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Robert Fulford. Third accrual. Accession 30-1992

This accrual has been arranged as follows:
Box 11 Correspondence, Writings and Speeches
Box 12 Administrative: Banff Programme and Ontario Law Reform Commission Files, Personal: invitations, cuttings about R.F. and Research Files, A.
Box 13 Research Files, B- P
Box 14 Research Files, P- T
Also material received: brochures, audio and video cassettes.

BOX 11 Correspondence and Writing Files
Most of the correspondence below dates from 1989-1992. There are only one or two items unless otherwise indicated in brackets. Almost all of the letters are incoming. F.1 Unidentified Correspondence, 2 items F.2 A Correspondence
Abella, Roasalie ( 6)
Adilman, Sid
Alberta Education
Allen, Jim
Allison, Aileen
Anne Frank in the World
Applied Arts Quarterly
Arthurs, H. W.
Ascherson, Neal
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Athabasca University
Ayre, John (3) F.3 B Correspondence
Bain, George
Bastien, Mark
Batten, Jack (5)
Benazon, Michael
Birnbaum, David
Bliss, Michael
Bloore, Dorothy C.
Bolt, David
Bookmen's Club
Books in Canada
The Boston Globe
Bovey Award
Breslin, Ed
Bruce, Harry (5)
Bruck, Julie
Business Council on National Issues
F.4 C Correspondence
Callwood, June
Cameron, Elspeth
Canada and Canadians in Feature Films
Canada Council (4)
Canadian Association of Journalists
Canadian Embassy
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Casey House
Centre Canadien d ‘Architecture
Chapman, Russell M.
Charney, Ann
City of Toronto Book Awards
Cleveland State University
Colombo, John Robert
Cook, Ramsay
Coopers and Lybrand
Coughlin, Thomas B.
Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
F.5 D Correspondence
David Lavin Associates Inc.
Davidson, C.J.
Deshaw, Rose
Disraeli Project
Donham, Parker Barss
Dow, Alastair (4)
Dunn, Douglas
Dzikowski, Peter

F.6 E Correspondence
Eaton, Fredrik S.
Eayers, James
Eisen, Wendy (3)
F.7 F Correspondence
Felsberg, Susan
Fergusson, Blair
Fetherling, Doug (3)
Financial Times
Findlay, Robert A.
Fifth House Publishers
Fischer, Lome
Fleck, Paul D .
Fraser, John (4)
Fraser, Katharine
Freedman, Harry
Frith, Valerie (4)
Frum, David
Frum, Linda
Fullerton, Doug
F.8 Fox, Joan and Paul 1970-1971 - 17 items.
F.9 G Correspondence
The Globe and Mail (William Thorsell)
Gould, Joan
Graham, James
Gray, Charlotte Gray, Jack
Gress, Peter
Grosskurth, Phyllis
Gunning, Margaret A.
Gwyn, Sandra (5)
Gwyn, Richard
F.10 H Correspondence
Haggart, Ron
Haiser, Karl
Hannon, Gerald
Harper & Collins Books
Harper Collins Publishers
Harris, Marjorie (5)
Hayes, David
Herrndorf, Peter - Friends of
Hicks, Graham
Hildebrandt, Gloria
Hill, Lome
Holmes, Charlotte
Hutchison, Gail
Hutchings, Stephen
F.11 I Correspondence
Imperial Oil Limited
International Contract
Isbister, Claude M.
F.12 J Correspondence
Jackson, Marni
Jacobs, Jane
Joncas, Pierre
Ju1ian, Glenn
F.13 K Correspondence
Karapita, Michael
Kennedy, E.B.
Kesterton, Michael
Kilbourn, William
Kirk, H. David
Kosharovsky, Yu1i
Krizanc, John
Kuper Productions
F.14 L Correspondence
Law Society of Upper Canada
Leblanc, Diana
Lester & Orpen Dennys
Lewis, Robert
Lind, Philip B. (3)
Lithwick, Harvey
Little, Brown & Co.
Lynch, Gerald (3)
F.15 M Correspondence
Macdonald, A. Webster
Macfarlane, John
Macfarlane, Walter & Ross
Macintosh, John W.
MacLeod, Alison S.
MacSkimming, Roy
Magidson, Deborah
Major, Judith
Malcolmson, Harry
Mandeville, Jocelyne
Manguel, Alberto
Martin Wise Goodman Trust
Martland Group
Massey College (3)
Matchan, Linda
Maxim, Marilyn
McDouga1l, Barbara
McGill University
McKinsey & Co.
McLaughlin, Paul
McLuhan, Maurice
McQueen, Rod
McRae, Alison
Medrano, Rebecca
Mendlovic, Jacob
Mesaros, J .
Miller, John
Miller, Zane
Miner, Valerie (3)
Ministry of Education
Moon, Barbara
Moritsugu, Frank
Mullaly, Kelly
F.16 N Correspondence
Nakell, Gerry
Naor, Stephen
National Speakers Bureau
Newman, Peter C.
Nickerson, Granville
Nobel, David
F.17 O Correspondence
Ohio State University
Olson, Beverly
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario College of Art
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Ontario Law Reform Commission (4)
Opinion Leader Research programme
Order of Canada (7)
Ottawa Citizen F.18 P Correspondence
Paehlke, Robert
Palka, Kurt
Park Plaza Hotel
Patchet. B. Stuart
Paterson School of International Affairs
Penguin Books Canada Limited
Periodical Writers Association of Canada
Peterson, David
Phillips, Elmer S. (3)
Poapst, Geoff
Porter, Anna
Posluns, Donald
Poynter Institute
Pratt, Mary
Programme of Canadian Studies, Hebrew University
Province of British Columbia
Public Lending Right Commission
F.19 Q Correspondence
Quill & Quire
Quin, Coleen
F.20 R Correspondence
Rampton, Donald
Ramsay, Bruce
Richardson, David
Revenue Canada
Ritter, Erika
Robert McLaughlin Gallery
Robertson, Lee
Ross, Gary (2)
Ross, N. William
Ross, Val
Rothman, Melvin L.
Royal Bank Award
Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Rubicon Publishing
Ryerson Polytechnic
F. 21 S Correspondence
Sam, Andrea
Sewell, J ohn
Shortell, Ann
Silcox, David
Sinkler, Rebecca
Sleeper, Jim
Smith, Doug
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Squibb Canada Inc.
Stacey, Robert
Strecker, Jim
Stein, M.
Stoddart Publishing (3)
Strom, David S.
F.22 T Correspondence
Taras, Linda
Teachers' Federation of Canada
Teitelbaum, Matthew (see also Box 14, F.7 below)
This Magazine
Thompson, Adeline
Thomson Newspapers
Thomson, Deryck
Tippett, Maria
Toppings, Earle
Toronto Historical Board (about Harold Town)
Toronto Public Library
Trent University (3)
Trinity College
Trotter, Bernard
F.23 U Correspondence
Université d'Ottawa (13)
University of Prince Edward Island
University of Toronto (5)
University of Western Ontario
F.24 V Correspondence
Vancouver Community College Victoria University Vista (3) Vizinczey, Stephen and Gloria (6)
F.25 W Correspondence Walker, D. John Warbrooke Publishers Watson, Ken Wayman, Morris Webber, Christopher Western Ontario Newspaper Awards Westminster Institute Whitfield, Eileen (3) Whittingham, Megan Whyte, Ken Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies Wilkinson, Alan Wilton, Elizabeth Wolfe, Morris Woodward, W.F. Writers' Development Trust (5)
F.26 Y Correspondence Yee, Carsey York, Steve York University

F.27- F.77 Essays, Articles and Speeches by Robert Fulford, Arranged alphabetically by title where final title is given, by subject or journal where no title given or where there is only a working title.
F.27 "All Ignorance is Motivated': Re-examining the Seedbed of McLuhanism", Article [for Canadian Notes and Queries, 1991], Ts., 12 pp. (2 copies). - see also letter and essay from Edmund Carpenter
F.28 [Americas Magazine] Article on Canada, annotated ts., 14 pp. with letter from editor (November 3, 1989) and RF.'s invoice.
F.29 "An inviolate flag is freedom's loss", article, Observer, August 7 1989, copy of published version only, 1 p.
F.30 "The artist and the critic", speech for Banff School of Fine Arts, June 5 1990, ts., 21 pp. (2 copies). Reprinted as article in Passages, an occasional publication of the Banff Centre for the Arts, number 5, July 1990, copy of complete issue included here.
F.31 "As Canadian as anti-U.S. angst", article, The Financial Times, Observer column, August 8, 1988, copy of published version only, 1 p .
F.32 "Canada, From Inside and Out", book review of Mordecai Richler and Jan Morris, Los Angeles Times Book Review, June 21 1992, published version only, 2 pp. (2 copies).
F.33 [Canadian Culture], Early draft of article, incomplete, ts., 5 pp. and duplicate photocopy, Also notes and research material, 8 items.
F.34 "The Canadian Difference", Article, originally entitled "The Emerging Canadian Cultures", Canada Reports, Vol.III, no.2, 1990, ts., 9 pp. Also published version, photocopy, 3 pp.
F.35 "The Canadian Difference", [another article, not the same as F. 34 above], Canada Today/d'aujourd'hui, volume 20, number 1, 1989, complete issue ane three photocopies of the published version. Also contract and appendices.
F.36 "The Chalmers Commissions", Article, City and Country Home, September 1992, Annotated proofs, 2 pp. and letter from the editor, July 23, 1992.
F.37 "The Changing Nature of Canadian Citizenship", [Conference paper, 1991 - see correspondence with U. of Ottawa], annotated ts., incomplete, 16 pp. Rewritten version, annotated ts., 15 pp.
F.38 "A cinematic hymn to the Canadian penchant for conformity", article, The Financial Times, Observer column, May 27 1991, published version only, photocopy, 1 p.
F.39 "Commission going the way of them all?", article, Toronto Star, June 14 1986, published version only, photocopy, 2 pp.
F.40 "Continental Drift", article, Saturday Night, Notebook column, November 1986, published version only, photocopy, 4 pp.
F.41 "The Critic and the Chronicler", article, Passages, Number 1, June 1989, published version only, complete issue, 12 pp.
F.42 [Frum, Barbara] "On Barbara Frum, citizen", article, written March 27, 1992, two copies of same typescript draft, one lightly annotated, one heavily annotated, later draft marked "to Michael Valpy" and "Temple Emanuel", 14 pp. total.
F.43 "Ghostwriters"/"The Age of the Spook"/ "The Ghost of Nancy Reagan", article, Vista, September 1989, research material, 4 drafts and copy of published version, 123 pp. total.
F.44 [Gould, Glenn] Article, Saturday Night, September 1992, annotated page proofs, 4 pp. With covering note from Saturday Night dated July 28, 1992.
F.45 "Grattan Gray's Big Day", article for Masthead in [Saturday Night?], Nov. - Dec. 1988, published version only, 1 p.
F.46 [Hutchings, Stephen ] Introduction for catalogue of paintings on display at Southern Alberta Art Gallery, January - March 1992, written August 1991, annotated ts., 3 pp. Also letter from Stephen Hutchings, T.L.S. June 25, 1991, 1 p., and copy of the exhibition catalogue.
F.47 [Hutchison, Gail] Speech on her retirement, given February 20 1992 at Art Gallery of Ontario, typewritten on 3 x 5" file cards, 6 cards.
F.48 [The Idler], "A Message from Robert Fulford", promotional piece for the magazine, published version only, dated (in ms.) September 1989, 1 p.
F.49 "Into the Heart of Africa", article, Rotunda, Summer 1991, [First draft], annotated ts., 22 pp., revised version, annotated ts., 22 pp., with letter [from the editor], Feb. 28, 1991, T.L.S., 3 pp., page proofs, annotated, 10 pp.
F.50 "Is Toronto a World Class City?", speech, given March 19, 1992, typewritten on 3 x 5" file cards, 24 cards, also covering letter from the Office of the Dean of Arts (university not identified), March 9, 1992, T.L.S., 2 pp.
F.51 [Jacobs, Jane] Radical Janel, article, annotated ts. (on fax paper), with ms. notation "Revised Dec. 3, 91", 9 pp. "When Jane Jacobs Took On the World", article, New York Times Book Review, 4 drafts and final printed version, published February 16, 1992, 5 items.
F.52 [Keis, Elena] Speech, given March 15, 1989, annotated ts, 2 pp., also copy of programme for tribute, 1 p. "The Literary Imagination on the 1980s" - see York University below.
F.53 [Macfarlane, John] Speech, given March 29 1992 on John Macfarlane's 50th. birthday, typewritten on 3 x 5" file cards, 13 cards.
F.54 "A man blessed with but little gift", review of Claude Bissell's biography of Vincent Massey, Toronto Star, September 13 1986, photocopy of the published version only, 1 p.
F.55 "Man with a mission", article on William Arthur Deacon, notebook, Saturday Night, May 1982, photocopy of the published version only, 2 pp. "Mashel Teitelbaum: A Retrospective", - see Box 14, F.8 below.
F.56 "Mowat borrows an American tradition", article, Observer, Financial Times, February 26, 1990, photocopy of the published version only, 1 p.
F.57 "Of panty raids and power politics", article, Observer, Financial Times, clipping of published version only, 1 p.
F.58 "A Post-Modern Dominion: The Changing Nature of Canadian Citizenship", [Article/Essay], for University of Ottawa, January 20, 1992, typescript, 24 pp .
F.59 "Probing the Supreme Court", article, The New Federation, January/February 1989, Clipping of published version only, with cover and contents pages, 5 leaves.
F.60 [Publishing], Speech, [University of] Guelph, 1988, heavily annotated typescript, with photocopied insertions, 29 pp.
F.61 Realities; The 80s, Too Many Choices?, published transcript of interviews on T.V. Ontario, 1987, spiral bound book, 50 pp .
F.62 "The Remaking of the AGO", article, for Canadian Art, Fall 1992, annotated typescript draft, 9 pp. Also [page proofs] of published version, on fax paper, 5 pp. "Revolutions of the Soul: Mashel Teitelbaum in Canadian Painting" - see Box 14, F.8 below.
F.63 [Self Esteem], "Column for July 26, 92", "to Sheldon Gordon", annotated typescript, 3 pp.
F.64 [Sixtieth birthday], RF.'s speech at his birthday party, February 16, 1992, annotated typescript, 10 pp., 2 copies. Also 2 newspaper clippings about the party.
F.65 "The Soul of an Old Machine", article, in PWA Contact, February 17-24, 1989, reprinted from Financial Times of Canada, published version only, complete issue, 24 pp.
F.66 "The Super-Americans", article, in Notebook, Saturday Night, December 1985, photocopy of published version only, 3 pp.
F.67 "Today hardly anyone remembers; but 1,250 Canadians once fought fascism in Spain", article, in Saturday Night, May 1969, clipping of published version only, 2 pp.
F.68 "Toronto Art in the Sixties", Discussion with Greg Curnoe in Conversations at Banff series, Passages, Number 4, July 1989, published version only, complete issue, 8 pp.
F.69 "Toronto Places: A Context for Urban Design", review of book edited by Marc Baraness and Larry Richards for International Contract Magazine, June 29 1992, annotated typescript, 4 pp. , with invoice.
F.70 [Town, Harold] "That night with Harold at Sheila's", article, for Toronto Life, [ ], 1991, Letter to "M&J", Jan. 20 1991 (about H. T.), 3 pp., notes and research material, 8 pp., annotated typescript, 7 pp.
F.71 "Trying to cope with conquerors", article, Toronto Star, April 5 1986, clipping of published version only, 1 p.
F.72 "Unfinished business", notebook, Saturday Night, July 1984, clipping of published version only, 3 pp.
F.73 "U.S. Domination is Canada's Big Issue", article, Viewpoints, Newsday, November 18, 1988, clipping of published version only, 1 p. "When Jane Jacobs took on the world" - see F.51 above
F.74 "When ‘world class' isn't", article, Toronto Star, November 8, 1986, clipping of published version only, 1 p.
F.75 "Why Newspapers Have to Change", speech, given at Ryerson, April 9, 1992, annotated typescript draft, 15 pp., also revised and retyped version, typescript, 10 pp.
F.76 [York University Graduation], speech about literacy, June 18 1987, typescript, 7 pp. Also revised version of this speech - [article?] for XV Olympic Winter Games: "The Literary Imagination in the 19805", July 1987, typescript, 7 pp.
F.77 Letters to the Editor, to Kitchener-Waterloo Record, August 10, 1988, "Include Atwood", Clipping of published version, 1 item.

BOX 12 Administrative, Personal and Research Files F.1- F.12 Banff Arts Journalism Programme, 1988-1991
F.1 1988-89, offer of appointment to Robert Fulford, announcement of appointment, short list of participants in ‘89 school, resumes of particpants and letters of thanks, photograph, 19 items.
F.2 1989-90, memos, c.v.'s, minutes, clippings, brochure, annotated file folders, card of thanks and photograph, 13 items.
F.3 1989, evaluation forms, 5 items.
F.4 1990, notes, lists and schedules, 15 items, including green spiral notebook.
F.5 1990, circulars and participant information, 4 items.
F.6 1990-91, circular regarding programme and 3 issues of Passages, 1990-91.
F.7 1990-91, cuttings and offprints of articles about art and critical theory, 8 items. Also 1 list of course faculty and fellows, 1990, 2 pp.
F.8 1990, Peter Gard resume and testimonials, 9 items.
F.9 1991, papers and student writing, 6 items .
F.10 1991, programme outline, 1 p.
F.11 1991, June, "Day Book", minutes and notes, spiral notebook, 13 pp.
F.12 1991, resumes and draft student essays, 25 items. Ontario Law Reform Commission Advisory Board 1989-1992
F.13 1989-1992, agenda, memoranda, resumes of members, notes, 49 items. Personal
F.14 Invitations, 1989-1992, 17 items.
F.15 Speaking Engagements, 1991-1992, 2 items.
F.16 About Robert Fulford, 1989-1992, cuttings of articles, 23 items.
F.17 Reviews of Robert Fulford's Best Seat in the House, and Canada, a Celebration, 1988-1991, 8 items.
F.18 Articles containing mentions of Robert Fulford, 1989-1992, 32 items.
F.19 General clippings, not about Robert Fulford, 3 items.
F.20 Passport (expired) and identity card for Robert Fulford, 2 items. Research Files, arranged alphabetically
F.21 African Exhibit at the RO.M. - research, clippings and notes, 1990-1991, 24 items.
F.22 African Exhibit at the R.O.M. - research material: clippings, notes, publicity, 16 items.
F.23 African Exhibit at the R.O.M. - RF.'s manuscript notes of interviews, 44 pp.
F.24 African article: "Into the Heart of the Matter", Rotunda, Summer 1991, clipping of published version only, with editor's note, 1 pp.
F.25 Americas article, research material: clippings, 12 items.

BOX 13 F.1 - F.29 Files arranged alphabetically by topic:
F.1 Art, clipping of article by George Woodcock, 1 item.
F.2 Arts Councils, papers, publicity, agendas, notes, most dating from 1981, 23 items.
F.3 Arts Councils, clippings, photocopied portion of a book, notes, radio(?) script, 6 items.
F.4 Canada Council, lists, submissions, notes of interview, clippings, 1979-1981, also letter from Michael Bliss, 15 items.
F.5 Canada Council, correspondence and photocopies, 1950s to 1981, 20 items.
F.6 Canada Council, 23rd Annual Report, 1979-1980.
F.7 Canada Council, Research material: photocopies, notes and reports, 1950's-1980's, 9 items.
F.8 Chalmers, Joan. Article, for City and Country Home, 1992, contract, notes, draft text, 9 items.
F.9 Citizenship - Canadian, Research material: clippings, photocopies and reports, Some notes by Robert Fulford and audio tape marked "Charles Taylor", Nov. 1991, most 1990-1991, 15 items.
F.10 Cohen, Nathan. Research material: 2 articles.
F.11 Dwyer, Peter (Canada Council), research material: interview notes, photocopies, clippings, 17 items.
F.12 Dwyer, Peter. Research material: speeches and notes by Dwyer, 1960s, 10 items.
F.13 Pinta, Imre. Research material: notes on trial, print out of newspaper reports, clippings, most 1990, 30 items.
P.14 Frum Barbara, research material: clippings, interment and memorial service invitations, 5 items.
F.15 Ghostwriting, research material: clippings and photocopies, 1988-1992, 43 items.
F.16 Grierson, John, research material: photocopies and clippings, 1970's & 1980's, 4 items.
F.17 Jacobs, Jane, research material: clippings and photocopies, 1960's-1980's, c. 50 items.
F.18 Jacobs, Jane, rsearch material: to audio tapes, undated.
F.19 Jacobs, Jane, research material: clipping and notes for New York Times article, 8 items.
F.20 Jacobs, Jane, research material: Robert Fulford's notes, 3 items. Also 3 items re. Jacobs celebration.
F.21 James, David, resume, 1 item.
F.22 Jarvis, Alan, research material: notes, clippings, TLs re. A.J. , note from Harry Bruce with portion of unpublished ms., mostly 1970's and 1980's, 23 items.
F.23 Kattan, Naim, research material: resume, clippings, photocopies, 1970's & 1980's, 7 items.
F.24 Kraemer, Franz. Resume and paper presented to the Canada Council, 1970s, 2 items.
F.25 Lussier, Chales A. Resume and paper presented for the Canada Council, 1970s, 2 items.
F.26 MacSkimming, Roy. Announcement of Canada Council appointment and resume, 1977.
F.27 McLuhan, Marshall. Research material: essay by Edmund Carpenter and TLs., Dec. 1991, also notes and photocopied material, 10 items.
F.28 National Film Board. Research material: photocopies and (unpublished?) typescript, 4 items.
F.29 Porteous, Timothy. Resume, interview notes, article, 3 items.

BOX 14 F.1-F.10 Research Files, arranged alphabetically by topic.
F.1 Publishing, notes, interview transcriptions, photocopies, government reports and clippings, most c. 1989, 65 items.
F.2 Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 2 photocopies.
F.3 Stratford Festival, photocopies, 7 items.
F.4 Teitelbaum, Mashel. Folder of photocopied research material.
F.5 Teitelbaum, Mashel. Second folder of research material, Including chronology and interview transcripts.
F.6 Teitelbaum, Mashel. Catalogue with essays, also interview transcripts, and article, 3 items.
F.7 Teitelbaum, Mashel. Correspondence regarding retrospective essay and additional research material, 11 items.
F.8 Teitelbaum, Mashel. Notes, correspondence and drafts of article, also copy of the complete catalogue containing RF. ‘s article: "Revolutions of the Soul; Mashel Teitelbaum in Canadian Painting", 1992, 15 items.
F.9 Town, Harold. Notes, interview transcripts, clippings, also two audio cassettes of speeches at Town's wake, Jan.1991, 10 items.
F.10 Trueman, Albert. Resume and clipping, 2 items. Material Received: including art catalogues, government reports and video tapes.
F.11 Clippings, 1987-1992, including some on RF or with mentions of RF, 46 items.
F.12 Art catalogues, Arthur Handy, 2 items. Also catalogues and reports an aspects of the arts, culture and citizenship and a notebook containing interview notes on the Canada Council, 16 items. Also 5 video cassettes, marked as follows: 1) Fulford interview, May 25 1990, McNeil-Lehrer 2) Windsor Quill Award 3) George Story 4) Christopher Pratt 5) "Where is Here", 9/8/88.

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