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Cyril Greenland fonds. Third accrual. – 1933-1987. – 1.44 m of textual records.

Series 1           Correspondence
Correspondence series. – 1975-1987. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains correspondence organized chronologically and then alphabetically to maintain Greenland’s original order. Correspondence can also be found in Series 3 – Subject Files. Note: Names that could not be distinguished are placed at the beginning of the year.

Correspondents include:
Monique Begin
John Robert Colombo
Sheila Copps
Claire Culane
Alan Davidson
Timothy Findley
Larry Gostin
Margaret Laurence
Dr. M. Rolf Olsen
Alex Richman
Peter Silfen
Donald West

Box 6
F.1       Personal Correspondence, 1975-83
F.2       Personal Correspondence, 1984, A-M
F.3       Personal Correspondence, 1984, N-Z
F.4       Personal Correspondence, 1985, A-M
F.5       Personal Correspondence, 1985, N-Z
F.6       Personal Correspondence, 1986, A-L
F.7       Personal Correspondence, 1986, M-Z
F.8       Personal Correspondence, 1987

Series 2           Publications
Publications. – 1945-1984. – 48 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains publications by Cyril Greenland and also a few publications by others. Files are arranged chronologically to maintain Greenland’s original order.

Box 7
F.1       Publications, 1945-55
F.2       Publications, 1957
F.3       Publications, 1958
F.4       Publications, 1959-60
F.5       Publications, 1961
F.6/7    Publications, 1962
F.8       Publications, 1963
F.9/10 Publications, 1964
F.11     Publications, 1965

Box 8
F.1/2    Publications, 1966
F.3       Publications, 1967
F.4       Publications, 1968
F.5       Publications, 1969
F.6       Publications, 1970
F.7       Publications, 1971
F.8/9    Publications, 1972
F.10     Publications, 1973
F.11     Publications, 1974
F.12     Publications, 1975

Box 9
F.1       Publications, 1976
F.2       Publications, 1977
F.3/4    Publications, 1978
F.5       Publications, 1979
F.6       Publications, 1980
F.7       Publications, 1981
F.8       Publications, 1982
F.9       Publications, 1983
F.10     Publications, 1984
F.11     Undated Publication
F.12     Clipping File

Series 3           Subject Files
Subject Files. – 1953-1987. – 64 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains notes, correspondence, etc. Files are arranged alphabetically to maintain Greenland’s original order.

Box 10
Subject Files – A-Ch
F.1       “Advice Column” – Figures and Clippings
F.2       “Advice Column” – Notes
F.3       Anger Seminar, March 1986
F.4       American Humane Society
F.5       Annual Report on Scholarly Activity
F.6       Articles by other authors
F.7       BBC Panorama, 1985
F.8       Jimmy and Sarah Boyle, The Gateway Exchange
F.9       Stuart Campbell and “The People” Dispute
F.10     Canadian Association of Social Workers
F.11     Canadian Mental Health Association
F.12/3  CBC
F.14/6  Child Abuse

Box 11

Subject Files – Ci-Le
F.1       City of Birmingham, Social Services, Paul Dolan
F.2       Dr. Jock M. Cleghorn; includes correspondence
F.3       Committee on Mental Health Services (AbbyAnn Lynch), 1978
F.4       Ingrid Cooper; includes correspondence
F.5       “Crime and the Insanity Defence”; includes correspondence
F.6       Curriculum Vitae
F.7       Developing Guidelines for Assessing Violence and Dangerous Behaviour
F.8       Douglas Hospital Centre
For Paul Dolan, see City of Birmingham
F.9/10  Drafts of Papers, Typed
F.11     Dudley Social Services
For The Gateway Exchange see Jimmy and Sarah Boyle
F.12     Grant Applications & Information (General)
F.13     “The Great Debate”, 18 January 1983
F.14     Hinks Lecture, London 1978
F.15     In-house Inquiries
F.16     VIIth International Seminar in Comparative Clinical Criminology, 1979
F.17     Dr. Wallace Ironside; includes correspondence
F.18     William C. Jappy; includes correspondence
F.19     John Howard Society Conference, 1986
F.20     John Howard Society of Windsor
F.21-7  Lethal Family Situations; includes correspondence
            See SSHRCC for funding application for Lethal Family Situations

Box 12
Subject Files – Lo-P
F.1       London School of Economics
For Abbyann Lynch see Committee on Mental Health Services
F.2       McMaster School of Social Work; includes correspondence
F.3       Mental Disorders and the Criminal Law Workshop
F.4       MIND, London
F.5       National Council for Civil Liberties
F.6       National Welfare Grants Directorate
F.7       NATO Application
F.8       NATO Conference, Monte Carlo, 1-6 July 1973
F.9       Dr. M. Rolf Olsen, University Birmingham; includes correspondence
F.10     Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers (OAPSW)
F.11     Ontario Hospital, Belleville; includes correspondence
F.12     “Our Special Children”
For “The People” see Stuart Campbell
F.13     Presidential Advisory and Coordinating Committee on the Disabled, 1981
F.14     “Preventing Family Violence”
F.15     Probation Case Work – Reports & Notes
F.16     Probation Case Work – Supplements
F.17     Publication – Correspondence
F.18     Publication and Lecture Notes

Box 13

Subject Files – R-Z
F.1       Ph.D. Program – University of Birmingham
F.2/3    Reprint Requests
F.4       Request for Part-Time Status
F.5       Royal Commission Inquiry into the Confidentiality of Health Records
F.6       Sabbatical
F.7       Sexual Education
F.8       Social Work Advisor Position; includes correspondence
F.9       SSHRC Lethal Family Situations Application
F.10     Statistics Canada Cohort Project
F.11     Studies of Violence and Dangerous Behaviour
F.12     George Tillman; includes correspondence
F.13     Eileen Vizard; includes correspondence
F.14     David West – 1981 Visit; includes correspondence
F.15     Walt Whitman – Sesquicentenary Recollections
For other records related to Walt Whitman event see CBC.

Series 4           Journals
Journals. – 1969-1983. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains journals from Greenland’s classes and include notes, reflections, grades, and other information. One journal could be used for multiple classes. Files are arranged chronologically, by first use.

Box 14
F.1       Journal for 2C3 “Applying Social Behavioural Science Concepts to S.W.”, 1969 and 3C3 “Social Behavioural Sciences in Social Work II”, 1970
F.2       Journal for 3D9, 1971-1973 and Social Work 2B6, 1978
F.3       Journal for 4D12, 1974 and 3C3, 1978
F.4       Journal for “Concept and Boundaries of Social Work”, 1975
F.5       Journal for “Sexual Deviance”, 1976
F.6       Journal for “Social Aspects of Health and Disease”, 1979 and 3C3, 1981
F.7       Journal for 2B6, 1980
F.8       Journal for 2C3, 1982
F.9/11  Journal for 4D 12 1983; this was originally in a binder

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