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Garamond Press Ltd.

Series 1
Administrative. – 1982-2006. – 75cm of  textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 1
File 1 Academic publishing, 1980-1985.
File.2 ACP (Association of Canadian Publishers) Hyphen Ed Group, 1998-1999.
File.3 AECB (Association for the Expert of Canadian Bonus), 2002-2006.
File 4 Agreements, 1989-2000.
File 5 Agreements, 1987-1991. (1).
File 6 Agreements, 1987-1991. (2).

Box 2
File 1 Application for funding with Canadian Heritage, 2001-2002.
File 2 Association for the Export of Canadian Bonus, 2002-2006.
File 3 Book Publishing Industry Development Program – Summer 2002 advance.
File 4 Book Publishing Industry Development Program – Supply Chain, 2002-2003.
File 5 Book Publishing Industry Development Program, 2005.

Box 3
File1 Broadview Press: Contract Assignments, Summer 2005.
File 2 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 1999-2000.
File 3 Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2002.
File 4 Canadian Studies abroad, 1982-1985.
File 5 Canadian Studies programs – Secretary of State 1981-1985.
File 6 Carleton Library, 1980-1984.

Box 4
File 1 Catalogues of books published by Garamond Press, 1989-2002.
File 2 Catalogues, 2001-2003 (preparatory).
File 3 Company Sale: Garamond Press Ltd Asset sale to Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc, 2002.
File 4 Copyright issues and contracts, 1999-2003.
File 5 John Coutts. 2004.
File 6 ECW Press - Enjoying Canadian Literature series , 1984-1987.
File 7 Garamond Press – press release re founding history, 1981; The Women’s Press shareholder’s agreement 1980 and general information 1980-1984.
File 8 Garamond Press meetings 1981-1984.
File 9 GDS (General Distribution Services) Summer-Fall 2002.
File11 Ontario Media Development Corporation, 2003-2004.
File10 Ontario Book Publishers’ Tax Credit, 1999-2001.

Box 5
File1 Production – general, 1999-2003.
File 2 Program for Export Market Development, 1984-1985.
File 3 Promotional, 1988.
File 4 SSHRC funding 1980-1983.
File5 Socialist Studies – Garamond Press liabilities re this title, 2001.
File 6 State of Canada Atlas – project description, 1996-2001.
File 7 U.K. agencies, 2003.
File 8 Web/Internet – usage statistics of website and software related, 1998-2003.

Series 2
Editorial. – 1979-2006. – 2.55 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: The majority of files in this series did not contain complete author, title and date information on the folder. Many titles had to be changed as the material contained in the file did not match the title given. This information has been gathered by piecing together information found in the correspondence and /or drafts of chapters and then looking up the online catalogue for the published title. Author files were also placed in this series from generalized box listings. Arrangement is alphabetical by last name of author.

Author projects. – 1.80 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of sub-series.

Box 6
File 1 Adams, Howard. Proposal for A Tortured People. 1994. Contains letters between Adams and Peter Saunders, negotiating publication of this title.
File 2 Alexander, Cynthia. Informal Book Proposal: Short Circuiting the State. 1992. Contains book outline, correspondence and notes.
File 3 Allahar, Anton. Sociology and the Periphery: theories and issues. 1995. Contains letters between author and publisher.
File 4 Anstead, Christopher J. and Ivor F. Goodson. Through the Schoolhouse Door. 1994.Sales and royalty statements and correspondence.
File 5 Armstrong, Pat. Take Care: Warning Signals for Canada’s Health System. 1994.
File 6 Armstrong, Pat. Medical Alert: New Work Organizations in Health Care. 1996. Copy of Hospital News, and draft copies of bibliographies, front covers, contents, etc.
File 7 Armstrong, Pat. Vital Signs: Nursing in Transition. 1993. Correspondence between author and publisher.
File 8 Armstrong, Pat et al. Heal Thyself: Managing Healthcare reform, 2000.  Uncorrected proofs, correspondence.
File 9 Armstrong, Pat et al.  Exposing Privatization: Women and healthcare reform in Canada.  2001. Correspondence, preliminaries, agreement.
File 10 Atasoy, Yildiz and Carroll, William K.  Global Shaping and it’s alternative.  2003. Correspondence, prospectus, contract, 2001-2003.
File 11 Bakan, Joel. Book Proposal: Tentatively Named ‘Rights, Democracy and Social Justice: A Critical Analysis of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’. 1993. Correspondence between Peter Saunders and Joel Bakan, discussing possible book.
File 12 Barndt, Deborah. Book Proposal, tentatively titled “Tomatoes and Women Along the NAFTA Trail: Food as an Entrée to Globalization”. 1998. Letters between Peter Saunders and Deborah Barndt, including pieces of Barndt’s work already published.
File 13 Barndt, Deborah. Tangled roots: women on the tomato trail.  2002. Agreement, publicity, correspondence.
File 14 Bascia, Nina, Ivor Goodson, Dennis Thiessen, eds. Making a Difference About Difference: The Lives and Careers of Racial Minority Immigrant Teachers. 1996 correspondence, photos, a memorandum, and an agreement between Garamond Press Ltd, Publishers and REMTEL. Also includes Dennis Thiessen’s CV.
File 15 Basran, G.S. and David Hay (eds.). Political Economy of Agriculture in Western Canada.  1988. Correspondence between authors and publishers.
File 16 Beale, Alison. Ghosts in the Machine: Women and Culture Policy in Canada and Australia. 1998.
File 17 Bernard, Elaine. Politics and Policy in Canada: Lessons for the U.S. 1991. Correspondence discussing articles for the magazine titled above.
File 18 Bolaria, B. Singh. Political Economy of Canadian Immigration. 1987.
File 19 Bottomore [     ] and Brym [     ]. The Structure of the Canadian Capitalist Class. 1985. Correspondence discussing printing rights in the U.S.
File 20 Bratton, John. Workplace Learning : a critical introduction. 2003.  Correspondence, 2002-2003.
File 21 Brickey, S. and E. Comack. The Social Basis of the Law in Canada: Critical Readership. 1986.
File 22 Burman, Patrick.  Correspondence  regarding book on unemployment.  1987-1988.

Box 7
File 1 Campbell, Marie and Gregor, Frances.  Mapping social relations: a primer in doing institutional ethnography.  2002.  Correspondence 2001-2005.
File 2 Cantelon, Hart. Leisure, Sport, and Working Class Cultures. 1988.
File 3 Carroll, William Kingsley. Organizing Dissent. 1992. Correspondence.
File 4 Carroll, William Kingsley, eds. Organizing Dissent. 1997. Correspondence discussing publishing of 2nd. ed.
File 5 Cavanaugh, Catherine and Jeremy Mouat. Making Western Canada: Historical Essays. 1996. Correspondence discussing publication in co-operation with Polestar Press of Vancouver.
File 6 Centennial College. The English Faculty Association.  Writing for the Job. 1987.Correspondence, in both French and English, invoices and notes.
File 7 Challen, Paul, Shawna Richer and Rick Gruneau.  The Garamond Book of Canadian Sport. 1998. Newspaper clipping, personal letters and book proposal, with outline.
File 8 Clarke, Debra. Making Sense of Making War.  1992. Correspondence between Debra Clark and Peter Saunders surrounding  Making Sense of Making War.

Box 8
File1 Coburn, David; D’Arcy and Torrance, eds. Health Care and Canadian Society: Sociological Perspectives. (Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged). 1996. Some correspondence between editors and publishers, mostly copies of chapters.
File 2 Coburn, David.  [Medicine, Nursing and State in a global era].  Correspondence suggests this title for a special edition of Health and Canadian Society.  1998,. Originally published under University of Toronto Press.  1998-1999.
File 3 Connolly, Pat and Veltmeyer, Henry. Early correspondence and notes from Women’s Press,  Peter Saunders and Errol Sharpe regarding the start-up of the publishing venture and offer to authors for drafts of chapters for text. Also includes draft agreement not dated, c1980.
File 4 Connolly, Pat and Veltmeyer, Henry. Correspondence  regarding upcoming sociology text, 1982-1983.
File 5 Connolly, Pat and Veltmeyer, Henry.  Garamond Editorial Board members’correspondence, minutes and notes regarding upcoming text.  1982-1984
File 6 Connolly, Pat and Veltmeyer, Henry.  Correspondence and guidelines regarding upcoming text, 1983-1984.
File 7 Cote, James E. and Anton L. Allahar. Manufacturing Dissent: The disenfranchisement of youth in advanced industrial society. 1992. Correspondence, excerpts from manuscript and CV of Allahar.
File 8 Cox, Bruce A.  J. Chevalier and V. Blundell, eds. A Different Drummer: Readings in Anthropology with a Canadian perspective.  Correspondence: re distribution.,1989
File 9 Cox, Bruce A., J. Chevalier and V. Blundell, eds. A Different Drummer: Readings in Anthropology With A Canadian Perspective. 1989.
File 10 Currie, Dawn and Brian MacLean. Struggles for Equality: Rethinking the Administration of Justice. 1988. Correspondence between general editors, publishers and authors, including a summary of the text.
File11 Das Gupta, Tania. Racism and Paid Work. 1996. Correspondence, notes, invoices, excerpts of text and resume of Hazel Palmer.
File 12 Dickenson, James and Russell, Bob, eds. Family economy and state: the social reproduction process under capitalism.  1986. 
File 13 Drache, Daniel and David Wolfe. Mel Watkins – Selected Essays. 1988/9. Contract between authors and publishers, correspondence and notes.
File 14 Duffy, Ann and Norene Pupo and Nancy Mandell. Few Choices: Married Women, Work and Family. 1992. Contract between authors and publishers, requests for copies, and correspondence.
File15 Fox, Bonnie, ed. Family Bonds and Gender readings. Canadian Scholar Press, 1988.
File 16 Fugere, Rose. Not a Textbook: Looking at Basics in Canadian Life.  1990. Correspondence, production and distribution.

Box 9
File 1 Gilbert, Liette, L. Anders Sandberg, Gerda R. Wekerle. Resisting Sprawl: The Oak Ridges Moraine and the Politics of the Bioregion. 2005. Contains memorandum of agreement, book proposal, and hand written notes.
File 2 Giroux, Henry A. Terror of Neoliberalism.  2004. Correspondence, publicity, agreement, 2004-2005
File 3 Gismondi, Michael, Joan Sherman and Mary Richardson. Winning Back the Words.  1993 Correspondence, notes, background questionnaire for authors, and sections of the text.
File 4. Grant, Karen R. Caring for/caring about : women, home care and unpaid caregiving  2004.  Contract, 2003, correspondence, publicity.  2004.
File 5 Green, Kelly. Application for a Canadian version of the book Shopping for a Better World. 1992.
File 6 Gruneau, Richard.  Popular cultures and political practices. 1988.  Ms. of edited chapters.
File 7 Gruneau, Richard and David Whitson. Hockey Night in Canada, Second Edition. 1993. Proposals and requests for copies, along with correspondence.
File 8 Gruneau, Richard. Power and Spectacle: Popular Culture and Cultural Politics. 1994. Correspondence and notes.
File 9 Gruneau, Richard, and David Whitson. Artificial Ice: Hockey, Commerce and Cultural Identity. 2005.Contains book proposal, and news release.
File 10. Hackett, Robert, Donald Gutstein, and Richard Gruneau. Book Proposal for: The Missing News: Filters and Blind Spots in Canada’s Media. 1998. Book proposal for the above, and correspondence with Robert Hackett.
File 11 Harris, Roma. Citizenship and Participation in the Information Age. 2002.
File 12 Hatfield, Jean C. Helms, and Albert J. Mills. Understanding Organizations in Context – an introduction to behavior, structure and action in organizations. 1997. File contains several other titles, all by the above authors, as well as correspondence.
File 13 Henderson, Michael. The Future on the Table: Canada and the Free Trade Issue. Masterpress: 1987.
File 14 Hill, Philip. Corporate Sector and Canadian Public Schools. 1997.  Book proposal and drafts of the above, including correspondence between publisher and author.
File 15.Hollands, Robert G. (Re)Presenting Canadian Youth. 1996. A book proposal, for the above title.
File 16 Horn, Michiel.  The Dirty Thirties [     ].  Originally published by  Copp, Clark and Co. 1972.  Correspondence regarding new edition, 1985-1986.

Box 10
File 1 Kirby, Sandra et al.  Experience research social change:methods beyond the mainstream.  [Broadview Press, 2006].  Originally published under varying title by Garmond in 1989.  Proposal for a 2nd edition, contract, correspondence, 2004-2005.
File 2 Kirby, Sandra.  Experience Research Social Change: Methods from the Margins. 1995. Correspondence between author and publishers.
File 3 Kline, Stephen Charles. Out of the Garden: Toys, TV and Children’s Culture in the Age of Marketing. 1990. Correspondence.
File 4 Kline, Stephen Charles. Out of the Garden: Toys, TV and Children’s Culture in the Age of Marketing. 1990. Correspondence, photocopies
File 5 Knuttila, Ken Murray.  Title- page of draft missing.  Published as State theories: from liberalism to the challenge of feminism,  1987.
File 6 Kumar, Pradeep and Chris Schenk.  Union Renewal.  2005.Contains agreement with the authors, draft agreement with CCPA, and a table of contents from the text.
File 7 Landgon, Steven. Global Poverty, Democracy and North South Change.1999. Correspondence between author and publisher, as well as a table of context with outline.
File 8 Livingstone, David and Sawchuk, Peter H.   Hidden knowledge: organized labour in the information age.  2004.  Correspondence with working titles, contract,  2001-2004.
File 9 Livingstone, David. The Education-Jobs Gap: Underemployment or Economic Democracy. 1998. Book cover drafts, with notes, publication announcements and some correspondence.
File 10. Lowe, Graham S. and Northcott, Herbert C.  Under pressure: a study of job stress. 1986.
File 11. Luxton, Meg and Rosenberg, Harriet. Through the kitchen window: the politics of home and family.  Various working titles, research notes, partial mss.  [1980s?] Published in 1990.

Box 11
File 1. Magder, Ted. The Political Economy of Canadian Cultural Policy: The Canadian State and Feature Films, 1917-1984. 1988. Correspondence and notes.
File 2. Mandel, Michael.  Proposal re The Charter of Rights and the Legalization of Politics in Canada, manuscript of proposed book.
File 3. McKay, Ian. Correspondence for ‘People Resources and Power’.  1988. Contains correspondence between author and Peter Saunders, discussing distribution of text.
File 4. McMurtry, John. Unequal Freedoms: The Global Markets as an Ethical System.  1998. Correspondence between author and publisher, as well as excerpts of the above text.
File 5. McMurty, John. Unequal Freedoms: The Global Market as an Ethical System. 1998. Large file, containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles by the author and personal notes.
File 6. Menzies, Chunn, Boyd. (Ab)using Power. 1999. Contains 1 letter.

File 1 Mills, Albert J. and Anthony M. Simmons. Reading Organization Theory: A Critical Approach, second edition. 1997.Correspondence, invoices, and an abstract from text.
File 2 Mills, Albert J. and Simmons, Tony.  Reading Organization Theory.  2000. Correspondence regarding 2nd ed.
File 3 Mills, Albert J. and Simmons, Tony.  Reading Organization Theory.  [1999].  Correspondence regarding new title by Mills, Organizational behavior in a global context which was eventually published in 2007.
File 4 Mjedle, Liv.  Correspondence regarding proposed book Labour and Learning  [     ].  Manuscript of book and CV of author.  1985-1986.
File 5 Mosco, Vincent and Janet Wasko.  Democratic Communications in the Information Age. 1992. Correspondence, notes, table of contents and introduction. Also includes some black and white photographs.
File 6 Moscovitch, Allan. The benevolent state: the growth of welfare in Canada.  1987.  Correspondence with Errol Sharpe, 1986-1987.  Ms. of chapters.
File 7 Moscovitch, Allan and Jim Albert. The Benevolent State: The Growth of Welfare in Canada. 1997. Correspondence.
File 8 Mulvale, James P. Re-imagining social welfare: beyond the Keynesian welfare state.  2001.  Correspondence, expenditures, reviews, 1999-2004.

File 1 Newton, Janice. Voices from the classroom: reflections on teaching and learning in higher education.  2001.  Correspondence, title-page mock-up, brochure on course given at York University by Pat Rogers.
File 2 Northcott, Herbert. Death  and Dying in Canada. 2001. Contains correspondence and the CV of Herbert C. Northcott.
File 3 Novac, Sylvia and Wekerle, Gerda. Housing Policy and the Gendered Discomforts of Home in a Canadian City. 1993. The file mentions several texts, all seeming to be surrounding the one listed above, also including correspondence and invoices.
File 4 O’Meara, Sylvia and Douglas A. West. From Our Eyes: Learning from Indigenous Peoples. 1996. Correspondence, a photograph, and abstract of the above text.
File 5 Panitch, Leo and Donald Swartz. From Consent to Coercion: The Assault on Trade Union Freedoms. 1985.Contains two hand written notes.
File 6 Panitch, Leo and Donald Swartz. The Assault on Trade Union Freedoms: from Wage Controls to Social Contract. 1993. Correspondence regarding revisions.
File 7 Parr, Joy.  Correspondence and history regarding book proposal and outline.  1987.
File 8 Pendakur, Manjunath. Canadian Dreams and American Control. 1990. Correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings.
File 9 Pendakur, Manjunath. Canadian Dreams and American Control. 1990. Correspondence, copy of a paper presented at a conference, and a copy of Directions.
File 10 Pue, W. Wesley and J. Barry Wright. Book Proposal: Canadian Perspectives on Law and Society: Essays on Law in History. 1988. Contains book proposal, and correspondence.

Box 14
File 1 Riches, Graham. First-World Hunger. 1997. Invoices and some correspondence.
File 2 Salter, Liora and David Wolfe. Managing  Technology: Social Sciences Perspectives.  1990.  Correspondence.
File 3 Saul, S. John. Book Proposal: Liberation, Socialism and Destabilization: The Southern African Experience.  1987. Book proposal, examples of writing by the author.
File 4 Schnek, Chris. Re-Shaping Work, Volume 2. 1997. Correspondence.
File 5 Schrecker, Ted. Crime, Law and Politics: Contemporary Canadian Perspectives.  1992.
File 6 Sears, Alan. Retooling the Mind Factory: Education in a Lean State. 2003.Contains correspondence, a book proposal, and a memorandum of agreement.
File 7 Shragge, Eric. Workfare Jargon. 1998. Correspondence and personal notes.
File 8 Skinner, David. Culture and Communication: Canada’s Cultural Industries. 1992.Correspondence.
File 9 Simmons, Tony. A book proposal for: Practicing Social Theory.  2000.
File 10 Smith, Jill (ed.). Restating the Family: A Study in Family, Social Policy and Everyday Life. 1998. Personal correspondence and abstract of text.
File 11 Spencer, Brain. Trade Unionism in Canada and Britain, 1960-90. 1988. Copy of above.
File 12 Spender, Dale. Nattering on the Net: Women, Power and Cyberspace.  1995. Invoices, correspondence, newspaper photocopies, and notes.
File 13 Stewart Millar, Melanie. Book Proposal: ‘Net(E)scape: The Digital discourse of Wired Magazine. 1997.

Box 15
File 1 Taborsky, Edwina.  Correspondence regarding proposal to publish essays, outline and c.v..  1988.
File 2 Tancred, Peta. Challenging  Conceptions of Work: Insights from Women’s Work. 1996. Correspondence surrounding above text.
File 3 Tarman, Vera. Privatization and Health Care: A Case Study of Ontario Nursing Homes. 1989. Letters to the publisher of the above text.
File 4 Teeple, Gary. Globalization  and the Decline of Social Reform. 2000. Two pieces of correspondence, one hand written note.
File 5 Teeple, Gary. The  Riddle of Human Rights. 2003. Contains author questionnaire, correspondence, and memorandum of agreement.
File 6 Teeple, Gary. Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform. 1996. Contains correspondence, memorandum of agreement, and invoices.

Box 16
File 1 Veltmeyer, Henry, and James Sacouman. Atlantic Canada and the New Economy: the Political Economy of Regional Development. 2004.
File 2 Veltmeyer, Henry. Canadian Class Structure. 1986.
File 3 Veltmeyer, Henry. Sociology in Canada: Proposal and Working Title. See also under Connolly, Pat.
File 4 Veltmeyer, Henry. Understanding  Canada –Working Title, 1985-86.
File 5 White, R.D. Law, Capitalism and Right to Work. Outlines of book, drafts and correspondence with Errol Sharpe. 1981- 1986.
File 6 Winson, Antony. The Intimate Commodity: Food and the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex in Canada. 1993. Correspondence, press release, and draft letter for permissions request.
File 7 Wotherspoon, Terry. Hitting the Books: The Politics of Educational Retrenchment”.  1990.

Box 17
File 1 The World Guide 2001/2002.and CD-ROM.  2002. Correspondence, lists, sales, reports, printed material for various editions. 1997-2001.
File 2 The World Guide:  Third World Atlas. 1994, correspondence.
File 3 World Guide on CD-ROM. 1995, correspondence
File 4 The World Guide:  Third World Guide. 1989/92, correspondence.
File 5 The World Guide: Third World Guide. 1993/94, correspondence.
File 6 The World Guide:  Third World Guide. 1997/98, correspondence.
File 7 Young, Jonathan C. Breaking the Mosaic: ethnic identities in Canadian schooling.  1987

Editorial correspondence. – 1983-2005. – 45 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 18
File 1 Authors A-F.  1985-1987.
File 2 Authors G-L.  1985-1987.
File 3 Authors M-R 1983-1988.
File 4 Authors S-Z.  1985-1987.

Box 19
File 1 Authors A-F 1988-1992.
File 2 Authors A-F 1993-1998.
File 3 Authors G-L 1988-1997.
File 4 Authors M-R 1988-1998.

Box 20
File 1 Authors S-Z 1988-2000.
File 2 General editorial correspondence 1983-1987.
File 3 General editorial correspondence 1993-1996.
File 4 Miscellaneous correspondence.  1988-1989.
File 5 Editorial follow-up correspondence 1992-1999.
File 6 Editorial non-contract correspondence 1992-2005.
File 7 Editorial CVs of authors 2000-2005.

Editorial rejects. – 1987-1996. – 15 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of sub-series.

Box 21
File 1 Antony, Wayne, 1987-1988.
File 2 Bray, Cathy, 1995-1996.
File 3 Brooks, Anne-Louise, 1989.
File 4 Caputo, Tullio, 1988.
File 5 Fieras, Augie, 1996.
File 6 Harrison, Deborah, 1990-1991.
File 7 Harman, Lesley D. 1988.
File 8 Herberg, Dorothy C., 1990.
File 9 Kneen, Brewster, 1993.
File10 Purvis, Trevor, 1991.
File 11Rejection Letters, 1988-1989.

Book Reviews. – 1982-2006. – 15 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 22
File 1. Reviewer correspondence, guidelines, 1982-1983.
File 2. Reviews, 1993-1997.
File 3. Reviews. 1997- 1999.
File 4. Reviews. 2000-2006.
File 5. Part One: Reviews 1988-93.
File 6. Part Two: Reviews 1986-1989.
File 7. Part Three: Reviews 1988-1991.

Series 3
Network Foundation for Educational Publishing. – 1983-1990. – 45 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series. Note: Original file titles have been retained.

Box 23
File1 Advisory Board, 1984-1986.
File 2 Annual General Meeting, 1983-1985.
File 3 Annual General Meeting, 1983-1987.
File 4 Annual General Meeting, 1988.
File 5 Art/Production, 1986-1987.
File 6 Ballots, 1983-1987.
File 7 Basics [Network Basics] 1983-1986. Correspondence and layout of newsletter.
File 8 Basics [Network Basics] proposals, 1984-1987.
File 9 Book evaluations 1984-1989
File 10 Book Proposal Form n.d.
File 11 Book Proposals, 1984-1988.
File 12 Book Proposals, 1989.

Box 24
File 1 Book (Current) Proposals, 1988-1990.
File 2 Book Proposal Forms, n.d.
File 3 Call for nominations, 1983-1988.
File 4 Constitutions, Elections, president’s report, membership 1983-1984
File 5 Financial Support Requests, 1984-1985.
File 6 Funding Proposals, 1984-1986.
File 7 General Correspondence, 1982-1986.
File 8 Guidelines for publishing with Garamond, 1992.
File 9 Legal: correspondence 1982-1985.

Box 25
File 1 Membership Renewal Forms, 1984-1988
File 2 Miscellaneous, 1980-1986.
File 3 Newsletter, 1985-1990.
File 4 Permissions forms, 1986.
File 5 Projects, 1986.
File 6 Rights, Permissions and Royalties, 1985.
File 7 Style Sheet, 1987.

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