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General Steel Wares Limited fonds

Box listing:

Boxes 1-18
Annual reports, minutes, list of common stockholders and other material,1939-1952; Annual Reports Boxes 17-18

Box 19
Annual and quarterly reports 1960-1968 for General Steel Wares and subsidiary companies

Box 20
Deeds of trust and mortgage, 1927-1937

Box 21
Deeds of trust and mortgage, 1950

Box 22
Happy Thought Foundry Co., Labour chart ledger
MacDonald Mfg Co. order book, 1929
Two unidentified ledgers
Dominion Foundry, open order ledger

Box 23
Davidson & Co. appraisal ledger

Box 24
Appraisal of company, Sept. 1927. 2 vols..
Memorandum of agreements book 1920-195
Purchase ledger 1928
General ledger
Private ledger
Private journal

Box 25
Appraisal of company, Sept. 1927. 2 vols..
Speciality ledger 1918-1942
Catalogue of wares 1918, 3 issues
Catalogue of wares 1926, 3 issues
Minutes of meetings from 1894-1912

Box 26
Davidson & Co. correspondence prior to merger

Box 27
Aubry & Fils, ledger of accounts
2 unidentified ledgers

Box 28

Box 29
Transfer ledger and record book, Aubry & Fils Minutes

Box 30
Cancellation of charter
Cancelled shares

Box 31
S.M.P. Co., 2 country ledgers

Box 32
S.M.P. Co., 1 country ledger
Current ledger and account books 2 and 3, 1913-1927

Box 33
Cash disbursement ledger
Transfer cash ledger

Box 34
Accounting book, 1931

Box 35
McClary order register

Box 36
S.M.P. Co., city ledger no. 2
McClary city & country jobbers ledger
Cash receipt book 1931

Boxes 37-38
General Steel Wares "bibles" (Plant Notices) 1-645 (5 books)

Boxes 39-40.5
Change sheet ledgers 1931-1940

Box 41
Comptroller's circular 1928
Sales managers' circulars

Box 42
Quality and sales bulletins. 1930-1931 (2 items)

Box 43
To All Salesmen circulars

Box 44
McClary pamphlets and others

Box 45
Catalogues and leaflets: General Steel Wares & subsidiary companies

Box 46-49
Leaflets and catalogues

Box 50-51
Catalogues and leaflets 1890's-1926

Box 52-57
Catalogues and leaflets 1927-1968

Box 58
Product leaflets 1960

Box 59-60
Newspaper advertisements (2 Scrapbooks)

Box 61
Correspondence & booklet General Steel Wares and United Steelworkers of America

Box 62
Correspondence General Steel Wares and Canadian National Railway

Box 63
Miscellaneous correspondence, plans and blueprints

Box 64
Programme and papers of first Convention of Salesmen 1928

Box 65
Reviews in magazines and newspapers, 1964-1971

Box 66-67
History of company including 64 photographs. General Steel Wares history by J. Thompson (1 sheet; location not known)

Listing of photographs in Box 67:
MacDonald Hardware and Metal Staff, 1928
W. S. Gibson, Vice President in Charge of Sales
MacDonald transfer room
MacDonald stamping press
MacDonald stamping room (2)
MacDonald press room (2)
MacDonald soldering room (making corn beef tin)
MacDonald soldering room
MacDonald cutting room
MacDona1d shipping room
Kemp Manufacturing Co. works (11)
Kemp works (looking from Gerrard Street bridge); 2
Kemp works (view from yard)
Kemp works (River St. view)
Kemp works (entrance)
Kemp works (aerial impression)
Kemp employees leaving
Kemp front door entrance
Kemp work shop (3)
Kemp testing room
Kemp railway siding
Kemp box room (2)
Kemp stamping room
Kemp machine room
Kemp dry kiln?
Kemp office
Kemp enamelling room.
Kemp staff, 1896
Unidentified-either Kemp or MacDonald Manufacturing Co. (5)
McClary Exhibition at Hatfield, England (8)
W. G. Shambrook, president of Duro.
Easy Spiralator, Mark V (2)
Beatty Twin Tub Swirlator. (2)
Beatty Bros. plant at Fergus, Ont. (2)
Beatty farm equipment show
Belwood Appliance, Fergus, Ont. (2).
Electric Kettles and Ranges after flow line assembly techniques introduced, Toronto and London plants, 1953, 1954, (72).

Box 68
Miscellaneous correspondence
General Steel Wares and Continental Can.
General Steel Wares and subsidiary companies

Box 69
Framed Photo of W. F. Holding, Vice-President and Managing Director
Framed Photo of J. C. Newman, Chairman of the Board
Inventory and store catalogues, 2 items
Blue Prints for alterations to buildings #4 and 11, Dec. 16, 1947

Box 70

Box 71
Miscellaneous catalogues

Box 72
Sales magazines, Mof-facts and sales chef, 1931-1954
Silver Cup from Thos. Davidson & Co., 1922-1926 (shelved after box 72)

Fonds Description

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