d. 65 pp.
  3. "Picadilly".  A ballet or ballet suite for full orchestra
     consisting of an introduction and nine dances as well as 
     a transcription for piano from the orchestral score.  1953, 
     bound ms., 141 pp.
  4. "David (Michelangelo)".  For string orchestra in one 
     movement.  [ca. 1952-1953], unbound ms., 21 pp.
  5. "Pieta (Michelangelo)".  For string orchestra in one   
     movement.  [ca. 1952-1953], unbound ms., 9 pp.
  6. "Buonarotti".  Theme and eight variations.  [ca. 1957],
     bound ms., 152 pp.
  7. Symphonic movement "Buonarotti".  For full orchestra
     in one movement. [ca. 1957-1958], bound ms., 66 pp.
  Box 3
  Chamber Music
  1. Prelude and Fugue for strings with instrumental parts. 
     [n.d. but ca. 1912-1913], unbound ms., 35 pp.
  2. Four Preludes for Pianoforte.  1924, unbound ms. for
     each prelude with several copies, 42 pp.
  3. String Quartet No. 2  In four movements.  [ca. 1927-1928], 
     unbound ms, 71 pp. in brown covers.
  4. Sonata No. 1 for Piano and Violin.  In four movements.
     1931, unbound ms., 24 pp.
  5. Sonata No. 1 for Piano.  Theme and variations in three 
     movements.  1934, bound ms., 24 pp.
  6. Prelude and Fugue (Bb) for Strings.  With instrumental
     parts.  [ca. 1936], unbound ms., 17 pp.
  7. Sonata No. 2 for Piano.  In two movements.  1938, bound
     ms., 29 pp.
  8. Sonatina for Flute and Piano.  In two movements.  1939,
     bound ms., 24 pp.
  9. Quintet for Piano, two Violins, Viola and Cello.  In three
     movements.  [ca. 1940], bound ms., 111 pp.
  10."Autumns Landscape" Pastoral.  For solo flute, oboe and
     small orchestra.  Score and parts.  1942, unbound ms., 18pp.
  11.Sonata No. 2, for Violin and Piano.  In three movements.
     1962, unbound ms., 42 pp.
  12.Sonata No. 3, for Piano.  In three movements.  1967-1970,
     unbound ms., 23 pp. with copies.
  Box 4
  1. "The Keys of Stormcrost"  An opera in two acts with    
     numerous scenes scored for piano and voices, also for
     orchestra.  [ca. 1935], unbound ms:
     11 parts with names of characters,
     22 numbered parts,
     + 7 other short sections. 
  Vocal Works, Songs
  1. "Tramp Songs".  Song Cycle.  Voice and piano, words by E. 
     Ian Swindley.  Published edition by Steiner and Bell,  
     London, 1911, 22 pp. unbound ms., 4 pp.
  2. "I Know a Bank Whereon the Wild Thyme Blows". [ca. 1911],
     2  pp.
  3. "Come My Queen Take Hands With Me". Settings of
     Shakespeare Songs from "A Midsummer Night's Dream", voice and piano.
     [ca. 1911], unbound mss., 2 and 3 pp.
  4. "Old Meg". Setting of poem by John Keats. [ca. 1912],     
     unbound ms., 4 pp.
  5. "Pippa Passes". For voice and piano.  Settings of verses
     from the poem by Robert Browning "Overhead the Treetops     
     Meet", "The Years at the Spring", "A King Lived Long Ago",     
     "You'll Love Me Yet" and "Give Her But a Least Excuse to 
     Love Me'. 1913, unbound ms., 20 pp.
  6. "Late Songs", Nos. 1 and 2.  For voice and piano.  Words by 
     E. Ian Swindley.  1913, unbound mss., 3 pp. and 4 pp.
  7. "Evening". For voice and piano. 1917, unbound ms., 5 pp.
  8. "A Smuggler's Song".  For voice and piano.  Setting from 
     R. Kipling's "Puck of Pook's Hill".  [ca. 1918], unbound
     ms., 7 pp.
  9. "Rosy Hawthorne".  For voice and piano.  1918, unbound ms., 
     2 pp..
  10."Asano's Song". For voice, oboe and viola. 1919, unbound
     ms., 2 pp.
  11."Two Seagulls Flying". For voice and piano. [ca. 1920],
     unbound ms., 7 pp.
  12."Flower of This Purple Dye". For voice and piano. [ca. 
     1920-1922], unbound ms., 2 pp.
  13."The 23rd Psalm". For solo voice with piano or harp   
  accompaniment. [ca. 1930], unbound ms., 5 pp.
  Choral Works
  1. "Magnificat". For unaccompanied voices. 1932, unbound
     ms., 14 pp.
  2. "Nunc Dimittis". For unaccompanied choir with piano part
     for practice only. [ca. 1932-1933], unbound ms., 14 pp.
  3. "Di Imitatione".  For four voices and piano accompaniment.
     Words by Vera Arlitt. 1933, unbound ms., 6 pp.
  4. "The Lords Prayer". For unaccompanied voices with optional
     piano accompaniment. 1953, unbound ms., 7 pp. bound ms.,
     15 pp. "The Beatitudes" and "The Lords Prayer".
  5. "The Beatitudes" Matthew (5. iii. ix) for unaccompanied     
     voices.  1953, unbound ms., 8 pp.
  6. "Now Unto Him". For voices with piano or organ   
     accompaniment for practice.  1968, unbound ms., 8 pp.
  7. "O Lord Support Us All the Day Long".  Anthem for 
     unaccompanied choir and organ. 1969, unbound ms., 37 pp.
  Piano Works
  1. "The House That Jack Built".  A dance cycle for 
     children, dances choreographed by Margaret Greenwood. 
     1929, unbound ms., 31 pp., 2 copies.
  2. Piano Transcription. Theme and variations for trumpet and 
     orchestra.  1969, unbound ms., 39 pp.
  Box 5
  Correspondence to John Danforth Herman Greenwood
  1 HLS   Arthur Bliss to John Greenwood, August 6, l966, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Arthur Bliss to John Greenwood, December 5, l967, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Arthur Bliss to John Greenwood, March 4, l970, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Arthur Bliss to John Greenwood, June 25, l970, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Sir Adrian Boult to John Greenwood, March 29, l952, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Luigi Ceruti to John Greenwood, February 10, 1963, 2 pp.
  1 HLS   Alfred Cortot to John Greenwood, November 6, 1927, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Alfred Cortot to John Greenwood, November 24, 1927, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Frederick Delius to John Greenwood, n.d., 1 p.
  1 HLS   Edward German to John Greenwood, October 27, 1911, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Eugene Goossens to John Greenwood, n.d., 1 p.
  1 TLS   Alexander Korda to John Greenwood, September 12, 1949, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Arthur Nikisch to John Greenwood, May 28, 1908, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Laurence Olivier to John Greenwood, September 29, 1952, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Charles Villiers Stanford to John Greenwood, n.d.,1 p.
  1 HLS   Charles Villiers Stanford to John Greenwood, October 2, 1911, 1 p.
  1 TLS   Sir Henry J. Wood to John Greenwood, August 29, 1911, 1 p.
  1 HLS   Sir Henry J. Wood to John Greenwood, January 22, 1913, 1 p.
  Envelope 1
  1 photograph of John Greenwood aged about 36, [ca.  1924].
  Envelope 2
  1 photograph of John Greenwood at work in his music room,
  Ditchling, Sussex.  [ca. 1960].
  Typed scenario for "Picadilly:  a ballet divertissment" by
  John Greenwood.

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