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Cyrus Eaton collection. -- [188-?]-1977; 1976-1977 predominant. -- .8 m of textual records; .4 m of graphic materials; 1.2 m of sound recordings.

Series 1:                                                   Research Files
Research Files. -- 1930s-1976. -- 18 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Sub-series: Cyrus Eaton
Box 1
F.1      Clippings File, 1930s-1950s
F.2      Clippings File, 1956-1957
F.3      Clippings File, 1958-1959
F.4      Clippings File, 1960-1972
F.5      Clippings File, 1973-1976, n.d.
F.6      Articles about Eaton
F.7      Articles by Eaton
            “Let’s Meet the Soviets Half-Way”, 1957
            “Time for a New Look at International Relations”, 1958
            “If Our Democracy Is to Survive We Must Revert to the Simple Precepts of our Revolutionary Forefathers”, 1976
            “Recollections and Reflections: Rockefeller and Harper”, photocopy, n.d.
            Other undated photocopies
F.8      Speeches by Eaton
            “Fission, Fusion, and Sputnik”, Montreal, 1958
            “Remarks by Cyrus Eaton, Chesapeake and Ohio Railway”, Detroit, 1958
            Is the Globe Big Enough for Both Capitalism and Communism?” Detroit, 1958
            “Do We Really want World War III--The War That Will End the World?” Cleveland, 1958
            “Canada’s Quandary: an Economic Policy to Match Her Mineral Wealth”, Regina, Sask., 1959
            “Canada’s Choice: Leadership or Annihilation? “ St. Andrew By-the-Sea, N.B., 1959
            “Address to Stockholders, C&O Railway,” Williamsburg, Va., 1960
            “Pugwash Address: In Acceptance of International Lenin Peace Prize Award,” Pugwash, N.S., 1960
            “Pugwash International Conference on Continuing Education,” Pugwash, 1960
            “A Lay Critic Looks at the Press in the Nuclear Age,” Ottawa, Ont., 1960
            “The Physician as Philosopher and Citizen,” London, Ont., 1961
            “The North: Keystone of Canada’s Second Century,” Edmonton, Alta., 1961
            “China, Chile and California,” San Francisco, Calf., 1971
            “1905-1975: Technology Transforms the Planet,” Hamilton, Ont., 1975
F.9      Biographical data on Eaton prepared by his staff
F.10    Biographical data on Eaton collected by CBC
F.11    Newspaper cartoons featuring Eaton as the subject. See also photographs of cartoons in F.12, Box 3.
F.12    Troika
            Printed materials about the troika, a team of three white stallions, give to Eaton by the Soviet government. See also photographs in F.21, Box 3.
F.13    Research Notes on Eaton and others (Carol Moore Ede Myers)
F.14    Miscellaneous
            Facsimile of signed letter from Harry S. Truman, 20 January 1958
            Photocopy of Eaton’s certificate to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, New York University, 1960
Sub-series: Research about other people
F.15    Clippings/research notes about Norman Alcock
F.16    Clippings/research notes about E.L.M. Burns
F.17    Clippings/research notes about William Epstein
F.18    Clippings/research notes about Doug Fisher
F.19    Clippings/research notes about C.D. Howe
F.20    Transcript of CBC radio programme, Tuesday night series, about C.D. Howe, 18 January 1966. See also Box 5 for the reel-to-reel audio tapes of this programme.
F.21    Clippings/research notes about George Ignatieff
F.22    Text of speech given by Nikita Khrushchev, New York, 1960
F.23    Clippings/research notes about John Polonyi
F.24    Research notes about Bertrand Russell
F.25    Clippings/research notes about J. Tuzo Wilson
Sub-series: Subject research
F.26    Clippings/research notes about Pugwash
F.27    Brochures about Republic Steel
F.28    Brochures about Steep Rock Iron Mines
F.29    Bruce W. Taylor, Atikokan, Ont., draft copy of chapter three, “Negotiations”
F.30    Government press releases

Series 2:                                                       Interviews
Interviews. -- 1950-1976. -- 26 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Sub-series: Interview preparation
F.31    Interview Questions to Be Asked
F.32    Lists of Candidates to Be Interviewed; Credits List of Those Used in the Programme
F.33    Research and Scheduling Notes
F.34    Biographical Notes on Interview Candidates
Sub-series: Interview transcripts
Note: There are also audio reels of most of these interviews in Boxes 4 and 5.
F.35    Cassettes/Tapes listing with précis of contents
F.36    Cyrus Eaton, ts., 151 p. This is the interview done for the programme.
F.37    Eaton interviews transcribed from stock shot footage, 1950-1973, 26 p., n.d.
F.37a   Eaton interview on CBC, 9 February 1958, 26 p.
F.38    Eaton interview by Max Lipsen, CKOY radio, Ottawa, 1959, 12 p.
F.39    Eaton interview by Pierre Berton on programme hosted by Pierre Burton, n.d., 5 p.
F.40    Eaton interview for CBC television, “Cyrus the Paradox”, for “Telescope”, May 1964, 14 p.; article about the programme from CBC Times.
F.41     Interview for Eaton special, CBC News, “Update”, 16 March 1974, 23 p.
F.42    Raymond Bourque (Eaton’s butler), 4 p.
F.43    Harvey Brooks (scientist), 18 p.
F.44    Barring Coughlin (lawyer), 27 p.
F.45    Frederick Crawford (Hon. Chairman, TRW Inc.), 13 p.
F.46    Harry Crowe, 8 p.
F.47    Gregory DeVine (President, Chessie), 6 p.
F.48    Cyrus Eaton, Jr., 20 p.
F.49    Mrs. Cyrus Eaton, Jr., 4 p.
F.50    MacPherson Eaton (son), 9 p.
F.51    Neil Edmonston (former President, Steep Rock Mines), 9 p.
F.52    Russell H. Eichmann (banker), 10 p.
F.53    William Epstein (United Nations), 36 p.
F.54    Bernard Feld (scientist), 19 p.
F.55    Douglas Fisher (political columnist), 12 p.
F.56    Gerald Godsoe (Eaton’s private secretary), 14 p.
F.57    Annie Hamilton Ross (McMaster University classmate), 12 p.
F.58    John Hrones (scientist), 8 p.
F.59    Don Hutzel (Manager, Acadia Farms), 16 p.
F.60    Grace Izant (author), 34 p.
F.61    George Kistiakowsky (scientific advisor to President Eisenhower), 20 p.
F.62    David LeFevre (Eaton’s grandson), 18 p.
F.63    Grace Lewis (domestic employee), 14 p.
F.64    Al Ostrow (journalist), 28 p.
F.65    John Polanyi (scientist), 22 p.
F.66    George Rathjens (scientist), 16 p.
F.67    David Rockefeller, 9 p.
F.68    Republic Steel employee, 10 p.
F.69    Betty Royon (Vice-President, Acadia Farms), 30 p.
F.70    Bertrand Russell, interviewed by Elaine Grand for CBC programme, “Close-Up”, 7 January 1959.
            Note: This transcript is not complete. For a mimeo of the entire interview see Russell Archives, Rec. Acq. 107.
F.71    Robert Stanfield (Canadian politician), 10 p.
F.72    Raymond Szabo (Eaton’s assistant), 12 p.
F.73    J. Tuzo Wilson (scientist), 6 p.

Box 2
F.1      Interview transcripts arranged in order of CBC memo.
F.2      Interview transcripts (cont.)
F.3      Interview transcripts (cont.)
Series 3:                                                  Correspondence
Correspondence. -- 1975-1977. -- 4 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
F.4      External correspondence concerning the programme. Outgoing correspondence from the CBC is mainly from either Carol Moore Ede Myers, Producer-Director, and Lars Dahl, Production Assistant, TV Arts & Sciences.
Brandon Allied Arts Council, letter to and from, 1977
Brooks, Harvey, 3 letters to, 1975-1977
Burns, General, letter to, 1976
Coughlin, Barring, letter to, 1976
Crabtree, Grant, letter to and 2 letters from, 1976, n.d.
Crawford, Frederick, letter to, 1976
DeVine, Gregory, letter to, 1976
Eaton, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus, letter to, 1976
Eichmann, Russell H., letter to, 1976
Epstein, William, letter to, 1977
Feld, Bernard, 2 letters to, 1976-1977
Fisher, Douglas, 4 letters to, 1976-1977
Freeman, Harry, 2 letters to, 1976-1977
Gardner, Robert, letter to, 1976
Godsoe, Gerald, letter to, 1976
Hammer, Armand, 2 letters to, 1976-1977
Hrones, John, letter to, 1976
Hutzel, Don, letter to, 1976
Izant, Grace, letter to, 1976
Kissinger, Henry, letter to, 1976
Kistiakowsky, George, 2 letters to, 1976-1977
Lefevre, David, 2 letters to, 1976-1977
Ostrow, Al, letter to, 1977
Polanyi, John, 3 letters, 1976
Public Archives, Ottawa, 2 letters to, 1977
Rathjens, George, 2 letters, 1976-1977
Republic Steel (Charles Nekvasil), letter to, 1977
Rockefeller, David, 2 letters, 1976-1977
Rogers, W.P., letter to, 1976
Ross, Annie Hamilton, letter to, 1976
Royon, Betty, letter to, 1976
Stanfield, Robert, letter to, 1976
Szabo, Raymond, 3 letters to and 3 letters from, 1976-1977
William H. Taft III, letter to and from, 1976
Taylor, Bruce (Steep Rock Iron Mines), 3 letters to and letter from, 1976-1977
Wall Street Journal, letter to and from, 1977
WNET Television, letter to, 1976
Wiesner, Jerome, letter to, 1976
Wilmot, Jeanne, letter to and from, 1977
Wilson, Tuzo, letter to, 1976
F.5      CBC Internal Memos, 1976-1977

Series 4:                                                Broadcast scripts
Broadcast scripts. -- 1977. -- 18 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Note: Robert Gardner is credited as the writer.
F.6      Incomplete version, n.d., 106 p.
F.7      Incomplete version, n.d, 116 p.
F.8      Incomplete version, n.d., 74 p.
F.9      First rough draft, n.d., 231 p.
            Note: 5 copies of this draft with different mark-up
F.10    Second rough draft, n.d., 3 June 1977, 136 p.
            Note: 3 copies of this draft with different mark-up
F.11    Second rough draft (cont.), n.d., 3 June 1977, 81 p.
            Note: 2 copies of this draft with different mark-up
F.12    Final script for copy and continuity, 29 July 1977, 28 p.
            Note: 2 copies, 14 p. each, different mark-up.
F.13    Revised final script for copy and continuity, 2 August 1977, 62 p.
            Note: 4 copies, 2 with 15 p., 2 with 16 p., different mark-up.
F.14    Revised final script for copy and continuity, 14 August, 1977, 114 p.
            Note: 3 copies, different mark-up
F.15    Revised final script for copy and continuity, 27 November 1977, 68 p.
            Note: 2 copies, different mark-up. These copies contain the opening credits.

Series 5:                                                   Production files
Production files. -- [1977]. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
F.16    Editing/Sound Effects
F.17    Film Evaluation Reports
F.18    Film Production Assignment Sheets
F.19    Interviews with Production Mark-up
F.20    Preparation of Correspondence for Shooting
F.21    Programme Story Outline
F.22    Promotion for Programme
F.23    Shooting Schedule/Travel Arrangements
F.24    Stock Shots
F.25    Stock Shots

Series 6:                                            Photographs and Slides
Photographs and slides. -- [188-?-197-?]. -- .4 m. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 3
Note: All photographs are b&w and measure 20.5 cm x 25.5 cm, unless otherwise noted.
Item: 12 colour slides, 7 cm x 7 cm. One is an exterior shot of one of Eaton’s residences, eight are of the interior, three are of unidentified people with an elderly Eaton. The slides are housed in a blue plastic box.
F.1      List of photographs
Sub-series: Photographs of Eaton, other family members, friends. See also F.25
F.2      Eaton’s mother, Mary Adelle Eaton, 4 photos
            Eaton’s parents, Joseph Howe and Mary Adelle, with their children, 1 photo
            Uncle Charles Eaton, 3 photos
            Signing of the United Nations charter in San Francisco, 1945. Photo is autographed by Charles Eaton who is signing the charter; Harry Truman and others stand behind.
            John Edgar Eaton             
F.3      Woodstock College Graduating Class, including Eaton, 1901, 2 photos
            Woodstock College, 4 photos
            McMaster University Graduating Class, including Eaton, 1905, 3 photos
            McMaster University students, including Eaton, 6 photos
            Eaton’s graduation portrait, 2 photos, one is on the same print as Annie Windsor (later Hamilton Ross)
            McMaster University, Toronto building
            Annie Hamilton Ross, 6 photos
F.4      Eaton alone, 17 photos, ranging from formal portraits to very casual, mainly of the older Eaton. There is also one formal portrait, mounted on stiff cardboard, taken by Pirie MacDonald of New York which measures 28 cm x 39 cm, including the mounting. It is located in Map Cabinet, drawer 8.
F.5      Eaton’s family and friends, 71 photos. Eaton, himself, is in many of these photographs.
F.6      Eaton as sportsman, 17 photos. These photos show Eaton riding, sailing, playing tennis, canoeing, rowing, hunting, and walking his dog.
F.7      Eaton with others, 6 photos. The others are Mr. Hogarth, Mr. Lewis, and Bertrand and Edith Russell.
F.8      Eaton with unidentified others, 11 photos. Three are of an unidentified awards ceremony. Two are of Eaton in academic dress.
F.9      Eaton with American presidents, 2 photos. The presidents are Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman.
F.10    Trips to Germany, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, 35 photos, 1960-1965. Khrushchev is in several of the photos. One of the photos is mounted.
F.11    Eaton coat of arms, 1 photo.
F.12    Cartoons about Pugwash from newspapers, 26 photos, arranged alphabetically by caption.
F.13    Pugwash Conferences, many including Eaton, 23 photos.
F.14    Pugwash village, 1 photo; map showing Pugwash, 1 photo.
Sub-series: Other People
F.15    Canadian Prime Ministers/Politicians
            R.B. Bennett, 2 photos
            Robert Borden, 2 photos
            John Diefenbaker, 3 photos
            William Lyon MacKenzie King, 4 photos
            Wilfrid Laurier, 3 photos
            Arthur Meighen, 1 photo
            Lester B. Pearson, 3 photos
            Louis St. Laurent, 3 photos
            Robert Stanfield, 1 photo, signed by Stanfield
            Pierre Trudeau, 2 photos, one is signed by Trudeau
            Charles Tupper, 3 photos
F.16    C.D. Howe, 15 photos. Filed in Map Cabinet, drawer 8. Twelve of the Howe photos measure 28 cm x 35 cm; two measure 18.5 cm x 27.5 cm; one measures 20.5 cm x 25.5 cm.
F.17    U.S. Presidents/Politicians
            Jimmy Carter, 1 photo
            Calvin Coolidge, 2 photos
            Dwight Eisenhower, 6 photos
            Gerald Ford, 1 photo
            Warren G. Harding, 2 photos
            Herbert Hoover, 3 photos
            Lyndon Johnson, 2 photos
            John Kennedy, 3 photos
            Henry Kissinger, 5 photos
            Joseph McCarthy, 1 photo
            Richard Nixon, 2 photos
            Franklin Roosevelt, 6 photos
            Dean Rusk, 1 photo
            Robert A. Taft, 1 photo
            William Howard Taft, 2 photos; 1 mounted photo, 41 cm x 33 cm, located in Map Cabinet, drawer 8.
            Harry Truman, 2 photos
            Woodrow Wilson, 1 photo
F.18    John D. Rockefeller, 22 photos
F.19    Albert Einstein, 1 photo
            Bertrand Russell, 1 photo
            E.W. R. Steacie, 1 photo
F.20    Unidentified, 6 photos
Sub-series: Places and Things
F.21    Acadia Farms
            Troika, 2 photos
F.22    Cleveland, Ohio, 36 photos
F.23    Minnedosa River Power Plant, 2 photos. File also contains a brief history of the plant by Manitoba Hydro.
F.24    Ships, 18 photos
F.25    Steep Rock Mine, 33 photos. Eaton is in some of the photos.
F.26    Toronto, Ont.
            Bloor Street Baptist church, 3 photos
Sub-series: Printed Materials
F.27    42 photos, the majority of which are news clippings in foreign languages. There is also a photo of a signed conference declaration from the “Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth,” June 1949.
Sub-series: Miscellaneous
F.28    15 sheets, each sheet containing many contact prints
F.29    Negatives
Sub-series: Photocopies
Note: These files give the sources of some of the photographs
F.30    Family and Others
F.31    Canadian Prime Ministers/Politicians
F.32    U.S. Presidents/Politicians     
F.33    Ships
F.34    John D. Rockefeller and Cleveland, Ohio

Series 7:                                           Audio Reels
Audio reels. -- 1958--[1977]. -- 1.2 m of sound recordings. -- Title based on content of series.
Note: The reels are boxed and have been arranged in alphabetical order. The numbers on the tape boxes were placed there by the CBC.
Raymond Bourque, 1 reel, /77, 52, 780
Harvey Brooks, 2 reels, 43-4
Barring Coughlin, 3 reels, 17-18, unnumbered
Frederick Crawford, 1 reel, 31
Harry Crowe, 3 reels, 10-11, unnumbered
Gregory DeVine, 1 reel, 32
Cyrus Eaton, 3 reels, /77, 49, 777; /77, 70, 778; /77, 51, 779
Cyrus Eaton, Jr., 1 reel, /77, B70, 781
Mrs. Eaton, Jr. see multiple tapes in Box 5
MacPherson Eaton, 1 reel, unnumbered
Neil Edmonston , 2 reels, 16, unnumbered
Russell H. Eichmann, 2 reels, 22, unnumbered
William Epstein, 3 reels, 37-8, unnumbered
Bernard Feld, 2 reels, 45, unnumbered
Douglas Fisher , 3 reels, 2-4
Gerald Godsoe, 2 reels, 7-8
Annie Hamilton Ross, 2 reels, 5-6
John Hrones, 1 reel, 21
Don Hutzel, 1 reel, 30
Grace Izant, 3 reels, 23-5
George Kistiakowsky, 2 reels, 41-2
David LeFevre, 1 reel, 36
Grace Lewis, 1 reel, 19
Al Ostrow, 2 reels, unnumbered, 33

Box 5
John Polanyi, 5 reels, 12-15, unnumbered
George Rathjens, 1 reel, 40
David Rockefeller see multiple tapes below
Betty Royon, 4 reels, 26-8, unnumbered
Bertrand Russell, 1 reel, unnumbered (Elaine Grand interview)
Robert Stanfield, 1 reel, 1
Raymond Szabo, 1 reel, 20
J. Tuzo Wilson, 1 reel, 9
Audio reels with more than one interview per tape. The reels are not numbered. For filling purposes, letters have been assigned to the reel boxes.
A.        Rathjens and Kistiakowsky
B.        Stanfield and Fisher
C.        Fisher and Hamilton
D.        Hutzel and DeVine
F.        Eaton Jr., and Hutzel
G.        Royan, Eaton Jr., Mrs. Eaton Jr.
H.        Lewis and Szabo
I.         Brooks and Feld Pt 1
J.         Rockefeller and Rathjens
K.        Ostrow and LeFevre
L.        Hrones and Eichmann
Also in this box are four audio reels of a programme on C.D. Howe, broadcast on 18 January 1966, on the Tuesday night series, on CBC. The transcript for this programme is in F. 20 of Box 1.
Also in this box are three audio reels of earlier programmes on Cyrus Eaton. The transcripts for these programmes are in F.37a, F.38, and F.41 of Box 1.

Box 6
Audio reels of the programme “The Prophet from Pugwash”, 22 reels, numbered 1-18. There are duplicates of some of the reels.

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