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East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) fonds, 1986-1997.
Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor (CAFIET) fonds, 1997-1999.

Finding aid compiled by David Webster; edited by McMaster University archivists. Materials listed, but not transferred with archive have been noted.

Series 1 – Campaigns
These are the campaign files of the ETAN national office in Toronto, including some materials passed along from the earlier national office based in BC and campaign materials passed along by local groups who either ran a campaign on behalf of the national organization, or received national office support. These files have been combined and are not in the same organizational system as used in the original office files. Subjects cover issues or events on which ETAN campaigned, including group publications and background materials.

Box 1
20th anniversary news conference 1995
ABRI/demilitarisation campaign materials
Agio Pereira Toronto visit
Anti-APEC Networking prior to 1997
APEC 1997
Arms Embargo
Asia Pacific Conferences for East Timor
Aug 30/.99 Vote / IFET-OP
Barbara McDougall
Bata Boycott
Bilateral Human Rights Dialogues
Bill Graham
Bitter Paradise 1997

Box 2
Canada’s Export Strategy 1994
Canada-Indonesia Universities Aid – General campaign
Canadian MP mission 1997
Candu reactors 1996
Cc letters from concerned Canadians
Cdn Embassy ET trip reports
Cdn foreign policy review 1995
Cdn govt statements since 1993 election
Cdn trade del to Indonesia and ET 1987
Chomsky visit 1994
CLC Boycott 1999
Corporate complicity background materials (3 files)

Box 3
Corporate Divestment Campaign
Damage control, Indonesian govt 1997
DFAIT annual NGO consultations
Dialogue – AIETD
East Timor and Kuwait 1991
East Timor peace ship 1992
Election 1993
Embassy occupations Jakarta
ET at Beijing Women’s Conference 1995
ET Cdn govt statements up to 1993 election
ET cultural school
ET UN Talks process
ET: Indonesian Government Statements and Publications
ET: symposium Vancouver 1997 [not deposited with archive]

Box 4
Fall of Suharto 1998
Free political prisoners inc David Alex action 1997
Free Xanana campaign
Grimson and Associates
HA Simons
Inco Campaign
Indonesia 1965 coup
Indonesia Labour support (inc campaign to free Muchtar Pakpahan)
Indonesia Letters from Kupang (Aid) [not deposited with archive]
Indonesia Media (Press Ban campaign 1994)
Indonesia Transition 1998
Indonesia Women
Indonesia: Aid
Indonesia: Environment
Letters from Joe Clark
Letters from Liberal MPs
Letters from NDP
MP lobbying
Network for International Human Rights/DFAIT consultations

Box 5
Nike Boycott
Open letter 1992
Parliamentarians for East Timor 1994-
Parliamentarians for East Timor up to 1993 election
Parwoto/Axworthy 1995
Pinto, Constancio visit 1993
Political Prisoners – Indonesian
Pope’s visit to ET 1989
Post-conflict Timor
Pramoedya Ananta Toer visit May 1999
Prize Nominations
Prize Nominations - Bishop Belo 1995-96
PT Tel
Raymond Chan
Santa Cruz massacre 1991

Box 6
Shortliffe visit 1978
Six Months for ET 1994
Team Canada 1994
Team Canada 1996
Team Timor (APEC 1997)
Textiles of Timor” event and cultural/artistic background
Timor Gap Treaty
U of Guelph SRDP (file 1)

Box 7
U of Guelph SRDP (file 2)
UN Human Rights Commission
UN resolution campaign 1997
UN resolutions
UNDC 1986-7
UNDC 1988
UNDC 1989
UNDC 1990
UNDC 1990-3

Box 8
UNDC 1991
UNDC 1992
UNDC 1994
UNDC 1995
UNDC 1997
Wheat sales
Women and ET
World Human Rights conference 1993

Series 2Barnabé Barreto Soares, CNRM representative to Canada, campaign files
These are collected materials kept by Abé Barreto Soares, the first National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRM) representative to Canada, who worked out of ETAN’s Toronto office, and at other times from homes in Kitchener and Guelph, Ont. They have been approximately categorized, and publications of other groups integrated into the main files series.

Box 8
Abé letters out via e-mail
CNRM letters
CNRM letters, appeals
Funding proposal
Abé ho Aloz music project
CNRM Diplomacy Training Programme Bangkok 1995

Box 9
Abé/CNRM personal campaign files (3 files)
Oporto seminars

Series 3 – ETAN internal organization
Minutes, correspondence, local groups information, finances, ETAN publications, etc. This material is representative, rather than complete. Where local groups ran a specific campaign, eg the Ottawa group’s coordination of the Team Timor campaign or the Vancouver group’s coordination of the Nike boycott campaign, those materials are in the campaign files rather than under local groups. Most of these files are in the categories received from the office, but some on the same topic have been combined to avoid duplication.

Box 10
ETAN Alert Actions, 1994
ETAN publicity materials, English
ETAN publicity materials, French
ETAN publicity materials, other languages
ETAN fact sheets/info kit
ETAN education kit, 1995
ETAN pamphlets
Past news releases
ETAN/Toronto: minutes
ETAN/Toronto: Indonesian Consulate rally 1997
ETAN/Toronto 1996
ETAN/Toronto: events 1994-95
ETAN/Toronto 1993
ETAN/Toronto 1992
ETAN/Toronto 1991
ETAN/Toronto 1990
ETAN/Toronto: up to 1989
ETAN/Toronto Portuguese Committee

Box 11
St Catharines
East Timor Hope Foundation
Indonesia East Timor Programme
ETAN chapter contacts
New chapter kit, 1997
Mail-out material 1997
Churches Lobby
Canada Asia Working Group (of the Canadian Churches)
Union Outreach
Brampton/Mississauga Labour Council
Surrey Teachers Association
NAC (on the Status of Women)
CFS resolution 1998
Academics for East Timor
Indonesia-Canada Forum
Resource sales
Merchandise records 1997
Merchandise – national - $ to be collected
Merchandise (contains internal correspondence for period during which there was no national office staff)
Buttons and T shirts
Resources to be ordered 1997
Accounts book
ETAN Bank statements
Belo video Max Stahl

Box 12
Worksheets for current fiscal year 1997
ETAN financial summaries and working papers for possible audit
Fundraising 1996-7
ETAN grant requests
Funding sources 1997
Resources (print/AV)
Misc contacts with other groups
ETAN correspondence up to 1993
ETAN misc correspondence
Correspondence 1995
Correspondence – letters from Timorese
ET personal testimonies
University papers on ET
Letters from children
ET Protestant church
ET Catholic Church
Fretilin & CNRM
ETAN/Ottawa newsletter
CAFIET newsletter originals 1999
CAFIET newsletter originals 1998
ETAN newsletter 1993-98

Box 13
ETAN newsletter up to 1992
The Indonesia Kit, first and second editions
CAFIET national office reports
CAFIET office staff
CAFIET Indonesia file
CAFIET women’s file
“Marsinah” Toronto performance
CAFIET press releases
CAFIET leaflet originals
CAFIET Quadra Island (BC) (includes earlier ETAN/Quadra Island)
CAFIET-RETAN (ETAN local in Regina operated as Regina East Timor Alert Network and continued this name as a CAFIET local group)
CAFIET Halifax (includes materials from earlier ETAN/Halifax and Nova Scotia East Timor Group)
CAFIET Toronto
CAFIET Windsor
CAFIET financial
CAFIET fundraising letter
CAFIET funders 1997-99

Box 14
CAFIET board of directors
ETAN national office reports 1997
ETAN internal minutes and documents 1997-98
ETAN internal correspondence and constitutional review, 1997
ETAN incorporation papers
ETAN conference minutes, Toronto Jul 16-17, 1994
ETAN conference, 1992
Ontario regional Timor conference 1992
ET conference, Carleton University, 1989
Binder: ETAN internal correspondence 1997 [removed from binder by archivist]
Binder: Newsletter subscribers 1995 [removed from binder by archivist]

Series 4 – International
Materials produced by solidarity groups in other countries working with ETAN, including ETAN contacts with those groups and in some cases campaigns directed at governments other than Canada, Indonesia and the UN. In most cases these groups were linked through the International Federation for East Timor, of which ETAN was the Canadian affiliate. IFET maintained offices in Japan (later moved to the Philippines) with a liaison office at the UN in New York.

Box 14
IFET – International Federation for East Timor

Box 15
Australia – ET Human Rights Centre

Box 16
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
South Africa
UK –
UK – other
ET – Amnesty International statements (file 1)

Box 17
ET – Amnesty International statements (file 2)
ET – AI urgent actions

International newsletters
AETA (Australia East Timor Association)
Currents (Canada Asia Working Group) (2 files)

Box 18
International newsletters, continued
ET The Inside Story (Australia)
ET News/Monthly Memo (Portugal)
ET News Digest (Hong Kong)
Estafeta/Network News (ETAN/US)
Indonesian Human Rights Forum
Matebian news (Australia)
Missing Peace, the (Australia)
Newsbriefs (Fretilin office, Portugal)
Suara Aksi (Australia)
Tata Mai Lau (Macau)
Timor Clips (Belgium)
Timor Link (Catholic Institute for International Relations, UK)

Series 5 – Scrapbooks and clippings

Box 18

Canada – Media, 1994

Box 19
ET – Media, 1975-90
ET – Media, 1989
Indonesia – Media – International, 1994.
Media Coverage, 1994-96 [removed from binder by archivist]

Box 24
Two large scrapbooks of media clippings
Folder of loose clippings, 1999.

Box 25
Scrapbook containing all issues of “East Timor Update,” published by ETAN

Series 6 – ETAN video archive
This series consist of VHS cassettes of produced documentaries, television clips, and other video material concerning East Timor.

Box 21
I.1           “Abe”. Vision TV. 31 January 1995.          
I.2           “Ali Alatos – Pan Pacific Hotel.” AEEAN.
“Indonesian Investment.” F.M. Conference.
“Seminar – Waterfront Hotel.” Vancouver, B.C.                
I.3           Buried Alive. Gil Scrine. 60 min.
I.4a         “CFMT Newscast”. Hart House   7 November 1998. 2 min. Copy 1.
I.4b        “CFMT Newscast”. Hart House   7 November 1998. 2 min. Copy 2.
I.5           Cry of the Forgotten Land. Ian MacKenzie. 26 min.
Papua Merdeka. Peter Monet. 20 min.
I.6           “East Timor Clandescine [sic] Visit”. Max Stahl    .
I.7           ETAN US. Turning a Blind Eye. 30 min.
ETAN US. Aggression & Self-Determination. 28 min.
ETAN US. Xanana. 30 min.
I.8           “ETimor News”.                               
I.9           “Guerrillas East Timor” Japan.                    
I.10         “House of Commons Debate on Indonesia”. House of Commons Broadcasting. 1986.
                “House of Commons Debate on Indonesia & East Timor”. House of Commons Broadcasting. 1991.

Box 22  
I.1           In Cold Blood. The Journal, CBC. 1992. 32 min.
I.2           In the Shadow of Mount Romelau."Indonesian Propaganda Film"            
I.3           Indonesia: Islands on Fire. Global Exchange. 1996. 25 min. Copy 1.
I.4           Indonesia: Islands on Fire. Global Exchange. 1996. 25 min. Copy 2.
                “George Aditjondro Interview”. ABC.
I.5           Indonesia: One struggle, One Change. Global Exchange. 1997. 30 min.
I.6           Irian Jaya: Stripping the Frontier. Wade Davis. [199?]. 22 min.
I.7           “Jose Ramos-Horta Interview”. CBC. 7 March 1997.         
I.8           “Jose Ramos-Horta Speech”. 8 March 1997.
I.9           “Maggie re: E. Timor”.
I.10         “Military Rule in Indonesia on the Abuse of Human Rights" TAPOL UK     . 18 min.
I.11         “Noam Chomsky”. T.C. Burn. 24 October 1994.  

Box 23
I.1           Rebels of the Forgotten World. The Savage Strikes Back series. 1991. 55 min.
I.2           Riding the Tiger series: Kings & Coolies (ep. 1); Freedom or Death (ep. 2). Christine Olsen. 1992. 104 min.
I.3a         Shadow Over East Timor. Australia. 1991. 60 min. Copy 1.
I.3b        Shadow Over East Timor. Australia. 1991. 60 min. Copy 2.
I.4           “Suai Wedding, dances, music. Taken by Catholic Priest. c. 1992 .”
I.5           Subsidizing Oppression: The Hidden Tragedy of East Timor. Anna Rodrigues & Brad Buckle. 1996.
I.6           There is only one word: resist. Jill Hickson. 1996. 30 min.
I.7           “Ukun Rasikan (Final)” 12 min.
“World Bank in East Timor”. 2002/2001   . 12 min.

Series 7 – Elaine Briere papers
These files were provided by Elaine Briere of Vancouver. They include personal materials on Briere’s work as a phot ojournalist on East Timor, personal collections and scrapbooks retained when the national office moved to Toronto, and more recent accruals from ETAN/Vancouver activities since the national office moved.

Box 19
Campaign File
Academic papers
First ETAN leaflet
Original incorporation document
Canada UN vote
IN info from McGehee and Manz

Box 20
Cdn universities
Exporters to IN – Cdn
Photo material
Cdn AI campaign on ET, 1985
Australian exhibit, birth control in ET
Atrocity photos, Australia
Trudeau and Suharto 1975
Jenny Groves photos from US ambassador Monjo’s Dili visit, 1989
Canada-East Timor
War Crimes Tribunal
Corr from volunteers, ET campaign
Brochures/publications, Briere

Binders                [not deposited with archive]
ET Intl solidarity
ET and Cda 1984-88
Canada 2 (1989-91)
Canada 3 (1991-2)
Canada 4 (1992-4)

Box 25
Calendar of Briere photos produced by ETAN

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